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Company presentation Pro-SC Procurement and SCM project & Interim Managers

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Pro Sc Introduction Uk 25042012 V5

  1. 1. Pro-SC Procurement & Supply Chain Consulting and Interim ManagementThe Value Chain Architects What are your opportunities?Pro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain ArchitectsFind Decide Act
  2. 2. What are your opportunities?Top players in industry outperform their pears in business growth, margin and cash byoptimizing their supply chain value. This is realised by focusing on a fully integrated supplychain, accelerated product development and innovation and rigorous cost management.Key questions to implement an efficient and effective value chain to realise your businessgrowth ambitions are: What are your opportunities in the value chain Find (and their contribution) to realise the targets set? How do you prioritise and time the identified Decide opportunities into a robust action plan? Do you have the team resources and leadership in Act place to execute the action plan?In an entrepreneurial and hands-on way of working Pro-SC supports you and your teamsto accelerate your business growth.Pro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 1Find Decide Act
  3. 3. We offer you a unique approachWe are entrepreneurs and managers focused on IntegratedSupply Chain, leveraging your full Value Chain potential torealize your Business Growth Values We have proven methodologies and a strong track Entrepreneurial record in identifying and delivering top- and bottom Passion for yourFind line results. We offer you outstanding solutions business adapted to your organizational ‘stretch’ Committed Hands-on We help you to ensure business alignment and Seniority andDecide buy-in and manage complexity to speed up decision extensive Industry making to move forward and gain results quicker and Category expertise We implement the solutions hands-on with your Adaptive and Agile teams . Monitor and manage progress, change and Focused on linkingAct all functions in the results. We take ownership and risk when required. Our support is agile and adaptive to your needs value chainPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 2Find Decide Act
  4. 4. To deliver significant benefits for business growth Integrated Supply Chain approach 20-25% reduced Forecast error 5-10% lower Inventory Demand, Sales 5-10% improved OTD &Operations 5-10% increased Inventory 5-10% improved Service Levels Planning Returns 8-15% lower Cost-to-Serve Customer Procurement / 10-20% SKU rationalisation Source of Revenues Services Purchasing 10-50% reduced Backorders 8-15% lower Cost 20-30% reduced Supplier 2-5% top line Revenue growth lead time Optimised Customer Approach Marketing & Business Reduced Risk 15-30% improved Order-to- Manufacturing Optimised Purchase-to-Pay Sales growthCash cycle time 5-20% lower Cost 10-25% less Waste Shortened throughput Time Reduced Time-to-Market R&D & Improved Asset utilization Increased pipeline of Projects Warehousing (ROCE) Development Reduced lead times Distribution & Transport 5-15% reduced Inventory 10-35% lower Cost Higher Service LevelsPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 3Find Decide Act
  5. 5. By a team of entrepreneurs and managersto support you and your business Team Ben Scharrenberg Heleen Weststrate Managing Partner Managing Partner Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Experienced project and interim manager and managing Deal maker consultant on Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Result driven transformation Empathic and people oriented leader Result focused Analytical People oriented Process oriented Develop and implement strategy and action plans for sustainable Implement Best-in-Class Supply Chain solutions solutions in Supply and Value Chain Management Mobilise and motivate teams to change and achieve breakthrough solutions to fuel business growth Ronald de Haas Managing Partner And a network of senior Entrepreneur consultants and interim Analytical Out of the Box, Creative managers in Value Chain Broad experience in senior procurement and project roles Trained and experienced black belt in applying six sigma process Management improvement and tools Combines strategic thinking and hands-on implementation of your business strategyPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 4Find Decide Act
  6. 6. With a strong track record in Agri-Food,Life Sciences, Asset intensive industry and Finance Agri-Food Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech, Health, Life Sciences Asset intensive industry Finance/BankingPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 6Find Decide Act
  7. 7. In short our strengths Services Agri-Food Life Sciences, Pharma, Medical Devices, Biotech, Health Industry Asset intensive industry (Marine, Construction, Infrastructure, Fleet, Energy, Electronics) Finance/Banking Primary & Secondary Raw Materials Packaging Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics Supply Chain Engineering, Capex & MRO Category HR (Temp./Contract Labour) Marketing Facilities ICT Change & Program Management Organisation Development Procurement (Spend transparency, Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, Contract Skills & Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Purchase-to-Pay) Knowledge (Cold) Supply Chain (Demand planning, S&OP, Customer Service, Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics) Lean/Six SigmaPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 9Find Decide Act
