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BI Validator: Stress Testing


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datagaps: This deck explains how BI Validator can be leveraged to do stress testing.

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BI Validator: Stress Testing

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> datagaps The data testing company Stress Testing in BI Validator
  2. 2. Objective • To understand how the OBI system performs as users access the dashboards concurrently
  3. 3. Login
  4. 4. Home Page Select Stress Test Plan
  5. 5. Select the right connection Click on Next
  6. 6. Drag the dashbaords you want to test and drop them into the right side pane To capture dashboards with parameters, click on the + sign
  7. 7. Your dashboards should show up here Click on Next
  8. 8. Select # of runs and concurrent users Set parameters Click on Next
  9. 9. Click on Run
  10. 10. Results should be rendered here
  11. 11. Learn More • • • •