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102 - The Hard Thing About User Research


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Attendees learn about and discuss topics in product management and product marketing, product discovery, product development & design, go-to-market, product strategy and lifecycle management, and product management 101, startups, and career development.

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102 - The Hard Thing About User Research

  1. 1. The Hard Thing About User Research
  2. 2. I'm Emera. 10+ years in product management roles 14+ years in media/advertising technology
  3. 3. Today, I'm going to talk about: my struggle with user research how I developed user research habits how to get started (maybe even today?)
  4. 4. But first, housekeeping: Got a question? Ask! Slides @ Tweet & Gram @iamemera
  5. 5. The Problem
  6. 6. We should be talking to more customers.
  7. 7. But in B2B, I need the sales team onboard and I need the client success manager to sign-off and the VP only agrees if we use SmartSheet to schedule interviews and, oh I need buy-in from the CRO too.
  8. 8. Or, I can #justdoit
  9. 9. These efforts were... not scaleable. not sustainable. too time intensive. not goal-oriented.
  10. 10. New company, new UX activities...?
  11. 11. #goals
  12. 12. Get out of the office at least 1 customer engagement (demo, pitch, save, etc.) per month at least 1 user engagement per week
  13. 13. Make them real goals.
  14. 14. Identify a research question. (spend time on this.)
  15. 15. PDF Select a method & activity.
  16. 16. The Tools
  17. 17. To find users: • Pendo - identity users based on activities or patterns of use • Looker - co-hort analysis for churned account interviews
  18. 18. Template
  19. 19. Script
  20. 20. Schedule
  21. 21. Track
  22. 22. Review
  23. 23. The Exercise
  24. 24. Identify a research question. (spend time on this.)
  25. 25. What are you trying to learn & understand about your users?
  26. 26. What are your users trying to accomplish? (Gather context) How do they currently achieve this? (Analyze workflow) What could be better about how they do this? (Find opportunities) Never ask what they want, 3-better-questions-to-ask-in-user-interviews-aeddd2a2101e
  27. 27. Share your research questions.
  28. 28. Slides @ Tweet & Gram @iamemera
  29. 29. Resources
  30. 30. The Mom Test: Polaris UX Nuggets: nuggets
  31. 31. User Research Resources Nielsen Norman Group pdf Airtable & WeWork Polaris UX Nuggets Looker & Cohort Analysis A few Medium posts to inspire you 68085c3cfac5 startup-product-managers-dc076c4004cb in-user-interviews-aeddd2a2101e
  32. 32. User Research Tools Pendo, Looker, Airtable, Calendly,
  33. 33. Deck Resources PasteApp, Pablo by Buffer, & search for "wocintech"