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International Fuel Technology (OTCBB: IFUE)


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International Fuel Technology (OTCBB: IFUE)

  1. 1. International Fuel Technology, Inc. Corporate Overview December 2010 1
  2. 2. Safe Harbor StatementThe information included in this presentation and statements made byor on behalf of the Company relating hereto may be forward-lookingwithin the meaning of the safe harbor clause of the Private SecuritiesLitigation Reform Act of 1995 including, but not limited to, statementsas to commercialization of the Company s products and businessdevelopment activities. Editors and investors are cautioned that suchforward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that maycause the Company s actual results to differ materially from suchforward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, butare not limited to, the Company s ability to generate revenues andother factors as described in the Company s literature and filings withthe Securities and Exchange Commission. 2
  3. 3. OverviewIFT is a technology company that has developed a number of proprietary,surfactant-based liquid fuel additive formulations that enhance the performanceof liquid hydrocarbon fuels and bio-fuels.Focus of IFT s commercialization efforts to date: DiesoLiFTTM 10•  Provides increased fuel economy, lubricity, detergency and reducedemissions to diesel fuel•  Enables bio-diesel fuel blends (up to B-20) to perform on par (same fueleconomy) with regular dieselDiesoLiFTTM 10 allows companies to boost productivity, enhance performanceand life of their equipment, increase profitability and reduce downtime. 3
  4. 4. Key Considerations•  Early Stages of Commercialization•  Operational Structure: –  Manufacturing: outsourced to Multisol France and Air Products –  Distribution: outsourced to worldwide network of prominent industry distribution partners•  Commercial Goal: the bulk sale (by the container) of IFT s additive technology to major end-users of diesel fuel: rail operators; road transport; and stationary power generation (distributors, additive companies, oil companies, direct)•  Potential Market: virtually every gallon of diesel and bio-diesel consumed in the world today is a potential market for IFT s fuel additive formulations 4
  5. 5. Global MarketAnnual Revenue Potential for DiesoLiFTTM 10: $14 billion Global Diesel Fuel Consumption (2005) Gallons Revenue Consumed Tons of Potential (000 s) DiesoLiFT (000 s) (1) North America 77,007,869 506,327 $ 3,037,960 Cent. & South America 26,131,951 171,818 1,030,905 Europe 97,723,445 642,532 3,855,190 Eurasia 13,747,209 90,388 542,327 Middle East 21,974,679 144,484 866,901 Africa 14,942,941 98,250 589,499 Asia & Oceana 103,060,194 677,621 4,065,725 Total 354,588,288 2,331,418 $ 13,988,508 Source: Energy Information Administration (1) Assumes a selling price of $6,000 per U.S. ton 5
  6. 6. Initial Markets - RailAnnual Revenue Potential for DiesoLiFTTM 10: ~  $280 million Rail  Consump-on  in  Target  Markets           Diesel  Consump-on                            Poten-al  Revenue  U.K.   ~  238  million  gallons    $                              9,520,000    Other  Europe   ~  819  million  gallons    $                          32,760,000    India     ~  528  million  gallons    $                          21,120,000    Brazil   ~  383  million  gallons    $                          15,320,000    U.S.     ~  5  billion  gallons    $                      200,000,000    Aggregate     ~  7  billion  gallons    $                      278,720,000     IFT has differentiated its technology and has an early mover advantage into these markets. * Assumes a selling price off $0.04 per additized gallon ($6,000 per US ton) 6
  7. 7. IFT s Technology•  IFT additive formulations are based on surfactant physical-chemistry, acomplex mixture of detergent substances that utilize in part naturally occurring,renewable fractions that meet OECD bio-degradability criteria.• Safe to handle; no harm to engine components and parts.• Easy to use - splash blending (typical treat ratio: 1 to 600).• Use of technology has no effect on fuel composition make up or standardspecification.• Multifunctional – fuel economy; reduced emissions; lubricity; detergency; waterco-solvency, fuel stability.• IFT is protected by patents and patent applications pertaining to numerousapplications of its technology. 7
