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DL JISC DIAL cluster meeting


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DL JISC DIAL cluster meeting

  1. 1. DIAL project UALDigital integration into Arts LearningChris Follows & John JacksonUniversity of Arts LondonMeeting of London JISC DL Programme projectsUCL, 26 April 2013@DIALProject
  2. 2. What has gone well? in developing a sustainable CoP modelfor self identifying groups’:Achievable goals/Realisable targetsSubject focused/specificitySome can be low maintenanceIndependence, Self motivatedEnthusiasm and passionMotivate others by sharing best practiceCommon interestAs well as producing resources & casestudies, the group/community are seen as alive and agile resource, which will grow andbecome self-sustaining.Staff and students take this DL journeytogether.Influence wider digital programme/culture atUAL, digital strategy, IPR & IT
  3. 3. Cross collaborationbetweenprojects, departments, services and coursestudents and staff. (Prosand Cons)DIAL wider role: DIAL hasa unique and valuableoverview/insight of theUAL digital landscapeacross the all colleges ofthe university, useful forothers to reference.Engagement with thedigitally scared, CoPmodel reaches groupsunlikely to have beenengaged through othermeans. was unexpected ?
  4. 4. Learning points for other projectsDefining DLs and competencesis an ongoing and agile process, open forcontribution and discussion.Cross collaboration/DLintegration betweenprojects, departments, services andcourse students and staff throughOpen online Practice.
  5. 5. Challenges for sustainability?Embed DLs development long term and continue DIAL workand approach.Celebration/benchmarking event Nov 2013 where we planto debate & share DIAL achievements and discuss its future.SEE and CC skills sector research commission.Curriculum digital integration (Induction support ISHE andbadges)Engagement with the digitally scared, CoP model reachesgroups unlikely to have been engaged through other means.