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104 Healthcare + Product


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Presenters: Sherman Leung & Emory Griffith
Healthcare organizations consistently land at the top of the list of Boston’s largest employers. Healthtech is a fast-growing sector that presents opportunities for innovative business models and products as well as many unique challenges. 

This session is meant for product-oriented entrepreneurs and product managers who want to learn more about the intersection of healthcare and product - the unique challenges of building products in healthcare, and strategies for success. We will present our points of view as healthtech PMs and facilitate a discussion to swap insights and learnings from across Boston and different industries to help support the growth and development of products in a space that desperately needs them.

Sherman is currently on the product team at PatientPing, and has built and shipped digital health products at Mango Health, Muvr Labs (a YC/StartX med grad), and as a student-entrepreneur-in-residence at Greylock Partners. He writes regularly about healthcare + product at

Emory Griffith was an early member of the Product team at Cure Forward, a healthcare software company that connects patients to clinical trials based on their medical information and genomic sequencing data. He helped define product stategy, as Cure Foreward took the platform to market, building applications for patients, caregivers, Pharma sponsors, clinical trial sites, and healthcare providers.

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104 Healthcare + Product

  1. 1. Healthcare + Product Strategies, challenges, and trends from building product in healthcare
  2. 2. Hello! Sherman Product @PatientPing LinkedIn Emory Griffith Product @Cure Forward LinkedIn
  3. 3. Outline Challenges Learnings Discussion
  4. 4. Pulse Check ● Currently work on healthcare product teams? ● Work in healthcare? ● Work in product, but not in healthcare? ● Entrepreneurs? ● Generally interested?
  5. 5. 1. User ≠ Customer
  6. 6. ‘’ The customer who’s paying for the product is often not the end-user. Yet, healthcare products often need to address both the needs of the customer and the user to be viable
  7. 7. Divide, and connect ▣ Isolate conversations with users and customers □ Healthcare has clinical vs. administrative perspectives ▣ Map and bridge pain points as appropriate ▣ Connect learnings and align expectations □ Get stakeholders in the same room, if appropriate!
  8. 8. 2. Who Is My User?
  9. 9. ‘’ ● Most products need to serve many actors (& types of users) ● Complicated subject matter ● Limited user access for testing/validation
  10. 10. Specifics ▣ Design with “80/20” rule in mind. Focus on real use-cases. ▣ Use helping hands and plain english where appropriate ▣ Proxy where you can, but eventually you need to validate with real users
  11. 11. 3. Cross-functional vs. Specialization
  12. 12. ‘’ PMs : Healthtech as Primary Care Providers : Healthcare
  13. 13. Cross-functional expert
  14. 14. How to be a “Primary Care Physician” ▣ Context-awareness □ Customers □ Internal conversations ▣ Quarterbacking work streams when necessary
  15. 15. 4. Workflows: Supporting > Changing
  16. 16. ‘’ Healthcare is human
  17. 17. How to Support Workflows ▣ Use their language ▣ “We help you do the hard work” ▣ “Integrating + supporting” > “Creating + changing”
  18. 18. 5. Health Data
  19. 19. ‘’ ● Data security, privacy ● Data sources ○ Lack of trust in data quality ○ Incompleteness in medical information
  20. 20. Health Data ▣ Start early with HIPAA & data challenges □ Time & resources required ▣ Assuring people why you need data and what you’ll do with it ▣ Earn trust in your data
  21. 21. # Round-table Discussion
  22. 22. Some food for thought Healthcare “insiders” How have you navigated healthcare ecosystems successfully to deliver value for your organization? Healthcare Entrepreneurs Successful strategies to find product-market fit that bridges the user and customer pain points? PMs in other industries Given what you’ve heard today, what are some generalized learnings from your industry that might be relevant?
  23. 23. More Reading ▣ Why Product in Healthcare ▣ Product Management for the Enterprise □ Relevant for B2B2C Healthtech Businesses
  24. 24. Thanks! More Questions? @sk_leung @emory_griffith