  8. 8. How DiesoLiFTTM 10 Works•  When splash blended into a base fuel, DiesoLiFTTM 10 is fully and uniformly incorporated into the base fuel. The mixture forms into, and remains a stable solution.•  Unique surfactant molecules reduce fuel surface tension allowing for a finer spray pattern of the fuel / air mixture in the combustion chamber.•  Atomization facilitates a more complete and efficient combustion. Less fuel is needed for the same power output, reducing fuel consumption.•  More complete combustion => reduced emissions –  More carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates are burnt –  Less fuel burnt per unit of work => less greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and NOx) 8
  9. 9. Additional Benefits•  Additive formulations adsorb to the internal surfaces of the fuel system –  Form a monolayer of protection against corrosion –  Optimize fuel flow through the fuel system•  Inherent chemical properties: –  Improve fuel lubricity –  Act as a detergent in the fuel system –  Co-solve free water in the fuel system•  Reduced maintenance costs 9
  10. 10. Higher Diesel Prices Drive ROI Diesel Fuel Prices 3.5 3 $ Dollars 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Jun-95 Jun-00 Jun-05 Jun-10 Diesel Fuel Prices 1.12 1.42 2.23 2.95D-10 Savings (5%) 0.06 0.07 0.11 0.15D-10 Cost 0.04 0.04 0.04 0.04ROI Per Gallon 0.02 0.03 0.07 0.11ROI to User (%) 40% 78% 179% 269% D-10 means DiesoLiFT™ 10 10
  11. 11. Proven and Commercially Viable 11
  12. 12. Lab Test and Field Demonstrations•  DiesoLiFTTM 10 has been tested at independent test laboratories and has consistently demonstrated the ability to increase fuel economy, in the range of 3% to 6%: –  U.S.: Southwest Research Institute and Motive Power; –  U.K.: mi Technology (Interfleet) and Prodrive; –  Canada: the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada; –  South Africa: Gerotek Test Facilities; and –  China: Tsinghua University.•  Field demonstrations utilizing DiesoLiFTTM 10 have validated lab test results: –  Rail operators –  Truck and bus fleet operators –  Power generation operator 12
  13. 13. Passenger Rail: The Interfleet Test•  Between 2006 and 2010, Interfleet Technology coordinated a series of five trials testing the effect of using DiesoLiFTTM 10 on light rail engines (diesel multiple units, or DMUs). Three different engine types were used ensuring a good representation of the current passenger fleet in the U.K.•  In each of the first four test bed trials a positive effect in either increased power or reduced fuel consumption (or both) was achieved.•  In two of the test bed trials, reductions in fuel consumption of 6.9% and 5.9% were achieved.•  In three trials, a power increase ranging from 2% to 3.5% was achieved.•  In addition, particulate matter emissions were significantly reduced in each of the four test bed trials. 13
  14. 14. Interfleet Test•  The fifth trial consisted of a large in-service demonstration between August 2009 and January 2010: Significant improvement in fuel consumption rates of 4.4% after the additive was included into fuel mix despite unfavorable weather conditions, and despite the fact that only 72% of the fuel was additized. (Interfleet April 2010) The DiesoLiFTTM 10 fuel additive technology has been rigorously and independently scrutinized in both industry standard test bed procedures and within a major in-service field trial. The additive is simple to apply, has demonstrated consistent fuel economy improvements and hence reduced fuel costs. (Interfleet April 2010) 14
  15. 15. Bio-Diesel Application•  Use of DiesoLiFTTM 10 enables bio-diesel blends (up to B-20) to enter the market on par with regular diesel.•  Rail engine test at mi Technology in the U.K. demonstrated that a B-20 (rapeseed) additized with DiesoLiFTTM 10 was able able to recoup the approximate 4% loss in fuel economy when compared to regular diesel.•  Another proprietary IFT additive formulation, DiesoLiFTTM BD-series, provides superior oxidation stability, deposit formation control and long-term storage stability to bio-diesel of varying type (B-5, B-10…..B-100) and all underlying sources (soybean, jatropha, rapeseed, recycled fried oil, etc.). 15
  16. 16. Marketing and Sales 16
  17. 17. Marketing and Sales•  Commercial Goal: bulk sale of DiesoLiFTTM 10 to major end-users of diesel fuel: rail operators; road transport fleets; and stationary power generation•  Strategy: -  Partner with prominent fuel additive distribution companies with existing customers and distribution channels -  Direct sales to major oil companies -  Direct sales to end-users•  IFT Distribution Partners: -  Multisol: France; Spain; Portugal; and Belgium -  Nordmann Rassmann: Germany; Austria; Central and Eastern Europe; Scandinavia; and Switzerland -  Caldic: U.K. -  Tide Water Oil Company: India -  Next Group: Brazil 17
