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HiThing! smart building cognitive iot


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HiThing! smart building cognitive iot use case will be showed at Münich MUC Summit 2017.

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HiThing! smart building cognitive iot

  1. 1. Third party services. Platform running on AWS- SAP-HANA’s and IBM Bluemix’ global infrastructures. People’s-end The app on a tablet, phone, laptop. AI-assisted: Vinci. Things’-end Bot & NLP algorithm (Ontologies, Self- learning capable)
  2. 2. Proasistech in IBM Business Partner Locator H! in IBM Global Solutions Directory H! app (people’s end) in Google Play Store H! conf files in IBM Cloud Marketplace Proasistech Smart Solutions in Linked In
  3. 3. SAP HANA Startup Focus SAP HANA Development Accelerator Market Enablement Global Co- MarketingYearly sales on the rise Engineers 21 R&D Investment 13 % Growth 246 % Softlayer – tested! IBM Global Entrepreneur – granted! IBM Partner World – admitted! IBM Global Solutions Directory – approved! IBM Cloud Marketplace – made! Global Co- Marketing 2013 First customers: Groups Agbar (Suez) and Etra (ACS) First prototype: SENCOnet 2014 Second prototype: GateMeter Regional leadership in Smart Water and Smart Metering 2015 Presence in 12 cities. Third prototype: HITHING! 2016 International takeoff
  4. 4.