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Medgenics (NYSE AMEX: MDGN) - Investor Fact Sheet


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Medgenics (NYSE AMEX: MDGN) is developing and commercializing Biopump, a proprietary tissue-based platform technology for the sustained production and delivery of therapeutic proteins using the patient's own skin biopsy for the treatment of a range of chronic diseases including anemia, hepatitis C and hemophilia. Medgenics believes this approach has multiple benefits compared with current treatments, which include regular and costly injections of therapeutic proteins.

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Medgenics (NYSE AMEX: MDGN) - Investor Fact Sheet

  1. 1. NYSE Amex: MDGN AIM: MEDU/MEDG Recent stock price (7/13/11) $5.05 52-week range $2.85 - $4.56 Market capitalization $48.6 mil. Shares outstanding 9.6 mil. Cash position (post 4/2011 IPO) $13.3 mil. Fiscal year-end Dec. 31Medgenics is developing and commercializing Biopump for the treatment of a range of chronic diseases, with initialdevelopment programs in anemia, hepatitis C and hemophilia. Biopump is a proprietary platform technology for thesustained production and delivery of therapeutic proteins using the patient!s own dermis tissue. Medgenics believesits approach has multiple benefits compared with current treatments, which include regular and costly injections oftherapeutic proteins. Medgenics intends to develop its innovative products and bring them to market via strategicpartnerships with major pharmaceutical and/or medical device companies. HEMODURE is the subject of cooperationbetween Medgenics and Baxter International, a market leader in hemophilia. In addition to treatments for anemia,hepatitis C and hemophilia, Medgenics plans to develop and/or out-license a pipeline of future Biopump productstargeting the large and rapidly growing global market for protein therapies. Other potential applications for Biopumpinclude multiple sclerosis, arthritis, pediatric growth hormone deficiency, obesity and diabetes. INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTSThe Biopump system holds disruptive potential in the Biopump addresses multi-billion dollar markettreatment of chronic diseases opportunities in anemia, hepatitis C and hemophilia Biopump is a platform for sustained production of  EPODURE (completing a Phase I/II dose-ranging trial) therapeutic proteins using the patient!s own tissue to produce and deliver EPO for many months from a Biopump has shown proof of concept with EPODURE, single administration, has demonstrated elevation and producing sustained dosing of erythropoietin (EPO) with stabilization of hemoglobin levels in anemic patients unprecedented results in patients, having delivered for 6 to 28 months therapeutic protein in 14 patients for 6 months to more  INFRADURE (plans to commence a Phase I/II trial in than 28 months Israel in 2011) to produce a sustained therapeutic Biopump potentially is a highly cost-effective treatment dose of interferon-alpha for use in the treatment Biopump is designed to be implemented using standard hepatitis C facilities and procedures  HEMODURE is a sustained Factor VIII therapy for theBiopump provides a simplified treatment pathway prophylactic treatment of hemophilia, in development Biopump delivers known proteins in routine clinical use, in cooperation with Baxter International with superior delivery and patient compliance Using the patient!s own protein optimizes safety; there The broad-based technology platform allows for are no peak overdose or under-dose between injections multiple partnership opportunities  There are excellent partnership prospects followingThe Biopump is cost efficient and scalable proof-of-concept, with significant revenue potential Manufacturing process is proven on >5,000 Biopumps  The first development and commercial agreement is An automated bioprocessor with sealed cassettes is in already in place, for HEMODURE with Baxter development Strong executive and board leadershipMedgenics enjoys a strong IP position  The management team has significant healthcare and 10 patents are issued on Biopump and >50 are pending commercial development experience Key licenses have been acquired, including a Factor VIII  Executives have a legacy of founding, operating and license from the University of Michigan leading firms to M&A totaling billions of dollars THE BIOPUMP SYSTEM a) Harvest dermis tissue (micro-organs) from b b) the patient Transfer to processing station a c) Adenoviral gutless vector carrying gene for desired protein d) Process each micro-organ into Biopump c e) f) Biopump producing protein Measure daily protein production per h d Biopump for dosing i f e g) h) Wash several days to remove vector Re-implant Biopumps subcutaneously per desired dosing g i) Sustained local delivery for life of cells in Biopump (>6 months)
  2. 2. REPEAT BOLUS INJECTIONS vs. BIOPUMP The Biopump is designed to maintain blood protein levels (green area in graph) within the intended dose range (therapeutic window) by sustained protein production over a period of several months The number of Biopumps that are implanted in each patient is determined by the desired dose and the production output of each Biopump The Biopump has the potential to spare patients the side effects of overdose associated with frequent bolus injections and lack of efficacy when protein levels drop below the therapeutic window between injections (red line in graph) Addressing the needs of millions of patients with protein sales >$16 billion Anemia Hepatitis C Hemophilia Injected EPO Injected IFN-a Injected Factor VIII $9.6 billion (2009) $2.6 billion (2009) $4.0 billion (2009) Amgen, J&J, Roche Merck, Roche, GSK Baxter, Bayer,   Wyeth POTENTIAL CLINICAL & ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES OF THE BIOPUMPIncreased efficacy  Sustained dose within the therapeutic windowImproved safety  Uses the patient!s own protein; not produced in rodent cells The Biopump  Fewer side effects resulting from overdose/drug spikes therapeutic systemImproved patient compliance  Replaces frequent injections could change the  Reliable treatment; not dependent on patient involvement paradigm for theReduced costs  Eliminates need for an expensive protein manufacturing facility treatment of chronicReversible treatment diseases  Simple process to reverse (ablation) INVESTOR CONTACTS UPCOMING MILESTONES Andrew Pearlman, Ph.D. Medgenics, Inc.  EPODURE: Complete Phase I/II trial; seek IND for Phase +972-4-902-8900 IIb, other pre-trial preparations to be conducted for launch in renal anemia  INFRADURE: Prepare, launch and obtain initial data from the Eugene Bauer, M.D. Phase I/II trial in hepatitis C Medgenics, Inc.  HEMODURE: Improve FVIII production and delivery in mice, (415) 568-2246 towards levels sufficient for clinical studies in patients with hemophilia Anne Marie Fields  Partnering: Pursue strategic alliances for identified and Senior Vice President future indications Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates, Inc.  Core Technology: Further develop and refine the platform (212) 838-3777 technology The information contained in this summary was obtained from the management of Medgenics, Inc. and other sources Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates (LHA) believes to be reliable. It does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities of the company. LHA is Medgenics! investor relations firm. Except for the historical information contained in this summary, the matters discussed herein are forward-looking statements, the accuracy of which is subject to risks and uncertainties. Medgenics undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements. For additional information about Medgenics and its operations and related risks, please refer to the Companys SEC filings. July 2011