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Power of the Dream (OTCBB: PWRV; Twitter: $PWRV)

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Power of the Dream Ventures (OTCBB: PWRV; Twitter: $PWRV) is a leading technology acquisition and development company that identifies and harnesses the unique technological prowess of Hungary's high-tech industry, by turning promising ideas into market ready products and technologies.

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Power of the Dream (OTCBB: PWRV; Twitter: $PWRV)

  1. 1. Hungary’’s premier technology acquisition, development and commercialization company
  2. 2. THE HUNGARIAN TECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITY • Total lack of venture capital in Hungary • Need for knowledgeable, technologically savvy investors • Internationally recognized status of Hungary’’s technological prowess in diverse fields from biotech through engineering to chemistry, physics, IT, manufacturing and more • Abundance of acquisition opportunities. We are aware of at least 100 high quality targets • High barrier to entry. Lack of technology savvy and what we call the ‘‘inventor trust factor’’ creates opportunities to acquire and commercialize (worldwide) an extraordinarily large percentage of Hungary’’s intellectual prowess • We are already a public company, with a proven track record, a formidable barrier of entry for other potential Hungarian competitors to follow Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  3. 3. IMPLEMENTATION • We acquire technology in all phases of its development cycle from idea , research , seed , startup and expansion stage to full commercial viability • We acquire technologies from all sectors such as biotech, software, media, entertainment, manufacturing, chemistry, physics with a special emphasis on ‘‘disruptive technologies’’ • We provide not only capital, but also business planning, managerial, implementation, marketing, partner location and commercialization services skill sets needed to successfully commercialize a great product • During the due diligence process, prior to acquisition we focus on uniqueness of technology / product (including its patentability), potential market size, management (if available), potential ‘‘to market hurdles’’ and availability of visible /easily attainable exit points • Acquired technologies are developed for commercial readiness and then commercialized either through the manufacturing and sale of product(s), licensing arrangements, trade sale of spin off as separate public companies Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  4. 4. CORPORATE STRUCTURE • Power of the Dream Ventures was founded in 2006 and was incorporated in the State of Delaware, in the United states • We are a public company with one wholly owned Hungarian subsidiary, Vidatech, Kft. • We trade on the OTCBB exchange in the United States under the ticker symbol PWRV • The Company is authorized to issue 250 million shares of common stock and 10 million shares of preferred stock • As of the date of this presentation 52,103,017 shares of common stock and zero shares of preferred stock are issued and outstanding Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  5. 5. KEY COMPLETED MILESTONES Founded Vidatech Ltd. $200,000 April 16, 2006 Commenced operations June 15, 2006 Consummated reverse-merger April 24, 2007 First round of Reg. S fundraising $765,000 August of 2007 First technology acquisition August of 2007 Second round of Reg. S fundraising $265,000 November of 2007 SB2 registration statement filed November 14, 2007 Third round of Reg. S fundraising $104,000 February of 2008 SB2 registration statement effective January 30, 2008 Broker Dealer Sponsorship 15C2-11 (OTC BB) February 4, 2008 Trading commences on OTC BB February 21, 2008 Fourth round of Reg. S fundraising $1,000,000 November of 2008 Fifth round of Reg. S fundraising $150,000 May of 2010 Invested In Genetic Immunity with Phase II clinical trial date showing median 70% viral Ongoing load reduction in HIV patients Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  6. 6. MANAGEMENT TEAM Viktor Rozsnyay President, CEO and Director From April 2006 to present, Mr. Rozsnyay has been acting as CEO of Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV) From 2004 to 2006 Mr. Rozsnyay was engaged in researching and establishing the foundation of PDV. From 2001 to 2004, he was the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 10Charge, Inc., an ISSO R&D spin off company formed to commercialize 10 minute battery charging technology, a product Mr. Rozsnyay and his former partner invented and patented. With 10Charge Mr. Rozsnyay successfully consummated the first reverse merger by a Hungarian company to become fully public. Subsequently to the reverse merger 10Charge was sold to a US investor group. Prior thereto, Mr. Rozsnyay was the Founder and Managing Director of ISSO R&D Kft., an aerospace research company, pursuing advanced aerospace propulsion research. Ildiko Rozsa, Chief Financial Officer Mrs. Rozsa is a qualified statutory accountant, currently completing her PhD studies at the Budapest Technical and Economic University in Business