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You Built It - Now Will They Buy It? 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Demand and Improve Marketing (Amy Bermar) ProductCamp Boston 2014


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Let's face it: Most marketing campaigns are pretty lousy. We can fix this -- by breaking a few simple rules.

In a fast-paced, interactive workshop, we’ll map how to grab distracted buyers – and get them wanting more. You’ll leave with real-world tips to
• Boost email click-throughs – (how does s a 600% gain sound?) as much as 600%
• Grow your pipeline 100% with a campaign prospects can’t ignore
• How to play this up for free PR

This interactive, practical presentation is hosted by Amy Bermar, who has been launching companies, and products, for a few decades now.

We'll tackle the very real challenges of how to break through to distracted, disengaged buyers – and turn them into active customers.

We'll map how to understand your customers, beyond their potential lifetime value.

You'll get a framework for creating high-performance campaigns that drive meaningful revenue – and can be replicated – and leveraged across social networks.

Take away practical examples that help you map how you can improve your campaigns, starting tomorrow with pragmatic tips that really work.

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You Built It - Now Will They Buy It? 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Demand and Improve Marketing (Amy Bermar) ProductCamp Boston 2014

  1. 1. You Built It… Now Will they Buy It? 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Demand and Improve Marketing ProductCamp Boston | May 2014
  2. 2. The Good.
  3. 3. The Bad.
  4. 4. The Ugly.
  5. 5. You’re missing opportunities. (And here’s why.)
  6. 6. 1. Aggressive media outreach increases visibility. 2. Creative ideas build thought leadership. 3. Content-rich campaigns drive urgency & sales. 4. Quantifiable goals = measurable results. 5. Brand distinction drives valuation. 5 Essential Points of Distinction Once is not enough.
  7. 7. What you have to work with: Content Website Demand Gen Blogs Infographics Social Thought Leadership Video Webinars Media/PR Word-of-mouth Likes Shares Retweets SEO Reviews Events & Speaking Net Promoter (Advocates) Sponsored Content Advertisements Pay-per-click Owned PaidEarned
  8. 8. Relationships only get you so far.
  9. 9. 1. H2H. The new B2B2E. 2. Narrow nets rule. 3. The WAIT game. 4. The new Face Time. It’s not about the meeting. The New Rules
  10. 10. Proving it
  11. 11. Starting gate: • Create the 1st R&D pipeline in 75+ years • Old-school outlook. Marketing = useless. Case Study: $1B Industrial Co Game plan: 1. Fan club: Who’s in? Why? 2. Marketing 101. Who to target. How. What. How often. 3. Rollout: Automate. Test. Analyze. ROI to convince skeptics.
  12. 12. • 47 leads in 72 hours • 30 days: 3 projects, 1 new customer • Value: $1,000,000+ ROI:
  13. 13. WOM Impact Urgent Goal: • Tap passionate customer base 3 Games – 1 Winner • Choice: cash, gift card, charity…or Netflix • Facebook, Twitter, newsletter…and email
  14. 14. • 8,000 new signups monthly ROI: • $230,000 in new sales in 6 months
  15. 15. Social Strategy: • Visual impact = holiday cheer & food • Brand allegiance, awareness and connectedness Pin It to Win It Game plan: • Pinterest page, $5,000 holiday sweepstakes • Social ROI • Organic ‘pins’ +50X; followers + 1,432% • 10,000 new names
  16. 16. Framing a B2B Campaign
  17. 17. 1. Killer content that reaches beyond your product. 2. Tomorrow is more interesting than today. Real-world data reaches the right audience. 3. Compelling campaigns package insight, news, visuals, webinars, sales and social. 4. Test. Measure. Reuse. Test..= Constantly better ROI. 5. Brand distinction drives valuation. (* samples available) Hit the Sweet Spot Original+Essential = Power
  18. 18. Amy Bermar, President c: 617.827.5779 Here’s to being our own toughest judges. Amy Bermar Corporate Ink Integrated Marketing & PR 617-827-5779