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Things We've Learned in a Year - Wealthsimple


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Presentation from Huda Idrees, Director of Design, Wealthsimple, at Product Hunt Toronto's 1 Year Anniversary Event. Huda leverages the power of design to help make the web more usable. She has a background in Industrial Engineering, lots of love for the startup world, and experience building digital products.

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Things We've Learned in a Year - Wealthsimple

  1. 1. Things we’ve learned in a year. @WEALTHSIMPLE / @HIDREES
  2. 2. Wealthsimple is Canada’s fastest growing online investment manager. We make smart investing easy, low-cost, and transparent.
  3. 3. We grew from 3 to a team of 20 (and we’re hiring!)
  4. 4. 1 in 3 users logged in every day
  5. 5. Mobile apps: v1
  6. 6. 80% MAUs 20% DAUs
  7. 7. 40% of all users on automatic contributions
  8. 8. Time to onboard - 1 hour
  9. 9. Time to onboard - 30 minutes
  10. 10. Mobile apps: v2 10-minute onboarding
  11. 11. Get your first $10,000 managed for free!