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Product Anonymous - Letting Go - May 2016


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From our May 2016 session, Suni Stolic from Cogent talks about letting go of the product ie handover.

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Product Anonymous - Letting Go - May 2016

  1. 1. Letting go Suni Stolic
  2. 2. Hello, I am Suni “A Project Manager is like a midwife
 - he/she delivers the baby, hands it over to the mother and moves on. 
 The baby being the product and the mother being the Product Manager” - Derek Morrison
  3. 3. Today Handing over Hiring Support MindsetThe mindset
  4. 4. When it is good enough “Finishing a UX project is like sweeping a floor. You get the big pile fairly easily, but those last few specks of dust are impossible to ever really clean up. You just keep cutting the dirt pile in half until finally you’re left with an acceptable amount of grime to put the broom away and get on with the next thing.”
  5. 5. The ‘letting go’ mindset
  6. 6. The ‘letting go’ mindset Outcomes: • Awareness and acceptance • Better product • Customer needs are truly no. 1 • Gets us out of our comfort zone • More useful to our customers
  7. 7. The ‘letting go’ mindset • Product is “good enough” • Budget runs out, or customer is fundraising • Customer needs to reassess viability or strategy • Customer wants to build an in-house team
  8. 8. Tracker
  9. 9. Tracker Kick Off First Milestone 20152014 Support Mode Staff Rollout
  10. 10. How it felt
  11. 11. Start ups
  12. 12. Taggd
  13. 13. Taggd Delivery Kick Off 2015 CTO Hire ! !! ! ! ! June October
  14. 14. How it felt
  15. 15. Sixpark Delivery Kick Off Proof of Concept 20162015 Support Mode Launch Licence
  16. 16. How it felt
  17. 17. Takeaways - Customer needs first - Inclusive and collaborative from the start - Don’t avoid tech debt - Support in an open and transparent way - Speak up if customer choices are short sighted
  18. 18. Questions?