  18. 18. Summary of Key Commercial Developments•  East Midlands Trains (U.K.) – successful field demonstration led to purchase of DiesoLiFT™10 for use in entire 89 unit light rail operation.•  Other ATOC (U.K.) Operators – continued positive results from East Midlands should lead to purchases of DiesoLiFT™10.•  European Rail Operators – ongoing commercial discussions.•  U.S. Road Transport – distribution fleets have been successfully using DiesoLiFT™10 since 2002•  India – Distributor Tide Water recently purchased its third container of DiesoLiFT™ 10. Two large oil companies concluding extensive evaluations.•  Brazil – Two large Brazilian private companies evaluating DiesoLiFT™10.•  China – Swire Beverages, a major Coca-Cola franchisee, now purchasing and evaluating DiesoLiFT™10 in 8 distribution depots. 18
  19. 19. Competition DiesoLiFTTM 10•  Hundreds of fuel additive companies claim fuel economy improvement•  Top line additive companies offer separately specific benefits: e.g. detergency, lubricity, cetane no. improvement, anti-gel•  The cumulative effect of these benefits may improve fuel economy•  However, IFT s DiesoLiFTTM 10 is the only combustion enhancing technology that has extensively/consistently demonstrated fuel efficiency improvement 19
  20. 20. Key Financial Data And Summary 20
  21. 21. Financial Data (data as of September 30, 2010, except share price)Share  Price  (as  of  December  13,  2010)    $                                  0.20  Shares  Out                101,322,284  Op-ons  Out                    17,223,920  Warrants  Out                          4,325,000  Fully  Dil.                122,871,204  Market  Cap    $            20,264,457  Mkt  Cp  FD    $            24,574,241  Enterprise  Value    $            23,360,396  Cash      $                1,213,845  Cash  Per  share    $                                  0.01  Debt      $                                          -­‐        AR      $                          90,489  AP      $                      160,112  Current  Assets    $                1,460,454  Current  Liabili-es    $                3,384,850   21
  22. 22. IFT Management•  Jonathan Burst, Chairman & CEO – Has served as CEO since July 1999 and Chairman since 2000. Mr. Burst served as Executive Vice President and Managing Director of mergers and acquisitions at Aon Risk Services and later founded Burcor International, an insurance brokerage firm in 1998, and has served as President since its inception. Mr. Burst has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Missouri.•  Stuart Beath, Chief Financial Officer - Experienced in corporate finance, investment banking, equity and debt transactions, previously with Stifel, Nicolaus & Co and AG Edwards & Sons. Mr. Beath has a BA Psychology, Williams College, and an MBA, Finance, University of Virginia.•  Dr. Sergio C. Trindade , Director, Science & Technology – A globally recognized expert in fuels and sustainable energy, Dr. Trindade served as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Science and Technology for 5 years and is a consultant to the UN, World Bank and many private/public organizations on energy and environmental and technology issues. Dr. Trindade is a co-laureate of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize as part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC. PhD, Chemical Engineering, MIT. 22
  23. 23. IFT Management•  Gary Kirk, Director, Sales and Marketing Communications – Previously served over two decades as research chemist and business development executive for Petrochem Carless. His extensive knowledge of the additives industry has opened several major global markets to IFT products. BS, Physical Sciences, Ipswich University.•  Axel Farhi, Director, Global Business Development – Served as VP of Operations for Gulf Oil Intl in London supervising retail and lubricants operations in over 60 countries. BS, Chemical Engineering Strasbourg University, France.•  Thomas M. Powell, Treasurer - Previously in accounting management roles at Deloitte, Ameren and CitiMortgage. BSBA Accounting, Saint Louis University. 23
  24. 24. Summary•  IFT has the top performing fuel additive technology in the world today for fuel economy improvement, DiesoLiFTTM 10.•  IFT has emerged from independent testing phase and is in the early stages of commercializing its technology in key growth markets.•  Distribution and outsourced manufacturing model creates operating leverage.•  In addition to improving fuel economy in diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends, IFT s multi-functional fuel additive formulations: reduce harmful emissions; increase fuel lubricity; reduce foaming; increase detergency; are bio- degradable; and reduce maintenance costs.•  Virtually every gallon of diesel and bio-diesel fuel consumed in the world today is a potential market for IFT products. 24
  25. 25. For more information contact Company: Stuart Beath (p) 314-863-3000 x417 (e) Investor Relations: Todd M. Pitcher Aspire Clean Tech Communications (p) 760-798-4938 (e) 25