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Tate Un-conference May 2017


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Tate Exchange Unconference: Friday 19 May 10:15 to 17:30 (Day 2)
Digital Making in Arts Curriculum, Practice and Career
Venue: Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, Switch House, Southwark Room, Level 5, London SE1 9TG

This Unconference provides an opportunity for staff, students, sector and industry to discuss and explore the impacts and challenges of new technologies on art, design & performance in curriculum and practice. Staff, students, sector & industry are invited (limited places & RSVP essential) to join an informal participant-driven discussion which will reflect and build on the experiences of recent Digital Making Art School events at Tate Exchange in February & March 2017 and will question: How we integrate digital making in arts curriculum & practice?

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Tate Un-conference May 2017

  1. 1. Tate Exchange Unconference Digital Making in Arts Curriculum, Practice & Careers @CCWDigital CCWDigital 17th & 19th May 2017
  2. 2. An unconference, also called an Open Space conference, is a participant-driven meeting. The term "unconference" has been applied, or self- applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization.
  3. 3. 150+ Students/Staff 2,000 + Public Visitors Digital Maker Collective @tateexchange
  4. 4. “I’ve learnt more about how to involve the public in highly technological environments”
  5. 5. “I was able to challenge my Ideas”
  6. 6. ”Curious to see how I could locate my practice in the new digital era”
  7. 7. ”Intense learning experience”
  8. 8. ART & LIFE or ‘EDU-TAINMENT’
  9. 9. Participants & Audience
  10. 10. Self Organised Pedagogies
  11. 11. How we integrate digital making in arts curriculum & practice? Your Digital Learning Journey & perspectives