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CCW Technical Staff Away Day Imperial War Museum


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DIAL presentation at the first All-CCW Technical Staff Away Day held at the Imperial War Museum London

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CCW Technical Staff Away Day Imperial War Museum

  1. 1. Chris Follows The DIAL projectDigital Integration into Arts Learning CCW Technical Staff Away Day 1# Imperial War Museum London 3rd December 2012 Background Image CC Hello little fellow by: Xerones -
  2. 2. Barriers: Developing Digital Literacies• A vast complex changing field.• Enter the unknown/new roads to travel.• Time: Personal & professional.• Time: as cultural & social technology advances.• Staff/personal development.• Skills (Hard and Soft)• Fear and Anxieties.• Lack of suitable equipment.• Lack of support.• Understanding terms and definitions.• More …………?
  3. 3. UAL new VLE portfolio
  4. 4. The DIAL project Digital Integration into Arts Learning• Partially funded by JISC.• Two year project, year one completed.1. Cultural change (DIAL cannot be the lone project on digital literacy)2. DIAL project aims to improve graduate employability and develop confidence and capability in the adoption and integration of digitally enhanced learning for staff and students.
  5. 5. Active, ongoing, new and emerging projects
  6. 6. Understanding digital literacies at UAL definitions and competenciesSet up and establish a DIAL/Digital life led UAL focusgroup around ‘Understanding digital literacies atUAL definitions and competencies‘.The group would debate and draw up collectiveideas about how best to map digital literaciesacross UAL as a whole with an aim of understandinghow UAL communicate art specific digital literacydefinitions/ideas and competencies.
  7. 7. Digital Baseline, where are UAL?“You make me feel physically sickwhen I hear you talk……about using ‘digital” Course Director UAL academic leaders forum 2012
  8. 8. DIAL small projects• Self identified• Time to develop• Grassroots• Problem based• Interest based• Open content communities (Culture of helping each other)
  9. 9. Early thoughts and common features from DIAL evaluation of pilot projects:The DIAL projects provide opportunity for personal reflectionson personal roles and emerge from long-standing challengespeople want to tackle, and perhaps up to now have not hadthe time or resources to attend to them:• Teachers’ fear of learning in public. (Online reflective practice)• Dealing with the discomfort of making curricular resources and information public. (Open educational resources/practice OER)• Anxieties relating to presenting oneself online. (Professional open/online identities)
  10. 10. Early thoughts and common features from DIAL evaluation of pilot projects:…. there was a growing feeling among projectleaders that DIAL’s aim to produce ‘resources’ wasworth exploring.Among some there was a transition from seeingresources as handbooks or hand-outs towardsseeing them as primarily residing within the newawareness and expertise of their communities,whilst also finding expression in certain onlineartefacts and practices.
  11. 11. Desktop Strategy Rich media and mobile tools for studio-workshop Learning and Teaching What are staff experiences of using office PCsfor rich media practice, is there an issue of use of mobile equipment in studios and are staff using their own devices?
  12. 12. Digital literacy CPD and a practical pathway into OEP
  13. 13. Digital literacy CPD and a practical pathway into OEP
  14. 14. Feedback helps“Brilliant...thanks for taking the time and Ilearned something instructions of the images Im using!” Cara Lee Roth EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPER / Student Enterprise & Employability (SEE)
  15. 15. Digital literacy CPD and a practical pathway into OEP
  16. 16. Thank youChris FollowsEmail: of the Arts London272 High HolbornLondonWC1V 7EYMobile: 07703 887845