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ARM Parkinsons


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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ARM Parkinsons

  1. 1. Alliance for Regenerative Medicine - Disease SpotlightDisease Facts:Description:+ Causes neuron cellsthat generate dopamine Parkinson’s Diseaseto die, resulting in + An Aging Population, Leading to Increased Disease Incidencemuscle tremors, lost Parkinson’s disease is a pro- There is currently no cure formobility, and speech gressive neurodegenerative Parkinson’s and treatmentschanges disease that afflicts more than are limited to managingPatients: symptoms rather than 1 million people in the United+ 1 million patients in US, States, with over 60,000 new addressing the underlying60,000 new cases a year cases being diagnosed each cause of the disease. Unfor-Cause: tunately, many patients year. Parkinson’s causes the+ Unknown, but genetics become resistant to currently nerve cells that generateand environment may dopamine to degenerate and available therapies, andplay a role die, leaving patients with experience a dramaticallyProgression: deteriorating quality of life limited muscle control. The+ Tend to worsen as over time. average onset for Parkinson’sdisease progressesCurrent Cost of Care: disease is around 50 years of Regenerative medicine tech-+ $2,500/year for age, although early onset nologies have the potential tomedication alone cases do occur. Patients shift this treatment paradigm suffer with numerous side ple factors that could slowRM and Parkinson’s by using living cells to repair effects that have a strong and deterioration or help repairDisease: or replace damaged or dying continued impact on their damage. The first results from+ 3 clinical trials ongoing neurons, dramatically quality of life. These include the most advanced clinicalor completed using stem reducing the impact of the uncontrollable muscle trials should be available incells for treatment or to disease. Researchers are tremors and twitching, loss of December 2011.create disease models working with several types of facial expression, poor cells to develop safer and Regenerative medicine is the+ Programs are investigat- balance, trouble swallowing,ing the use of neural stem more effective therapies for most promising opportunity pain, and loss of movement Parkinson’s. These include for curing or dramaticallycells, mesenchymal cells, control. The disease is not autologous mesenchymal reducing the impact ofor bone marrow derived lethal and patients can live cells, multipotent progenitor Parkinson’s and other chronicmultipotent stem cells torepair, regenerate or with it for over 20 years, cells derived from the patient diseases. With the populationreplace damaged or although the burden on or a qualified healthy donor, aging and the incidence ofinjured neurons patients and their families is and oligodendrocyte Parkinson’s disease significant. Furthermore, progenitor cells. In some anticipated to rise, Parkinson’s carries a total cases, researchers aim to regenerative medicine can economic cost of over $25 replace lost dopamine- play an important role in The Alliance for billion annually, which reflects creating cells by replacing reducing healthcare costs, Regenerative Medicine enormous per patient cost them with neural stem cells or maintaining a healthy society (ARM) was formed to including significant costs provide regenerative support and preserving a high quality advance regenerative associated with care giving. from cells that express multi- of life for the elderly.medicine by representing and supporting the community of + Regenerative Medicine—In Brief companies, academic research institutions, What is regenerative medicine? tissue and renew biologic products addressing many morepatient advocacy groups, Regenerative medicine (RM) is a function in the body is what conditions advancing in clinical foundations, and other rapidly evolving interdisciplinary distinguishes RM from other trials. RM holds the promise of field in health care that trans- types of treatments and brings treating a broad range of dis-organizations before the lates fundamental knowledge in new hope for dramatically eases that collectively represent Congress, federal improving clinical outcomes and a substantial burden to our biology, chemistry and physicsagencies and the general into materials, devices, systems curing disease. healthcare system, including public. and therapeutic strategies, acute and chronic conditions What diseases can RM treat? For more information, including cell-based therapies, such as diabetes, congestive RM products are currently on please visit us online at: which augment, repair, replace the market for the treatment of heart failure, Parkinson’s or regenerate organs and wounds, cartilage defects, and disease, stroke, renal disease, tissues. The ability to repair diabetic foot ulcers, with spinal cord injury, and ALS.