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Presentation Makeover 2

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Will Probeck Makeoverredo2

  1. 1. How to save time and money by holding a virtual 3D meeting instead of traveling to F2F seminars for MGMA members.
  2. 2. Who are MGMA members
  3. 3. Practice Administrations in medical groups supporting doctors
  4. 4. Time and money
  5. 5. Hotel expenses
  6. 6. Completing expense forms
  7. 7. There is an alternative to F2F seminars.
  8. 8. Go Virtual Virtual Reality
  9. 9. You can save time and money.
  10. 10. GO Green and help the environment.
  11. 11. What are virtual worlds? A synchronous, persistent network of Virtual Worlds people represented by animated avatars, facilitated by computers. Virtual Reality Mark W. Bell Indiana University What is it?
  12. 12. Create a new you as an avatar.
  13. 13. Virtual Worlds are Friendlier But virtual worlds bring in-person interaction to the electronic medium. Have remote workers work together in the same virtual space and recreate the local feel, as sight and sound stream in just as if you worked together in adjacent cubicles.” Dave Elchoness, 3Dxplorer.com
  14. 14. Should we chose one of these virtual worlds?
  15. 15. Second Life is the fastest growing online community on the web. According to research by the Gartner Group, 80 percent of active Internet users will be participating in nongaming virtual worlds, such as Second Life, by the end of 2011. Anders Gronstedt, The Gronstedt Group
  16. 16. Second Life is  Complicated  Expensive  Time consuming  Offers many options  Engaging and provocative MGMA ultimate goal is to get here Need to keep looking for another alternative………………
  17. 17. We could hold virtual meetings in Virtual Beginnings.
  18. 18. Virtual Beginnings  Another option  Better?  Still expensive  Less complicated The second stop in the virtual world journey. Still looking…………
  19. 19. The new way to hold meetings!
  20. 20. goweb3d This is the best choice for MGMA members?
  21. 21.  The best alternative  Easy navigation  Unique URLs  Screen sharing  No downloads  Update to Java  Simplified avatars  Customizable sites  Limited access The first stop in the virtual world journey for MGMA
  22. 22. First, test the application
  23. 23. MGMA’s, first meeting with annual conference 2010 members
  24. 24. Proposed home page for Virtual Annual Conference 2009
  25. 25. Proposed site for Annual Conference 2009 meeting
  26. 26. Getting Started in Virtual Worlds 1. Clearly define your purpose in using virtual worlds and set clear and achievable goals. 2. Evaluate technologies and choose the one that best fits the purpose. Not all virtual worlds are the same. There are definitely right and wrong choices. 3. Hire designers, developers, and builders that understand virtual worlds. Virtual world development is different than web development. 4. Start small with a focus group. Incorporate feedback as you expand the project. 5. Train your employees to ensure that they know how to use the technology. You will lose people who are frustrated with the experience.
  27. 27. 6. Do not overuse the technology. 7. Personality should come through to make the medium work. For example, allow employees to customize their avatars or workplaces, as appropriate. 8. Monitor the environment, reward successes, and correct deficiencies. 9. Encourage engagement and community building. Permit social interaction and business interaction, as you would in a real life local workplace. Water cooler talk across 10,000 miles is an important part of using virtual worlds in business.
  28. 28. Give Virtual Worlds a try and take a shot at a friendlier, greener, and cheaper way of working.