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Janitorial insurance


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Janitorial insurance

  1. 1. JANITORI Call us 888.869.6509 ALINSURAN CE What to Consider When SecuringInsurance for Your Cleaning Business
  2. 2. 888.869.6509 OVERVIEW 1 YOUR EXPOSURES 2 INSURANCE SOLUTIONS specifically designed for janitorial services 3 MAKING THE SELECTIONRequest a FREE Proposal Now!
  3. 3. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL SERVICE EXPOSURESBASICS Before addressing exposures unique to the janitorial industry, it’s important to acknowledge the basic exposures your operation faces—as a small business. First, consider the basic coverages provided in a standard business owners policy and determine what limits your comfortable with, starting with general liability and business property.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  4. 4. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL SERVICE EXPOSURESJANITORIAL RISKS Most cleaning services obtain copies of their clients’ keys—whether they’re homes, offices or other spaces. This becomes a liability in the event they keys are misplaced or lost..Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  5. 5. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL SERVICE EXPOSURESJANITORIAL RISKS Cleaning involves rearranging objects, wetting floors and moving potentially hazardous obstacles in the path of those nearby. The nature of the industry’s operations puts janitorial businesses at risk for lawsuits related to resulting injuries.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  6. 6. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL SERVICE EXPOSURESJANITORIAL RISKS Cleaning requires direct contact with property that belongs to your clients and/or third parties. Thus, your cleaning business may be responsible for replacing any damaged property associated with your operations.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  7. 7. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL SERVICE EXPOSURESJANITORIAL RISKS Many janitorial services travel from one location to another, carrying expensive equipment along the way. The constant handling, maneuvering and transportation of this equipment increases the likelihood of accidental damage, a financial risk inherited as a janitorial business owner (and minimized with the right policy!).Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  8. 8. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSGENERAL LIABILITY General Liability is one of the most pervasive policies on the market today. It provides the wherewithal needed to pay damages meant to address bodily injury or property damages. The policy provides coverage for liability issues resulting from personal injury and advertising injury, including medical expenses.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  9. 9. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSCOMMERCIAL PROPERTY Typically, Commercial Property coverage includes:  Computers (hardware and software)  Inventory (supplies)  Office Interiors (furniture and décor)  Structural Issues  Signage (interior and exterior)Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  10. 10. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSCONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT Contractors equipment coverage provides insurance designed to meet the needs of clients in the construction industry with significant equipment—also applicable to the janitorial industry.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  11. 11. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSRENTAL REIMBURSMENT Rental reimbursement coverage applies to the janitorial industry because cleaning services depend on their equipment. For instance, if a piece of a equipment was damaged, contract/business obligations may still require use of that equipment. This coverage would reimburse you for the cost of the rental up to the policy limits, while your equipment is being repaired.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  12. 12. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSLOST KEY COVERAGE Covers the legal liability of the insured to refit a building with new locks and keys after the loss of a master key held in the insureds care, custody and control.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  13. 13. 888.869.6509 JANITORIAL INSURANCE SOLUTIONSPROPERTY DAMAGE EXTENSIONENDORSMENT Property Damage Extension Endorsement provides coverage for damages an insured becomes legally responsible for due to property damage to the property of others while in the case, custody or control of an insured. Because janitorial services depend on direct contact with other people’s belongings, this is a coverage to highly consider.Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  14. 14. 888.869.6509 MAKING THE SELECTIONSHOP AROUND In order to get BETTER coverage for LESS, it’s important to look around and “shop” the market. Or, choose an independent insurance agency that represents multiple, A-rated reliable carriers and is able to do the shopping for you! (Plus! An experienced agent will know when you’re comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges. Not all policies are created equal!)Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  15. 15. 888.869.6509 MAKING THE SELECTIONOTHER BENEFITS Some insurance agencies will provide free resources and added perks for being a policyholder! For example: Gillman Insurance provides free and discounted background checks to most janitorial services policyholders, access to a small business resource center and an opportunity to be featured on their website’s Partner Page!Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  16. 16. 888.869.6509 MAKING THE SELECTIONREAD REVIEWS More and more purchasing decisions are influenced by customer reviews… for good reason! Nobody can tell you why to choose an agency better than an actual customer! Check out Gillman Insurance Google reviews here!Request a FREE Proposal Now!
  17. 17. 888.869.6509 MAKING THE SELECTIONREQUEST A FREE PROPOSAL 888.869.6509 orONLINEat insurance/janitorial/Request a FREE Proposal Now!
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