Benchmark of 3D Virtual Environments


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Presentation held at "All Things Virtual" seminar 10.6.2011 about the just published bennchmark report

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Benchmark of 3D Virtual Environments

  1. 1. Benchmark of Vi t l Worlds forB h k f Virtual W ld fProfessional Collaboration10.6.2011All things virtual -seminarTeemu Surakka
  2. 2. - ProViWo – CriteriaProfessional • Task orientedCollaboration • Avatarand Productivity • Suitable for use casein Virtual Worlds • Virtual environment
  3. 3. Ambient Environments Enterprice OLIVE EON Coliseum Performance VCS Teleplace Cranial Tap Avaya web.alive Green Phosphor Open Qwak 3DVIA Scenes ProtoSphere 3DXplorerOpen Cobalt Edusim VenueGen V G Assemblive A bli Jibe Prototerra Open GeoSim Cities realXtendWonderland Unity 3Open Source OpenSimulator InWorldz Second Life Blue Mars Proprietary Icarus Studios BigWorld Twinity ActiveWorlds 3B Habbo ExitReality Nuvera Online Entropia Social Kaneva Universe
  4. 4. Case Blue Mars – many things to learnFor large events (approx (approx.100 participants):+ graphics+ each region can supportthousands ofsimultaneous users i lt- Extremely heavy client- Complex SDK
  5. 5. Blue Mars on the “news”TechCrunch (08.11.2010) Blue Mars Looks To OTOY’s Clouds To Take 3DWorlds Mainstream”The problem so far: in order for someone to wander around a Blue Mars world, a user typically p , yp yneeds to download a hefty native client. That’s fine for big games that people want to play, butnobody is going to take the time to download and install this client for, say, a 3D world that’s beencreated as part of a marketing campaign. But soon Blue Mars and the companies using its platformwill be able to embed these virtual worlds as part of a normal webpage, with no downloadneeded.needed ”Blue Mars Company Blog (08.11.2010) Blue Mars runs on the Cloud! Remoterendering demos using OTOY technology!"It will eliminate the barriers to entry for Mac users, and for people without the necessarygraphics capabilities to run Blue Mars. It will also make Blue Mars portable, essentially able to runon anything that can stream a YouTube video, including iPhone, iPad, Android, or Google TV."
  6. 6. Blue Mars on the “news”Andromeda Media Group (15.01.2011) Requiem For Blue Mars“In what can be seen as an unexpected move on Friday, Avatar Reality (makers of Blue Mars)announced their intentions to restructure the company and focus mainly on mobile platforms. Thiswill, inevitably, come at the expense of the PC client many currently use, and over time the PCclient will be phased out entirely in favor of the iOS (Apple) mobile client application andpossible web client.”“In August 2010 th i plans f utilizing OTOY cloud rendering f Bl M“I A t 2010, their l for tili i l d d i for Blue Mars did not come t t tofruition, and as a result the delay in implementing that solution caused the company to moreor less fold.”“As it turns out, and rightly so, with or without OTOY in use, the cost of rendering and streaming g y g gCrytek level graphics costs far more than the company could sustain, and by all means morethan any content creator was willing to pay to have hosted.”
  7. 7. Blue Mars is dead. Long live Blue Mars.ONLand Blog (19.01.2011) Wake up to Reality –Why it’s not all doom and gloom in Blue Mars“To this end, Avatar Reality appear to be starting out small To endwith avatar sharing and focusing specifically on fashion,but will be extending over time to rendering smallerenvironments, developing housing and creating socialmeeting places for numbers of avatars to congregate.Indeed, Jim [Sink – f S former C O specifically mentions CEO] fmultiple con-current users can be renderedsimultaneously using current mobile devices. One onlyneeds to look at the success of PC titles such as the Simsto realise how profitable this could be for Avatar Realityand their investors.”
  8. 8. Case Blue Mars – Takeaways• Platform suitability for the use case is essential• The VE Industry is changing fast• We have decided to focus on four different usecases of virtual environments in this report. Weprovide some examples of virtual environmentsrelevant to these use cases and reasons why wethink they are relevant relevant.
  9. 9. Process Use case lensBusiness needs funnel Good examples
  10. 10. Use Case 1: Small Collaborative MeetingsThese meetings are still the most common use cases of virtual environmentsin professional setting. With small collaborative meeting we mean the use ofa virtual environment for a meeting to share ideas discuss and ideas,collaborate with a help of adequate set of tools such as brainstormingtools and shared whiteboards.
  11. 11. Use Case 2: Large EventsLarge events usually consist of different types of tradeshows, fairs andlarge meetings. In addition to the reduction on travel costs, virtualenvironments can offer built in tools for efficient networking and for built-ingenerating leads.
  12. 12. Use Case 3: Learning and TrainingThis use cases require the possibility to customize environment to createscenarios and simulations as the objectives might vary significantly fromcase to case. Successful cases rely on the engagement of the participantsand sense of presence. This is something more than just high qualitygraphics – for example being able to personalize your avatar and to workeffortlessly are just as important aspects.
  13. 13. Use Case 4: Product Development andProcess SimulationThis use focuses on the use of existing 3D content in the virtualenvironment and having interaction with the content. I addition, t i t dh i i t ti ith th t t In dditi tosupport collaboration in the environment, the platform should have variouscollaboration capabilities, such as presentation screens with adequatedocument support or white boards. pp
  14. 14. Alive and Interactive p g g
  15. 15. Alive and Interactive – fast paced industryNew environments:Kitely (20.4.2011)Open Qwak (3.5.2011)New features:Blue Mars mobile app (10.3.2011) ue a s ob e ( 03 0 )Assemblive 2.0 – scripting & attention focus (13.3.2011)New server technology for realXtend (2.5.2011)
  16. 16. Alive and Interactive – additional viewpoints(security)
  17. 17. Alive and Interactive – hands-on session