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Innofest is architectured as a festival, in a daring break from a ’traditional event’ format...


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Innofest is architectured as a festival, in a daring break from a ’traditional event’ format, we will take over the open spaces of a part of Bengaluru, and run a festival celebrating Innovation.

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Innofest is architectured as a festival, in a daring break from a ’traditional event’ format...

  1. 1. Innofest Innofest 2015 The festival of innovation, showcasing Bengaluru, with intent to create a thousand Bengalurus.
  2. 2. Innofest Innofest ,Be there! 22nd August, Indian Institute of Science Campus, starts at 10 am
  3. 3. Innofest Indian Tiger- raison ‘d être • India & the Middle Income Trap • Innovation for the next 5 Billion vs Innovation for the top 1 Billion
  4. 4. Innofest Bengaluru -The bright spot • The Silicon Valley of India-How Bengaluru has been the hot bed of innovation • The perfect storm conditions • Indian IT= Tech talent • Engineering colleges= raw talent • Returning NRIs= understand best of breed • Every street is creating disruptive innovation in Bengaluru
  5. 5. Innofest –Gabriel Marcel “On a grassroots level we say that man can touch more than he can grasp..”
  6. 6. Innofest The Ecosystem: A Ground - up, Grassroots movement… • Has to be a ground up movement vs a top down movement • Importance of grass root organisation • Communities of interest engaging with each other • Create the ecosystem , supported by government from the outside…
  7. 7. Innofest With the right kind of talent supporting- our patrons Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad 
 Dr. Arvind Panagariya Shri Jayant Sinha Shri Nandan Nilekani 
 Shri Mohandas Pai
  8. 8. Innofest Focused on the person that matters the most to create grass root innovation… • (S)He has an idea that needs to be brought to life • Young, < 25 • Engineer, not an engineering graduate • Quietly self-assured, not brash or arrogant • Grew up in Tier 2 town or went to a Tier 2 college (not part of the IIT network) • Example: Hari Prasad, Polymer Engineer • Example: Radha (
  9. 9. Innofest They learn to make the Jump • They learn how to build real stuff • They learn how to find a collaborator • They learn how to participate in a Challenge Grants • They learn how to turn their innovation into a business • They learn how to raise angel/ seed money • They learn to make the jump
  10. 10. Innofest A Festival, not an event A Celebration, not a series of dull panel discussions…
  11. 11. Innofest #1: Makerspaces • Feel it, touch it, do it. • Hands-on Sessions with All Star Facilitators.  • Space is meant to provide participants with an opportuni ty to build, create, connect, i mprovise, & explore • Think 3D printers, think touch and feel…
  12. 12. Innofest #2: Hall of Fame • A unique art gallery of succes sful innovators & entrepreneu rs  •  Stories of those who have  made it against all odds with  personal story snippets.  • A curated personal articles fr om these entrepreneurs at dis play which could be later auct ioned off.
  13. 13. Innofest #3- Performances Zone • A  set of small “zones”  • With a brief musical interlude • From up-and coming  startup  musicians • Musical experiments. • Multiple such zones…
  14. 14. Innofest #4: TownHall • Stories, insights, perspectives   • From creative, entrepreneurial  all-stars in the tech space • From  the tech,  design,  humanities & social spaces.
  15. 15. Innofest What Radha thinks, after the day has ended.. “100 Meetings and 100,000 Ideas richer, I head back, abuzz, on a high. Will I be able to sleep? I know not. However, I do know where I am headed. And let me give you a hint. Both of my prospective employers are going to be disappointed!“
  16. 16. Innofest You can help! 1. Help us find 1 Million youngsters who will build grass root innovation… 2. Spread the world 3. Get engaged 4. Help us find the right people 5. Help create 1000 Bengalurus across India