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211 Message Like a Ninja - In-App Engagement with Anonymous Data (Keith Fenech)


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ProductCamp Boston - May 12, 2018

Published in: Marketing
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211 Message Like a Ninja - In-App Engagement with Anonymous Data (Keith Fenech)

  1. 1. Message Like a Ninja Powerful In-App Engagement with Anonymous Data ProductCamp Boston – May 12, 2018 Keith Fenech VP, Software Analytics Dan Barrett Customer Success
  2. 2. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Agenda •Who is Revulytics? •When & Why to Engage with Users •Context is King: Data-Driven In-App Messages •Anonymity in a GDPR World •Timing & Message Delivery Options •Best Practices •Q&A 2
  3. 3. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics About Revulytics Compliance Analytics • Identify and quantify software use and misuse • Create actionable intelligence • Turn intelligence into direct revenue Usage Analytics • Track and analyze product usage • Increase customer acquisition and retention • Generate revenue with better products 3 • Recognized as 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor • More than 100 customers including Fortune 500 companies • Technology deployed to over 72M machines across the globe • Our data has supported more than $2.1 billion in new license revenue since 2010
  4. 4. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics When to Engage with Users 4 Source: Gartner
  5. 5. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Why Engage with Users • Offer pre-sales assistance during evaluation • Increase or accelerate conversions • Educate on how to use product/features and increase ROI • Upsell features or cross-sell other products/services • Expiry reminder and renewal assistance • Maintenance: Inform of new versions/updates • Support & Educate: Alert on issues directly concerning user – Bug fixes, sunset features, platform support, feature updates • Collect Feedback – Survey, net promoter score, feature requests, suggestions 5
  6. 6. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Stages of User Engagement 6 Installation Trial Phase Education Onboarding Conversion Retention Up-Sell Cross-Sell Feedback Renewal Version 4.0 is now available! Learn more. BETA FEEDBACK: Let us know what you think! Training Video: Discover Feature XYZ Survey: How can we improve this feature? You are a Power User. Upgrade to Pro Edition to unlock Reporting License expiring soon. Renew now and save! Trial Ending: Buy Now: 20% off
  7. 7. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Context is King 7 • Google ads added relevance to online advertising • Amazon recommendation engine • What was wrong with Clippy? • People expect in-context engagement
  8. 8. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics How Usage Intelligence Feeds In-App Messaging • Usage Intelligence helps – Monitor state of your application – Build persona/machine profile – Track actions and behavior – Trends and predictions • In-app messaging criteria based on Usage Intelligence metrics – Perfect Timing – Contextually Relevant • Create messages that resonate 8
  9. 9. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Data-Driven In-App Messaging for Onboarding 9 Downloaded Trial From 3D Rendering Landing Page Downloaded Trial From 3D Rendering Landing Page After 8 Hours of Evaluation No Use of 3D Rendering After 8 Hours of Evaluation No Use of 3D Rendering Thank you for trying SuperModeler! Have you explored 3D Rendering yet? Try Now Tutorial
  10. 10. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics 10 Privacy?
  11. 11. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Anonymous Data and GDPR • What is GDPR and what is considered anonymous vs personal? – IP address, user identifiable data, etc. – Obtaining consent (opt-in/opt-out) • How useful are anonymous usage intelligence metrics anyway? • Exceptions: When you might want to collect personal information – License compliance – Account based usage monitoring 11
  12. 12. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Timing of In-App Messages • Time Based – # days since install, # hours of runtime • Event Based – # runtime sessions, stage of evaluation, on license change • Usage/Behavior Based – Monitor product/feature usage and trigger based on these criteria 12
  13. 13. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics 13 How do I avoid breaking the flow?
  14. 14. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Types of Messages • Aggressive pop-up window • Discreet system tray/balloon notification • Notification icon in the menu • Passive news area embedded in your application UI 14
  15. 15. EXAMPLES 15
  16. 16. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics • No hardcoding – context-based delivery • Survey delivered once user meets product usage/engagement criteria Example: Collect Qualitative Feedback 16 1 2 3 4 5
  17. 17. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Example: Accelerate Adoption 17 • Staged messaging • From discreet to more aggressive
  18. 18. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics 18 How do I educate users about my product?
  19. 19. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Example: Encourage Feature Usage/Discovery 19
  20. 20. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics 20 How does in-app compare to Email?
  21. 21. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Comparison to Email 21 • 100% visibility • Perfect timing • User’s attention 1.5x Increase in product upgrades 9.7x Increase in click rate 4.5x Increase in webinar attendance • No spam or lost messages • Contextual relevance • Behavior-based campaign Note: Email and in-app messages can be complementary solutions, not mutually exclusive Data-Driven In-App Messaging Offers:
  22. 22. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Best Practices • Personalized based on user segments/profiles • Actionable language with a clear CTA • Timing is everything – Trigger based on user activity, not only time since download/install • A/B test and measure response – CTA wording, message length, frequency – Observe user behavior, learn, iterate • Closed loop system – Usage analytics feeds in-app messaging – Messaging campaigns provide additional data 22
  23. 23. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Summary 23 •Reasons to engage with your software users •Increasing effectiveness of in-application messaging – Timing – Context – Variety of visual notifications •Applicability of anonymous usage metrics •Best Practices for in-app message campaigns
  24. 24. #SoftwareUsageAnalytics Questions • Thank you for joining us – visit our table to learn more! • Join 100k+ PMs in the Networking Product Management LinkedIn group • Sign up for a free trial at • Download our free ebooks and whitepapers