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Wayne Allan OKRs


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Wayne sharing his experiences about using OKR's at REA for a Product Anonymous panel

Published in: Technology
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Wayne Allan OKRs

  1. 1. OKR journey at Wayne Allan – Technical Product Manager
  2. 2. What has worked when rolling out OKRs WITH THE TEAM •Educating your team. •Develop OKRs with your team. •Set quarterly. •Bottom up definition of OKRs. •Regular progress check ins. •Score cards. •Prioritising opportunity backlog with OKRs.
  3. 3. What has worked when rolling out OKRs ACROSS THE ORGANISATION •2-3 years grassroots allows teams to experiment. •Top down requires education and a good understanding.
  4. 4. What has worked when rolling out OKRs GOOD EXPECTATIONS TO SET •OKRs aren’t tied to remuneration. •Get your OKRs wrong quickly! •Use your OKRs as an opportunity to learn.
  5. 5. What didn’t work with our OKRs • Set and forget. • Measurements unestablished. • Too many OKRs • Lopsided OKRs. • Survey fatigue. • Fatalism. • Impressive but deceptive increases. • Excel.
  6. 6. Examples MEDIOCRE OBJECTIVE: Get out of the data centre by 2020 BETTER OBJECTIVE: Cloud only by 2020
  7. 7. Examples BAD KEY RESULT: Discovery complete by April 2018 MEDIOCRE KEY RESULT: Increase customer satisfaction by 0.2 BETTER KEY RESULT: Increase customer satisfaction from 8.2 to 8.4
  8. 8. Examples BAD OBJECTIVE: Positive NPS scores from teams integrated with our product. WITH A GOOD KEY RESULT: Critical systems have and uptime of 99.96% (Boring I know) BETTER OBJECTIVE: We will provide mature operations and support that inspires confidence with clients.