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Fixing business models by design - By Valentijn Destoop

We live in a time of new business models, exponential technologies and digital native customers. Businesses are being challenged and looking for innovation. Some designers who design products and services today are the creators of new organisations and businesses tomorrow. Let me share some of the new vocabulary and colourful toolsets you’ll encounter in the future.

About Valentijn
As a UX-expert and creative director Valentijn co-founded the digital product-design studio Little Miss Robot. In 2014 he co-founded Wonderland where he helps companies explore new opportunities with design-led innovation and business-prototyping in a time of digital transformation.

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Fixing business models by design - By Valentijn Destoop

  1. 1. ✭ Fixing ✭ 
 business models 
 by design
  2. 2. Over the last 50 years, 
 the average lifespan of  companies shrunk from 
 60 to 18 years. 70 20251960 S&P 500 - Insight - Standard&Poor’s
  3. 3. Innovations drives business. 
 Turning ideas into profits. Naked Cowboy NY
  4. 4. And design drives innovation on a strategic and competitive level. Apple prototype
 in the 80s in a book entitled “Design Forward”
  5. 5. Insights Concepts Proto- types Fit Validated learning Human centred design
  6. 6. Succes as a new product launch sweet spot! startup design commercialisation
  7. 7. Product/market fit? You know it when you have it. The queue for the London opening of the movie “Star Wars”. 1977
  8. 8. Dave McClure - 500 Startups Ideas Bootstrap Startups Accelerator Startups Seed-Stage Startups Series A/B Startups Later-stage companies Mature company IPOs 100.000 1.000 300 100 30 10 1-3
  9. 9. The goal is to create and test the smallest piece of 
 a business to see if there’s a market for it. Minimum viable product (MVP)
  10. 10. Eric Reis Alex Osterwalder Steve Blank “All three, at their hearts, are user-centered designers. They just happen to design business.”
  11. 11. The business designer Designing business models Market research Financial modelling
  12. 12. _startup wishlist Visual design & UX Functional prototypes Continuous deploy & testing Scalable marketing & sales Pitching & Fundraising Customer service & support
  13. 13. Core Surface Interaction Visual Product Process Google Ventures
  14. 14. A Golden Age of Design* *Again
  15. 15. Design ROI Measurable Design New insights Design 
 Value System Managing design
 in global brands
  16. 16. International Design Business Management Strategic Design and Management Design 
 & Innovation Innovation School New design programs emerging New design programs - Vanessa Wong
  17. 17. Tim Brown - IDEO New roles Design researcher Designer
 founder Designer coder Social innovator Business designer
  18. 18. The Rapidly Disappearing Business of Design on track to grow their design team to 1000 people, making them… the largest design firm in the world.
  19. 19. Design for Growth & 
 Prosperity New European Design Innovation initiatives
  20. 20. it wasn’t just Airbnb’s business model that posed a concern. Potential investors didn’t know what to make of a company with two designers. “they thought we just made things pretty.” But
  22. 22. Wonderland “We're building a sustainable network of innovators to give life to meaningful ideas and purposeful organisations.”
  23. 23. Thanks for sharing! Your story? Valentijn Destoop, twitter: @quidante, @WLDdesign