ARM Diabetes


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ARM Diabetes

  1. 1. Alliance for Regenerative Medicine - Disease SpotlightDisease Facts:Description:+ Impaired insulin- Diabetesproducing cells in the + A Chronic, Costly Diseasepancreas cause adangerous build up of Type 1 diabetes mellitus, also injected to be effective, and allowing the body to retain some of known as insulin-dependent or patients often have to take 2-4 its ability to produce insulin andglucose in the juvenile diabetes, is an autoimmune insulin injections per day using regulate glucose. These approachesbloodstream disorder in which the immune different types of insulin depending include using infusions of cells from system attacks and destroys the on their current blood glucose a patient’s own umbilical cordPatients: insulin-producing beta cells in the levels. Insulin therapy and constant blood—which contains restorative+ 23 million Americans pancreas. This leaves little or no monitoring is time-consuming, stem cells—to preserve beta cell(Types 1 and 2) insulin to transport glucose to cells, costly, and painful to many function in children with Type 1+ Patient population leading to a dangerous buildup of patients. Some Type 2 patients also diabetes. Another therapy focusesforecasted to increase by glucose in the bloodstream. Type 2 rely on insulin therapy, but the on infusing patients with donated diabetes is caused by cells condition can mostly be managed mesenchymal stem cells20 million by 2034 becoming resistant to the action of with other diabetes medications, (multipotent cells extracted from insulin. Over time, the pancreas healthy eating, and exercise. Health connective tissue) to protect insulinEconomic Cost: becomes unable to make enough care costs for people suffering producing beta cells from rejection+ $174 billion in direct and insulin and glucose accumulates in from diabetes are 2-3 times higher by the immune system. There is alsoindirect costs to US the bloodstream in the same than for people without the promising early stage researcheconomy in 2007 manner as Type 1 diabetes. This disease. As of 2007, the total focused on regenerating beta cells+ 1 in 1o healthcare results in a chronic condition that disease burden for diabetes entirely as a long-term cure to thedollars can be attributed requires constant monitoring and exceeded $174 billion in the United diabetes creates dangerous and debilitating States alone. Additionally, the secondary conditions. Long-term In addition to these significant number of Americans afflicted with complications include increased risk steps toward permanently treatingRM and Diabetes: diabetes is forecasted to increase of cardiovascular problems such as diabetes, there are also+ 6 companies with active from 24 million to 44 million by coronary artery disease, heart regenerative medicine therapies 2034. This growth in the patientdiabetes programs attack and stroke. Other currently on the market to treat population is expected to increase complications include nerve DFUs, a very common and serious direct economic costs to $336+ 6 non-academic clinical damage in the limbs, kidney failure, co-morbidity of diabetes. Some of billion by 2034, including sizabletrials ongoing or blindness, and nerve damage in the the most promising advanced projected increases in diabetes- feet and legs that can cause treatments are bioengineered livingcompleted focusing on use related spending by Medicare. diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) which, if skin equivalents, which areof mesenchymal, There are currently 24 clinical trials produced by two Alliance memberhematopoietic, embryonic, not treated properly, can lead to amputation. focusing on the use of stem cell companies (Advanced BioHealingor adipose-derived cells technologies for treating both Type and Organogenesis), and can assist Over 23 million Americans suffer 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Some of the in restoring damaged tissue and+ 14 clinical trials from diabetes – with 90% of the most innovative research is being support the bodys healing patient population being afflicted funded by the Juvenile Diabetes process. With the serious risks ofsponsored by academic with Type 2, also known as adult Research Foundation (JDRF), a diabetes and alarming forecasts ofinstitutions onset diabetes. This number is member of the Alliance. JDRF is increasing incidence, utilizing these expected to increase due to a rise in working with groups including approved therapies — and fostering obesity and as well as other factors. Viacyte, Osiris Therapeutics, those still in development — will be Current treatments for Type 1 researchers at the University of key to controlling costs and diabetes include constant Florida, and the National Institutes combating this widespread and monitoring of blood glucose levels of Health to develop new therapies dangerous disease. The Alliance for and insulin therapy. Insulin must be to preserve beta cell function, Regenerative Medicine (ARM) was formed to advance regenerative + Regenerative Medicine—In Brief medicine by representing What is regenerative medicine? tissue and renew biologic products addressing many more and supporting the community of companies, Regenerative medicine (RM) is a function in the body is what conditions advancing in clinical academic research rapidly evolving interdisciplinary distinguishes RM from other trials. RM holds the promise of institutions, patient field in health care that trans- types of treatments and brings treating a broad range of dis- advocacy groups, lates fundamental knowledge in new hope for dramatically eases that collectively represent foundations, and other biology, chemistry and physics improving clinical outcomes and a substantial burden to our organizations before the into materials, devices, systems curing disease. healthcare system, including Congress, federal agencies and therapeutic strategies, What diseases can RM treat? acute and chronic conditions and the general public. including cell-based therapies, such as diabetes, congestive RM products are currently on which augment, repair, replace heart failure, Parkinson’s the market for the treatment of For more information, or regenerate organs and disease, stroke, renal disease, wounds, cartilage defects, and please visit us online at: tissues. The ability to repair spinal cord injury, and ALS. diabetic foot ulcers, with