Professional risk service guide october 2012


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Professional risk service guide october 2012

  1. 1. A i r C a r g o S e c u r i t y a n d Tr a i n i n g S e r v i c e G u i d e Presented by NO SPIN, JUST THE FACTS
  2. 2. Air Cargo Security with the Professionals! Introduction Professional Risk and Asset Management, a division of Professional Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd) provide a variety of specialist services to the aviation, freight forwarding and aviation security industry. Professional Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd is a member of the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA), the Business Aviation Association of Southern Africa (BAASA), NAFCOC JCCI and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. We have a depth of expertise and experience in cargo security and aviation training that is almost unrivalled, which is widely utilised in the air cargo security sector. We have also provided logistics security to general distribution industry over many years which covers, inter alia, providing double checking, despatch, receiving and reverse logistics.
  3. 3. The Professional edge Professional provides air cargo security consultation; compliance and implementation services and have developed specific expertise in many aspects of aviation security, air cargo security, including air cargo security and dangerous goods training. Professional Risk and Asset Management is the leading air cargo security consultant and compliance specialist company in South Africa and has assisted a significant number of registered air freight forwarders, and consignors, in South Africa in compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations covering air cargo and dangerous goods. Professional Group operating companies Professional Aviation Security and Risk Management and Professional Aviation Services are registered Security Service Providers (Reg. no 1326889 and 2016373) with PSIRA (The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).
  4. 4. Advantages of approval as a Regulated Agent1. Prestige and marketing advantage , your being approved by the SACAA as a “Regulated Agent” keeps you in pace as a recognised industry leader;2. Your cargo, as “Known Cargo”, will enjoy preference over “Unknown Cargo” with the air carriers, resulting in speedier service to your clients;3. Improved security systems and procedures will result in operating efficiencies together with seamless movement of cargo from consignor to airside;4. Consignment Security Declarations from your Known Consignors provides further liability protection and a declaration of the dangerous goods status of the cargo.
  5. 5. Yo u r c o m p e t i t i v e a d v a n t a g e w i t h P r o f e s s i o n a l We are ideally placed to assist you in compliance with the provisions of Part 108 (Air Cargo Security) and with the appropriate sections of Part 92 (Dangerous Goods), Part 109 (Aviation Security Awareness) and Part 110 (Security Screener Certification) through the provision of SACAA accredited training services and specialist compliance services nationwide. Why Professional Risk and Asset Management: 1. The potential for diminished liability exposure following the appointment of a Professional Risk and Asset Management Designated Official (DO), as you will be less likely to be held vicariously liable in the event of a liability claim originating from omissions or negligence by your own staff; 2. Independently audited and verified compliance with South African Civil Aviation Law and the obligations, including moral obligations, which are an integral and vital element of air cargo security. 3. Improved, tighter, operational control monitored on an on-going basis through the services of an independent, impartial Professional Risk and Asset Management DO. The Professional Risk and Asset Management DO reports directly to your management on an impartial, objective basis. 4. Access to the services and facilities, including cargo screening services provided by Professional Risk and Asset Management. 5. Professional will ensure full compliance with all Air Cargo Security and Dangerous Goods Training requirements including written alerts covering expiry of training certificate validity.
  6. 6. The Professional Service offeringProfessional Risk and Asset Management provides a comprehensive range ofservices primarily the provision of a contracted, independent, DesignatedOfficial required under Part 108 and training services.The services provided includes the following:1. Site Security Investigation and Report (includes perimeter, access, and internal security)2. Review of in-house security controls, systems and procedures;3. Preparation of an Air Cargo Security Manual.4. Compliance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and systems with the Security Manual.5. Background reference checks, including criminal checks on all personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;6. General and function specific Air Cargo Security Familiarisation Training for personnel handling air cargo or air cargo documentation;7. Preparation of clients of a Regulated Agent for their accreditation as “Known Consignors”;8. The processing of applications to the Commissioner for Civil Aviation for “Regulated Agent” status and follow up to obtain the Certificate of Approval;9. Provide the services of a Designated Official (DO), as is required by the Regulations, on a full time or part time basis in order to ensure on-going compliance with the Security Manual and all applicable Regulations and Technical Standards;10. Provide specialist screening of air cargo utilising approved contractors and service providers.11. Training of appropriate personnel in as required in terms of Part 92, Part 108 and Part 109.12. Services in respect of the preparation of selected staff for screener certification under Part 110 can also be provided.
  7. 7. Professi onal trai ning s er vicesProfessional Aviation Training is an accredited Aviation Training Organisation(CAA/0346) under Part 108 for all categories of Standard Air Cargo SecurityTraining (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) and for Dangerous Goods (all categories)under Part 92.We are also an accredited Aviation Security Training Organisation (CAA/10908/ASTO) for Aviation Security Awareness Training and AVSEC Training for SecurityScreening Staff (Category 1) under Part 110.Professional Aviation Training is fully accredited with the Transport EducationTraining Authority (TETA); training fees paid are consequently partially recover-able from clients Skills Development Levy.
  8. 8. The Conclusion?The use of an independent, professional organisation to conduct screening, aviationtraining, cargo security and related security and investigative functions will enableyou to concentrate on your core business while having the security, and peace ofmind, of knowing that these services are in the hands of competent professionals.