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Library dial-process-arts


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Library dial-process-arts

  1. 1. Chris FollowsLibrary Services Conference 2012 University of the arts London‘Green Shoots’ 21 September 2012Background Image CC Hello little fellow by:Xerones -
  2. 2. UAL new VLE portfolio
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Support IPRpolicy anddevelopment forUAL openeducationalpractice
  5. 5.• Open resource for sharing practice/knowledge and creating OERs. Open to everyone, staff & students, global and local.• Not UAL course aligned, alternative/add on to the VLE environment that encourages and supports open educational practice and rich media experimentation in learning and teaching.• Content new bespoke courses and informal learning.• Non-commercial but sector driven/owned.
  6. 6.• A new space that straddles the institution/educational (formal learning) environment and the social/commercial (informal learning) environment.• Experimental’ space for open educational practitioners.• Supports grass roots inovation and small project development by providing instant community space• Defining a new language for open edu-social practice without conforming or being influenced by pre-existing academic structures and processes.
  7. 7. The specialist group sections have continued to develop and wenow have 15 active groups. Once a community can commit andwant to take ownership of a specialist section we have develop this requirement appropriately.
  8. 8. Transition into open practice
  9. 9. Voluntary soft skills for creating OER & OEP communities• Digital Citizenship• Guidance• Global and local networks/communities• Respectful & open aware (content use & IPR)• Open practice mentor• Monitoring and supervision• Acknowledgment (is someone out there)• Stewardship
  10. 10. Feedback helps“Brilliant...thanks for taking the time and Ilearned something instructions of the images Im using!” Cara Lee Roth EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPER / Student Enterprise & Employability (SEE)
  11. 11. Lodger Visitor Novice
  12. 12. Primary Challenge Motivation to participateWe need to help each other. How?
  13. 13. The DIAL project Digital Integration into Arts Learning• Partially funded by JISC.• Two year project, year one completed.• DIAL project aims to improve graduate employability and develop confidence and capability in the adoption and integration of digitally enhanced learning for staff and students.
  14. 14. Digital Baseline, where are UAL?“You make me feel physically sickwhen I hear you talk……about using ‘digital” Course Director UAL academic leaders forum 2012
  15. 15. DIAL small projects• Self identified• Time to develop• Grassroots• Problem based• Interest based• Open content communities (Culture of helping each other)
  16. 16. Early thoughts and common features from DIAL evaluation of pilot projects:The DIAL projects provide opportunity for personal reflectionson personal roles and emerge from long-standing challengespeople want to tackle, and perhaps up to now have not hadthe time or resources to attend to them:• Teachers’ fear of learning in public. (Online reflective practice)• Dealing with the discomfort of making curricular resources public. (Open educational resources, OER)• Anxieties relating to presenting oneself online. (Professional open/online identities)
  17. 17. Thank youChris FollowsEmail: of the Arts London272 High HolbornLondonWC1V 7EYMobile: 07703 887845