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DIAL at JISC Learning and Teaching Experts meeting Birmingham


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DIAL presentation slides for JISC Learning and Teaching Experts meeting Birmingham, 23 April 2013

Published in: Education
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DIAL at JISC Learning and Teaching Experts meeting Birmingham

  1. 1. DIAL project UALDigital integration into Arts LearningChris Follows & Lindsay JordanUniversity of Arts LondonJISC Learning and Teaching Experts meetingBirmingham, 23 April 2013@DIALProject
  2. 2. What has been the greatest learning from the project for your institution?Success in developing a sustainable CoP modelfor self identifying groups’:Achievable goals/Realisable targetsSubject focused/specificityLow maintenanceIndependence, Self motivatedMotivate others by sharing best practiceAs well as producing resources & case studies, the group/community areseen as a live and agile resource, which will grow and become self-sustaining.Staff and students take this DL journey together.
  3. 3. DIAL ProjectsDIAL is achangeprogramme
  4. 4. DIAL has a unique and valuableoverview/insight of the UAL digitallandscape across the all collegesof the university, useful for othersto reference. DIAL Activities:
  5. 5. Defining DLs and competences is an ongoing and agile process, open forcontribution and discussion.
  6. 6. What are you most pleased to have achieved?Cross collaboration between projects, departments, services and coursestudents and staff.Development and Learning (Bespoke training, staff and students traintogether – first time)SEE (Student engagement)OWN-IT (Support IP integration, embed and training)Course Teams (Working with busy staff and courses can be difficult)An institutional willingness to support, adopt and embed DL developmentand support and DIAL approach long term.Open content, sharing of resources and processes via DIAL communitiesand groupsEngagement with the digitally scared, CoP model reaches groups unlikely tohave been engaged through other means.
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  9. 9. What next for your institution to further develop digitalliteracies?Embed DLs development long term and continue DIAL workand approach.Celebration/benchmarking event Nov 2013 where we plan todebate & share DIAL achievements and discuss its future.SEE and CC skills research commission.Teaching/curriculum digital integration