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Bank Ideas


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Here are some creative ways banks have used our products to save money. The average bank spends $25 per year per paper statement customers to send out statements.

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Bank Ideas

  1. 1. Presented by ProPrinters1 877 614 7746
  2. 2. Results: Mailed to 80,000 of which40,000 were potential candidates.12,000 signed up for onlineservices. Savings of over $600,000to Bremer plus customer retention is statistically higher
  3. 3. The promotion received a 16% response in the first couple weeks.Over 3000 people signed up.This is a savings to the bank of at least $150,000plus all the other benefits that online banking provides to the bankand bank customers.
  4. 4. Circulation: 150,000 (100,000 Direct Mail/ 50,000 Branch Handout)Response Rate Freestanding Goal 6,800 Actual 14,012 (28%) Brokerage Group Goal 15,000 Actual 38,152 (42%)
  5. 5. Turn Internet Clicks into Leads/Sales Once the consumer has completed The participant positions the their registration detail, the VirtualDecoderTM card over the VirtualDecoderTM Game piece is hidden message to reveal their delivered on-screen. prize award or value offer.