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161 product enablement in agile dev-ops (sai chavali)


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ProductCamp Boston May 12 2018

Published in: Marketing
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161 product enablement in agile dev-ops (sai chavali)

  1. 1. Product Enablement in Agile/DevOps Saikrishna “Sai” Chavali Sr. PM, CA Veracode
  2. 2. What you get out of this session? - Learn from CA Veracode’s case study - On the DevOps train - Risk averse customer base - Discuss pros and cons of CA Veracode approach - Compare with your experiences - Help your customers get more out of your products!
  3. 3. Problem Statement Releasing smaller chunks more often
  4. 4. “Medium-sized” company problem 9-10 products Weekly releases 600+ Veracoders 1000+ customers
  5. 5. Objectives - Standard enablement plan across PM teams - Clearly define expectations, roles & responsibilities - Differentiate timing & detail of (advance) notice based on feature impact
  6. 6. Classification of Features by Impact
  7. 7. Enablement by Impact
  8. 8. Stuff we missed/haven’t got to yet - Rolling/phased/gradual deployment - In-app/platform notifications - Amazon style API documentation for everything! - Haven’t reached culture of self-service enablement