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Energy Week 2011 - dr Ewa Kochańska EN


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Energy Week 2011 - dr Ewa Kochańska EN

  1. 1. Renewable energy strategies<br />in cities ofthe Lodz region<br />Financing of sustainable energy investments in cities and regions<br />
  2. 2. LodzVoivodship, Poland<br /><ul><li>Area: 18,219 km2
  3. 3. Population: 2 751 534
  4. 4. In urbanareas: 1 662 937
  5. 5. Capital city: Łódź</li></ul>Energy features:<br /><ul><li>the world's largest power plant generating electricity frombrowncoal,
  6. 6. the best insolationin Poland,
  7. 7. strong wind,
  8. 8. perfect conditions for development of energy based on biomass and biogas,
  9. 9. share of RESin the regionalenergybalance: 0.2%</li></ul>2<br />
  10. 10. Cluster Bioenergy for the Region is an open collaborative initiative, gathering:<br /><ul><li>40 enterprises,
  11. 11. 16 universities and scientific research institutes,
  12. 12. 6 units of local government,
  13. 13. 7 business supportinstitutions, activein the field of RES.</li></ul>Bioenergy for the Region Cluster aims to achieve its purposes through:<br />complex solution of issues concerning the regulation of the biomass market in Central<br />Poland, in particular the methods of collection, processing and use of biomassas a RES; <br />integration of members of the Cluster - businesses, researchers and local authorities<br />in order to increase the share of solar and wind energy in the energy balance of the Region; <br />educational and information activities, promoting the use of renewable energy and energy<br />efficiency. <br />
  14. 14. Despiteexcellentnaturalconditions for the development of renewableenergy, currently the share of RES in the energyregionalbalanceisonly 0.2%.<br />Thissituationwillchangesoonthanks to the EU funds…..<br />Investments in renewable energy in the Lodz region financed<br />by the EU funds (2007-2013 financialperspective)<br />
  15. 15. The budget earmarked for investmentsin renewable energy sources in Lodz Region is the largest among all 16 Regional Operational Programmes in Poland.<br />Regionalcall for proposalstargeting RES investmentsendedin June 2010.<br />87 applications weresubmitted. The amount requested by the applicants excessed400% of the fundsavailable. Marshal's Office in Lodz approved for funding 20 projects, with total budget of 39.5 mln euro.<br />RegionalOperationalProgramme of LodzVoivodship<br />OperationalProgramme<br />Infrastructureand Environment <br />Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment is the largest programmefinancing energy projects in the history of the European Union.<br />2,143.90 mlneuroshavebeenallocated for investments in production of electricity and heat from renewable energy sources as well as strengtheningindustries forproduction of renewableenergyand biofuels.<br />
  16. 16. Project totalvalue<br />ERDF contribution<br />/Euro/<br />Useof geothermal energy as anindependent power source for heating and cooling system ofexhibition and conference facilities ofLodz International Fair<br />Total: 1, 941, 918.40<br />EU: 789, 736.80<br />Environmentally-friendly State Fire Service in cities of Lodz Region – construction of power generation systems based on RES<br />Total: 1, 689, 860.50<br />EU: 1, 436, 381.40<br />
  17. 17. Modernization of premises of the Bieganski Hospitalin Lodz – anenergy saving programme based on renewable energy sources<br />Improvement of RES-basedenergy security ofBieganskiHospital in case of emergency<br />Total: 1, 689, 860.50<br />EU: 1, 436, 381.40<br />Total: 334, 148.90<br />EU: 205, 870.90<br />Rebuilding the local energy power network and ensure the efficient alternative source of energy in the case of emergencies of the Specialized Copernicus Hospital in Lodz<br />Total: 710, 526.20<br />EU: 603, 947.20<br />
  18. 18. Total: 1, 027, 504.60<br />EU: 873, 378.90<br />Use of renewable energy sources atthe Technical University of Lodz<br />Installationof solar collectors on the roof of the Municipal SwimmingPool in AleksandrowLodzki<br />Total: 1, 027, 504.60<br />EU: 873, 378.90<br />Solar energy for Children Orphanage in Strobow<br />Total: 67, 192.90<br />EU: 56, 004.10<br />
  19. 19. TH@NK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION<br />AEC Pro-Akademia<br /><br />tel. +48-42-636-12-59<br /><br />