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product manager | good product manager | product manager job description


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This ppt about what is a product manager,product manager job description and Responsibilities of product manager

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product manager | good product manager | product manager job description

  2. 2. Who is Product Manager? • Product Manager analyzes the market data and makes intelligent decision based on it and execute the product towards its intended destination. • The Product Managers... • Identify profitable opportunities that meet market requirements • Successfully launch the products into the market • Closely watch the products already exist in the market • Call off the products that no longer meet market requirements
  3. 3. Moreover, a good product manager must be experienced in at least one, passionate about all three, and conversant with practitioners in all. • Business – Product Management is above all else a business function, focused on maximising business value from a product. Product Managers should be obsessed with optimising a product to achieve the business goals while maximising return on investment. • Technology – There’s no point defining what to build if you don’t know how it will get built. This doesn’t mean a Product Manager needs to be able to sit down and code but understanding the technology stack and most importantly understanding the level of effort involved is crucial to making the right decisions. • User Experience – Last but not least the Product Manager is the voice of the user inside the business and must be passionate about the user experience. Good Product Manager
  4. 4. Product Manager Job Description • Product managers are responsible for the management of new or existing products within an organization or business. • The aim of a product manager is to oversee the supply of products that are useful and profitable for the business. • In most cases, a product manager is in charge of a team of people who are involved in the design and development of a particular product. • The Product Manager creates formal business cases and product descriptions and work as a facilitator between the various internal organizations to ensure product policy and processes are negotiated, documented, and executed accurately.
  5. 5. Roles of Product Manager • The role of Product Manager involves managing in- life product performance: sales, margin, and churn, conducting extensive numerical analysis using company data. • Identifying and presenting innovative and creative product solutions. • Project management of all product integration/launches/changes throughout implementation. • Identifying the business and operational requirements based upon the business requirements & objectives of each product. • Displaying a high level of critical thinking in cross- functional process analysis and problem resolution for new and existing products. • Responsible for reviewing product data to ensure that the field force is kept up to date on new developments regarding the companies or competitors products.