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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. Lodz, 18.10.2011
  2. 2. Agenda of presentation 1. Research and Innovation Center Pro-Akademia 2. Cluster localization / Lodz Region 3. Definition of Cluster – scientific point of view 4. Bioenergy for the Region Cluster as a cooperation platform 5. Cluster main target groups 6. Cluster activities 7. Networking projects/activities 8. Research in the field of economics 9. Supporting science and Industry cooperation 10.Cooperation within Bioenergy for the Region Cluster
  3. 3.  NGO established in April 1996  Public benefit organization  Over 100 active members  Portfolio of 120 projects  One of the largest NGOs in Poland working abroad for the benefit of developing countries, especially those mentioned in the European Neighbourhood Policy  Certificate of Quality Management System confirming satisfaction of requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard pertaining to provision of: - general consultancy services, - training services, - information services, - organization of economic missions, - social integration. Research and Innovation Center Pro-Akademia
  4. 4. RIC Pro-Akademia - key fields of activity Environment protection and sustainable development Enterpreneurship and innovativeness Regional development and cohesion policy Human resource development
  5. 5. RIC Pro-Akademia - key forms of activity Trainings Consulting Economic research and analyses Publications Scholarship funds Charitable and social projects Foreign economic missions
  6. 6. Cluster localization / Lodz Region  Area: 18,219km2  Population: 2 751 534  Density: 141,1/km2  Urban:1 662 937  Rural: 908 597  Capital: Lodz  Unemployment rate: 11,6 %
  7. 7. Cluster localization / Lodz Region
  8. 8. Definition of Cluster Cluster- a geographic concentration of interrelated companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, companies which operate in the same field and associated institutions (for example universities, supervisory units, trade associations and financial institutions) in their respective fields, competing but also cooperating. 1 1 Porter M. E., The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Macmillan Press, Hampshire and London 1990 Innovative clusters - concentration of independent businesses - newly founded innovative companies, small, medium and large enterprises and research organizations - operating in a particular sector, region and founded to stimulate innovative activity by promoting intensive connections, sharing background facilities and exchange of knowledge and expertise and by contributing effectively to technology transfer, networking and sharing of information among companies within the cluster. Member countries should aim to achieve a proper balance between SMEs and large companies in the cluster to achieve certain critical mass, especially by specialization in a certain area of R & D & I and taking into account the existing clusters in the Member States and at Community level.2 2 Definition of an innovative cluster by European Commission
  9. 9. Bioenergy for the Region Cluster as a cooperation platform Bioenergy for the Region Cluster – Cooperation platform between:  40 companies,  10 R&D,  6 governmental units,  7 institutions of business environment, acting in terms of RES. The main aim of the Cluster activity is sustainable development of bio-energy in region of Lodz in the context of an integrated energy and climate change package to cut emissions for the 21st Century Cluster aims to achieve its purposes through:  complex solution of issues concerning the regulation of the RES market in the Lodz region, in particular the methods of collection, processing and use of RES  integration between members of the Cluster - businesses, researchers and local authorities in order to increase the share of solar and wind energy in the energy balance of the region  educational and information activities, promoting the use of available in region of Lodz renewable energy and energy efficiency  increase international visibility, markets knowledge, competence and ability to operate on international markets
  10. 10. Cluster main target groups Enterprises Research institutes Individuals Business support institutions and NGOs Government and local autorities
  11. 11. Cluster activities Projects Research in the field of economics Networking Supporting science & industry cooperation Meetings & Conferences Forum, Workshops organized by Bioenergy for the Region Cluster Events in which Cluster Experts and members are participating Other activities Projects Co-financed by: EU funds – ESF, ETC EEA Grants National Funds – NFEPWM Cluster activities
  12. 12. Networking activities
  13. 13. Networking activities Regional Energy Concepts in Baltic Sea Region Bioenergy for the Region – development of cooperation network between science and economy in the field of renewable energy sources in region of Lodz using solutions of German deENet network PROJECT AIM Elaboration and implementation of effective cooperation network model of RES industry, between entities acting in the field of research and industry in the Lodz Region using the solutions of the German Partner – deENet Network – and tightening the cooperation between Bioenergy for the Region Cluster and deENet Network.
  14. 14. Ideal composition of competence network
  15. 15. Networking activities – official Partner of Alliance Francaise
  16. 16. Networking activities - official Partner of Alliance Francaise
  17. 17. Networking activities – Forums of Bioenergy for the Region Cluster
  18. 18. Open Information Processing within Innovation Networks InfoPro Aim of the project: InfoPro aims to identify and transfer best practices on how to process information to support the network members at best. Partners: • Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach / GERMANY • Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion / HUNGARY • Eindhoven University of Technology / HOLLAND • Research and Innovation CenterPro-Akademia / POLAND Raising the Awareness of a European Multi-Actor Network Acting for the Enhancement of Agriculture In Sub-Saharan Africa Survey: Impact of Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union on Situation and Development of Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa Partners : Spain, Belgium, Austria, Poland Research in the field of economics
  19. 19. Research in the field of economics Monitoring and evaluation of the North-East cluster of digital education Study on management of economic changes in Warsaw Region (Masovia Voivodeship) Objective: to develop adaptive strategies for regional economy in the context of transition to energy- efficient technologies in the energy sector, construction and transport
  20. 20. Supporting science & industry cooperation Integrated programme of Ph.D. students’ development  48 participants  a scholarship of 500,000 €  2 304 consultancy hours with experts from business and academia  48 applied research for local businesses  10 patents Subprojects: • The local energy powerplant, basing on integrated sources of energy: biomass and sun, including production of hydrogen which will stabilize the system • Zero-energy house 2020 with the implementation of an innovative architecture and construction technology, micro energy power plant, which will be based on biomass, system of recuperation and the micro management net • Mapping the industrial polutted soil in Lodz Region and selection of the proper energy plants.
  21. 21. Renewable Energy Manager – training programme  150 trainees  126 hours of lectures/person, workshops in cooperation with Technical University of Lodz, Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Economy, RadScan (SE)  Transfer of best practices from Italy in the scope of passive building - in cooperation with Technical University of Torino and a spin-off company KEO Ltd. (IT) Supporting science & industry cooperation
  22. 22. • Technical University of Lodz • University of Lodz • International Center for Ecology • Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture • Institute of Power Engineering • Lodz Regional Park of Science and Technology Ltd. • The Agency of Power Usage and Conservation • The Polish Chamber of Biomass • Board of Agriculture Province of Lodz • Łódź Agricultural Advisory Center • ASM Market Research and Analysis Center Ltd. • County Office in Skierniewice • County Office in Poddębice • Municipal Mayor Parzęczew • Municipal Mayor Daszyna • Municipal Mayor Wodzierady • Municipal Mayor Lipce Reymontowskie • TVP o/Lodz • Radio P III • Local TV – TOYA • Local newspapers • Bioenergy Ltd.- Parzęczew • JAMIR Renewable Technologies Ltd. – Las • Enterprise Agrocent Ltd.- Złoczew • Mamut - Services - Machinery, Equipment, Technology - Lipce Reymontowskie • "KENERGY" Ltd. Krzysztof Jankowski – Głowno • Trimen Chemicals Ltd. – Lodz • INSIGHT - Michalow-Grabina • PPH MaWi – Lodz • ELBIS Ltd. – Rogowiec • TOPO-WIND – Lodz Cooperation within Bioenergy for the Region Cluster
  23. 23. TH@NK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! AEC Pro-Akademia tel. +48-42-636-12-59