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Men & women Accessories


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Largest selection of men and women accessories at a terribly discount price includes cuff link, tie clips, neck lances, bracelets, socks and Eyewear. For more information contact us via our website or call us @1-800-569-3570.

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Men & women Accessories

  1. 1. Fashionable Men & WomenFashionable Men & Women AccessoriesAccessories These are different types of men and women accessories are available in the market in differnet colors, designes and matrials. Generally these accessories are used to boost our personality and give a new look to our appearance.
  2. 2. List of Men and WomenList of Men and Women AccessoriesAccessories These are number of trendy accessories which are used by every men and women.  CufflinksCufflinks  WatchesWatches  Tie ClipsTie Clips  BraceletBracelet  PendantPendant  SunglassesSunglasses  SocksSocks
  3. 3. CufflinksCufflinks Cuff link are known as little accessories designed in different colors, style and generally used to enhanced your personality. Usually cufflinks are used with French Cuff shart instead of regulare shart.
  4. 4. WatchesWatches In today fashion trend their are different type, brand name watches are available in the market to increased your personality. Usuelly a watch is a timepiece that is worn round the wrist or connected with the chain and carried in a pocked
  5. 5. Tie ClipsTie Clips In today's fashion trend tie clips are worn by every men of modern society. As thw name indicated they are worn with tie. They are the unique type of accessories and their specialty in various different colors.
  6. 6. BraceletBracelet Bracelets are not only beautiful jewelry, but they are the most popular women and men accessories. They are available in various styles & designs and made from different materials.
  7. 7. PendantPendant Pendants are also most popular accessories in both boys and girls. Basically they are created to expressing your love to your lover one.
  8. 8. SunglassesSunglasses You can wear anything you prefer, however sunglasses that compliment the shape of your face can build an excellent fashion accessory.
  9. 9. SocksSocks A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet. These are also an important fashionable accessories used for the comfortable on your feet.
  10. 10. Over All Fashion AccessoriesOver All Fashion Accessories
  11. 11. Contact UsContact Us ProCuffs IncProCuffs Inc 10900 Research Blvd Suite 160-C10900 Research Blvd Suite 160-C Austin TX 78759Austin TX 78759 Phone: 1-800-569-3570Phone: 1-800-569-3570 Website:Website: http://www.procuffs.com
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