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ProActive Capital PowerPoint

ProActive Capital's Corporate PowerPoint

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ProActive Capital PowerPoint

  1. 1. Digital InvestorAcquisitions and RelationsThe Path to Liquidity
  2. 2. ProActive s Path to Liquidity n  ProActive s mission is to provide our clients with the means to achieve fair market valuation while maximizing market liquidity and corporate exposure. We strategically leverage digital communication tools, inbound marketing techniques, and online networks. n  Our path to liquidity is based on our philosophy:Compelling Targeted Repeated Distribution RESULTS Content Exposure In the new market: Liquidity = Accessibility to Capital
  3. 3. Pro-Active s Vision =The New Wall StreetGo Direct with ProActive s PRISM and Capital Forum Public Company on ProActiveThought PRISM & Capital Forum InstitutionalLeaders Investors Broker Dealer Retail Influencers •  Retail Investors •  Institutions
  4. 4. PRISM – ProActive Integrated Strategic Messagingn  ProActive s Capital Forum (closed) and ProActive Newsroom (open) attracts the attention of highly qualified investors to our clients like a magnet with our provocative and thought provoking content about your company.n  Generation X, Y and Baby Boomers are joining investor networks online via Blogging, RSS, email, social media communities, iPad, and mobile hand-held devices.n  Public companies must learn to adapt to this new trend.n  Public companies such as Cisco and Microsoft on down recognize that this is no longer a youth oriented phenomena! The future is Inbound Marketing!
  5. 5. 5PRISM Analytics and Monitoring Platformn  With near perfect accuracy, ProActive is able view the entire social and traditional news media landscape on the web – every tweet, every blog, every web interaction and every article and every video.n  With this new capacity, we are able to identify and ENGAGE with the key bloggers and influencers surrounding client companies.n  ProActive is able to gauge, monitor and stimulate all client s social media exchanges, financial, corporate and otherwise.
  6. 6. ProActive s Content MarketingFunnel
  7. 7. Marketing Paradigm Shifts fromOutbound to Inbound Emphasisn  Outbound Marketing - Traditional outbound marketing entails everything traditional: cold-calling, print advertising, junk mail, direct mail, email blasts, land-based trade shows, etc.n  Negatives n  Cold calls and email blasts - Considered interruptive and intrusive n  Very expensive with low percentage results. n  Society places barriers to avoid – such as caller ID, gatekeeper secretaries, spam protection features, DO NOT CALL lists, etc.
  8. 8. Who are the Influencers ?n  Industry Bloggersn  Wall Street Analystsn  Industry Insidersn  Industry Thought Leadersn  Retail Brokers – we find the 20 of the 80/20 modeln  The ProActive Capital Influence – see our followers and our historical client basen  The modern day Corporate Communications program sees the integration of investor relations , public relations, marketing and corporate branding efforts.n  ProActive s focuses not only on the end stock investor, but also on the people to whom the companies products, brand and/ or services are most relevant.
  9. 9. Inbound Marketing 101n  Engage Investors Rather Than Annoy Investors
  10. 10. Inbound Marketing aroundInteresting ContentInbound Marketing to Investorsn  Focused on Relationship Marketingn  Compelling Content is what brings investors to a client. The hard sell days are gone.n  Social and Digital Media gets companies found by a true captive audience – stimulating interest and investor lead generation.n  Round Peg = Round Hole
  11. 11. Famous Quotes on Inbound Marketing Merits Quit counting fans, Its no longer an era of Social Media is followers and blog  business as usual. changing everything subscribers like bottle Executives and about the way people caps. Think, instead, about entrepreneurs must relate socially, in what you re hoping to embrace new media in commerce and in achieve with and through order to not only compete politics. the community that for the future, but for mind actually cares about what share, market share and you re doing. ultimately relevance.  Amber Naslund, Mark Cuban, Craig Newmark, Dallas Mavericks Founder of
  12. 12. Small-Caps in the 90s Retail Broker Public Investors Dealer Companyn  Few Institutional Investorsn  Reliance on one or two market-making broker dealersn  Access to microcap stock information was almost non-existentn  Brokerage industry was abundant with stock jocksn  Investors were far more reliant on brokers for ideas and informationn  Compliance departments far fewer rules re: soliciting penny stocksn  Retail investors often didn t understand the companies they were investing in. Liquidity was Situational and Temporary