Science. Ildiko graduated at the College of Finance and Accountancy, later obtaining her MBA at the Budapest University of Economics. From 1995 through 1996 she was Audit assistant at Price Waterhouse's Budapest Audit Department, where she gained experience in IAS and HAS audits. From 1997 through 2002 Ildiko was Finance and Accounting Director at Vivendi Telecom Hungary. She was responsible for the production of Vivendi Group Consolidated Financial Statements for 23 companies, including foreign companies in accordance with IAS, US GAAP and the related statutory requirements; Definition of the accounting policy and procedures of the group, and controlling of their application; Management of the related audits and Managing the Accounting Department; the Reporting and Consolidation Department and the Payroll Department of Vivendi Group which consisted of between 50 60 people. From 2002 through 2007 Ildiko was Chief Financial Officer at Bacardi Martini Hungary Ltd., where she was responsible for Managing the finance and administration team of the company. Responsible for finance, accounting, controlling, IT, customs and payroll. In 2004 she founded and became Managing Director of RIBZ Consulting where she worked for multinational clients on IFRS and US GAAP projects, on privatization engagements. Ildiko is a teacher at the Budapest Technical University, Economic Faculty. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  7. 7. MANAGEMENT TEAM Daniel Kun, Jr., Vice President In April 2006 Mr. Kun co founded Vidatech Ltd. and since its establishment has acted as Vidatech's Managing Director. Vidatech is now our wholly owned Hungarian subsidiary. Since 1996 Mr. Kun has been a part owner of Lira Kft., a Hungarian company involved in building engineering and heating installations throughout Hungary. From March 2000 to April 2006, he also acted as Managing Director of Lira Kft. Mr. Kun attended the Istvan Vagi Technical College in Budapest, graduating in 1992. Subsequently, Mr. Kun attended the Sligo Regional Technical Colleague in Ireland studying international business and marketing from 1994 1995. Mr. Kun is a certified TUV ISO auditor. Szilvia Toth, Chief Accounting Officer Szilvia graduated in 2004 from the College of Finance and Accountancy in Budapest as an Economist on Accountancy. After a short professional practice in 2005 she worked at DHL Express Hungary Ltd. as an accountant for different territories (posting of creditors, bank statements and taxes). Fallowing her DHL tenure from 2005 to 2006 she worked at TMF Hungary Kft, an international accounting firm. From 2006 to 2007 she worked at BDO Forte AccRoll Ltd., where her responsibilities included full scale bookkeeping including preparation of financial statements, reports, tax returns, etc. of Hungarian and foreign companies. She joined Power of the Dream Ventures in October of 2007. Szilvia lives in Budapest. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  8. 8. ADVISORY BOARD Jozsef Cziegler. Mr. Cziegler has over 30 years of multi-national business experience. Mr. Cziegler currently serves as the CEO of Schwarzmuller, Hungary, a German owned multi-national truck trailer manufacturer. From 1982 to 1992 he was responsible for the exports of Hungarian made cars and buses. In 1993 he founded Schwarzmuller, Hungary to manufacture truck trailers. In 2006, Schwarzmuller reported sales of 3,000 trailers with revenue in excess of USD125 million and the company employs 450 people. Joseph Brumbauer. Mr. Brumbauer is the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ikarus, Hungary’s premier bus manufacturer. Ikarus exports buses to all former Soviet Block and western countries throughout the world. Mr. Brumbauer was CEO of Ikarus for 5 years from 1998 to 2003. In this capacity he negotiated sales with presidents of a number of countries. In 2003, Mr. Brumbauer left Ikarus to become the CEO of BPW Hungary, a German owned truck axle manufacturer. Today BPW Hungary employs over 900 people and has annual revenues of USD220 million. Gene Guhne. Mr. Guhne has served as a Vice President, Sales of Ultimate Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ULTI) since November 1999. From February 1998 to November 1999, Mr. Guhne served as Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic Division of Ultimate Software, Inc. Prior to joining Ultimate Software, Inc., from 1992 to 1998, Mr. Guhne was the President of The Ultimate Software Group of the Carolinas, Inc. and the Vice President of The Ultimate Group of Virginia, Inc., a reseller of Ultimate Software which was acquired by it in March 1998. From 1987 to 1992, Mr. Guhne served in various positions at ADP, where his most recent position was Director of Sales. Mr. Guhne is a shareholder and Director of the Company. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  9. 