  8. 8. Want to learn more? The Value Chain ArchitectsLet us discuss your business challenges and Contact Usstrategic objectives to be reached. We are info@pro-sc.nlpleased to listen to your strategic road map DirectExperience our way of working and our approach Ben Scharrenbergto face your challenges and have your business +31 6 10547980objectives delivered by working closely together ben.scharrenberg@pro-sc.nland share successes. We have a passion for your Ronald de Haaspeople and business. Let’s Find-Decide-Act +31 6 20818581 will be no mountain high enough... Heleen Weststrate‘Foster a healthy distrust for preconceived ideas, +31 6 29296633dare to try a new direction’1 1From the book ‘Going for the top’ by Ronald Naar, 7-Summits mountaineer and expedition leader (1955-2011))Pro-SC The Value Chain Architects 7Find Find Decide Act Decide Act
  9. 9. Pro-SC Procurement & Supply Chain Consulting and Interim ManagementThe Value Chain Architects AppendicesPro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 8Find Decide Act
  10. 10. Consulting, program and interim managementand academy Services Demand, Sales &Operations Planning Customer Procurement / Services Purchasing In an entrepreneurial and hands-on way of working Pro-SC supports you Marketing & Sales Business growth Manufacturing and your teams to accelerate your business growth R&D & Development Distribution & Transport Warehousing Consulting Program Interim Academy Management Management Cost Management Integrated Supply Innovation Chain (Fulfilment) Cost, cash, quality and Connecting your Innovation is a Executing your Sometimes you Shared service are key focus markets and customers prerequisite for strategic lack the knowledge areas to increase your to your optimised and business growth. An programs and leadership and connects top- and bottom line integrated supply chain effective and efficient action plans management to people and results and deliver the with your supply innovation / R&D requires a robust drive the partners in your financial strength to partners assures that process aligned with Program necessary business, fuel your growth cost-to-serve and your (supply) partners Management transformation removes ambitions. customer response are increases your new which assures of your barriers and leveraged to serve your product / services that your targets Procurement built bridges for key growth markets. pipeline and are reached and Supply change. accelerates your time- on-time in-full. Chain to-market. organisation.Pro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 9Find Decide Act
  11. 11. Typical business topics related to Integrated Supply Chain Services Consulting Program Interim Academy Management Management Cost Management Integrated Supply Innovation Chain (Fulfilment) Value Chain Procurement Spend analyses & Spend Data Intelligence Business Growth Strategy Spend Category Management & Strategic Sourcing Enterprise / Supply Chain Risk Management Contracting & Contract Management Value Chain Management / Lean Supply Chain Strategic Outsourcing / Off-shoring Tax Effective Supply Chain Management Supplier Relationship Management Innovation / R&D (Process) Value Stream Supply Chain Supply Chain Analyses and Strategy Development Cash Flow / Working Capital Management Supply and Demand Planning / Sales & Operations Supply Chain Organisation Development Planning (Forecast-to-Fulfillment) Procurement and SC Business Process Outsourcing Supply Chain & Network Design Supply Chain benchmarking Logistics & DistributionPro-SC The Value Chain Architects 13 10Find Find Decide Act Decide Act
  12. 12. With high business and financial impact Impact of Integrated Supply Chain Integrated Supply Chain Business Growth impact Financial impact Improved Customer Service Increased Revenues Levels / Responsiveness Increased gross Shortened Research & New margin Product Development cycles / Time to Market Higher Sales Enhanced Market Positioning Lower Cost Boosted Sales (New Products Improved Cash Flow / New Markets) Higher EBITA Innovative, Cost Effective Supply Chain solutions to the Higher Earnings Per market Share Increased Brand ImagePro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 14Find Decide Act
  13. 13. Cost Management in Procurement- Typical savings opportunity per spend category Cost Management Category and supplier Cost Management management delivers the cash Category Cost reduction opportunity (%) and improved margin to fuel 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% your business growth Primary & Secondary Raw Materials 2-20% Spend visibility Packaging 5-25% Strategic Sourcing & Supply Distribution & Logistics 5-35% Base optimisation Capex & MRO 5-20% Supplier Relationship HR (Temp/Contract labour) 5-10% Management Marketing 5-40% Collaborative Integrated Supply Facilities 5-20% Chain ICT 10-35%Pro-SCFind Decide Act The Value Chain Architects 9Find Decide Act
  14. 14. Parallel we develop your SC organisation to secure year-on-year performance improvement Organisation Development Delivering not only business impact but strengthen your SC organisation to sustain the results and realise year-on-year improvements 9 building blocks of Organisation Development in Supply Chain Key success factors Robust Program Management and Direction- Setting Supply Chain (transformation) agenda Strategy Organizational Alignment of SC Alignment Organisation Development Supplier Operating to overall business strategy Sourcing Relationship Process Management Management Value Delivery Processes Training of SC staff Integrated Supply Chain (Academy) Performance Knowledge/Information Management Management Performance tracking Supporting Infrastructure Human Resources Management BenchmarkingPro-SC The Value Chain Architects 15Find Find Decide Act Decide Act