  13. 13. Small-Caps in the 2000 s Institutional Broker Public Investors Dealer Companyn  Far Fewer retail stock jock type brokersn  Reliance on one or two broker dealersn  Brokerage community has changed - Retail investors are empowered with tools and information to self-manage their $. E-trade, Ameritrade etc.n  Regulatory issues –fewer brokers and many compliance departments prohibit them from soliciting penny stocks Liquidity was Situational and Temporary
  14. 14. Go Direct with PRISMProActive Integrated Strategic Messaging CLIENT BLOGS, SOCIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASES EMAIL WALL STREET PRESS RELEASES & FILINGS•  LinkedIn •  ProActive •  ProActive Capital •  Facebook•  Facebook Newsletter Forum •  Twitter•  Twitter •  ProActive •  Seeking Alpha •  YouTube•  YouTube Partner Database •  OutsideIn•  ProActive Capital •  Client Specific Research Forum Data Collection •  Industry Specific•  Syndicate •  Client Specific Distribution Partners Distribution •  Strategic•  Industry Specific Relationships Distribution
  15. 15. Our Fully Integrated PRISM PlusProActive Principals Influencing the Influencers •  Institutional Investors •  One to one meetings •  Road Shows •  Investor Conferences •  The Influencers •  Industry Bloggers •  Analyst •  Thought Leaders/ Speakers •  Retail Investors •  Direct •  Big Brokers
  16. 16. PRISMMonthly/Weekly/Daily Professional Inputn  3-5 Blogs per month by Wall Street experienced professionalsn  150 – 500 leads generated per monthn  ProActive Principal Input n  ProActive Principals average 25 years of Wall Street experience n  Leaders in the Digital Media transformation of Wall Street n  We influence The Influencers
  17. 17. ProActive Capital Forumn  ProActive s Capital Forum is the FIRST 24/7 Virtual Investor Research Conference for emerging Small-Cap companies.n  Using an unprecedented digital format, the ProActive Capital Forum is virtually identical to what an investor would experience attending a live land-based conference.
  18. 18. Inside ProActive Capital Forumn  The ProActive Capital Forum bridges the awareness gap between micro cap public companies and the investment community. The Forum presents the investor with comprehensive and client specific corporate information that investors can utilize to make sound investment decisions.n  ProActive has divided the conferences into: n  Client Aisles - Health IT, Bio Pharma, Diagnostic, Medical Device, and Clean Tech n  Sponsors – Broker Dealers, PR Firms…
  19. 19. Inside ProActive Capital Forumn  Each Exhibition Booth includes a detailed corporate profile, robust market intelligence, product and/or service information, research reports, SEC filings, breaking news, press releases, news feeds, CEO and company specific video presentations and social media.n  During live presentations, investors have the ability to chat live with management and other investors.
  20. 20. Inside ProActive Capital Forumn  Exhibit Booth Continued: n  Each booth is updated regularly with new material and video streams. n  Booth setup is handled by ProActive using online information and documents provided by the client. Specific uploaded corporate information will be executed per clients instructions.
  21. 21. Inside ProActive Capital Forumn  The ProActive Capital Forum is equipped with a Media Room, Learning Center, and an Auditorium for live events/ webinars.n  Exhibitors in the conference will have the ability to give a formal speech to the ProActive network. The speech is recorded and stored in the Learning Center for future viewing and investor research.
  22. 22. Inside ProActive Capital Forumn  Why put your company on the forum? n  Elevate the company s profile within the investment community n  Deepen the connection with shareholders and prospective shareholders. n  Heighten corporate credibility n  Cost effective n  Benefit from the total traffic growth on The Forum n  Generate investor leads n  Create a path to liquidity
  23. 23. ProActive Add-On ServicesRESEARCH PROACTIVE DISTRIBUTION MESSAGE•  OutsideIn VIDEO •  Syndicate Web BOARDS Research Partners •  CEO interviews •  Monitoring &•  ProActive Internet Defense •  Conference taping •  Syndicate Email Strategy•  Client Newsletter •  Corporate Partners •  Execution & messaging •  Database Participation management

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ProActive Capital's Corporate PowerPoint


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