9. SELECT CURRENT TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS iGlue software via equity purchase in In4, Ltd. iGlue is a revolution. An online content organizer and search application, based on semantic web technology. iGlue is Integrated Content Management. Content that has been created or made accessible with iGlue, can be reused in any environment (e.g. at another site) and custom tailored to user requirements. The semantic added value provided by the data structure enables a more versatile use of the created content than is possible with content management and search methods based on simple string matching. iGlue is Collaborative database building community intelligence. The use of collaborative database building enhances the application with a relevance factor that relies on community intelligence; this in turn provides self repair capability and also makes the suggestion function more efficient. iGlue is modular. It can be used to replace multiple data entry utilities, and users can even use its API to develop program components themselves. This greatly improves the efficiency of data management and storage. It is purely an online application, no installation needed. In contrast to traditional desktop apps, iGlue represents a new generation of programs that are used purely online. Accordingly, there is no need for updates, upgrades, or maintenance –– the program is always available for use in its latest version. iGlue was officially launched in November of 2010 and can be access through In May of 2010 we completed a second round of fund raising for iGlue in the amount of HUF 110,000,000. ON March 30, 2011 iGlue launched a social media enabled annotation function. We currently own 38.5%. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  10. 10. SELECT CURRENT TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS Genetic Immunity Genetic Immunity is a privately held US/Hungarian biotechnology company developing a new class of immunotherapeutic biologics for the treatment of viral infections, cancer and allergy. The Company's proprietary therapeutic vaccine platform technology is based on dendritic cell targeting topical nanomedicines. The Company’’s Lead Product Candidate, DermaVir, is a novel therapeutic HIV vaccine with both antiviral and immunomodulating activities. Genetic Immunity believes that DermaVir has the potential to offer a paradigm change in the treatment of HIV/AIDS based on clinical data showing boosting of HIV specific T cells and decrease of HIV infected cells that are not eliminated by antiretroviral drugs. DermaVir has an excellent safety profile similar to vaccines used in healthy adults and children. The goal of DermaVir immune intensification is to modify HIV disease, decrease drug exposure while maintaining undetectable HIV RNA levels and achieve remission (functional cure) in HIV infected patients. Recently completed Phase II clinical trials show a statistically significant median 70% viral load reduction, as compared to placebo, of patients treated, without side effects. More information on the company is available through On March 23, 2011 we announced an Investment Agreement with Genetic Immunity whereby we acquired equity in the company. The aim of the investment is to take Genetic Immunity public in the United States. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  11. 11. SELECT CURRENT TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS RiverPower RiverPower is a proprietary, environmentally friendly, renewable power generation technology aimed at converting the flow of rivers into electricity without the need for expensive, environmentally degrading dam construction. In order to generate electricity, RiverPower generators are simply submerged into rivers and anchored at specific distances to the riverbed. As long as the river flow exceeds one meter per second, RiverPower machines will generate electrical power economically (installations for slower moving rivers can also be custom designed). RiverPower technology differs from other hydropower generation techniques in that we believe that it has the ability to use the flow volume of the entire river, in the process achieving greater efficiency and increased power production than in traditional turbine based systems, all without dams. Two patent applications have been filed to protect RiverPower. One for the interlinked multi wheel mechanical device and one for the slow revolutions per minute (5 15 rpm) generator which can also be used in windmill applications. RiverPower development completed one independent testing at VITUKI, Hungary’’s Water Resource Research Institute. The second, technology optimization test phase is currently under way. Completion of these test is expected in the third quarter of 2009. Once final data is available s life sized machine will be built and field tested. First commercial installation is expected in the second half of 2012, initially in Hungary and then internationally. Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. 1095 Budapest, Soroksari ut 94 96, Hungary OTC BB: PWRV
  12. 12. 1095 Budapest Soroksari ut 94 96 Hungary t: +36 1 456 6061 f: +36 1 456 6062 C: +36 30 664 1150 e:

Power of the Dream Ventures (OTCBB: PWRV; Twitter: $PWRV) is a leading technology acquisition and development company that identifies and harnesses the unique technological prowess of Hungary's high-tech industry, by turning promising ideas into market ready products and technologies.


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