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Discover Arabia - UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & the Arabian Gulf


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Arabian Gulf countries destination product reference guide for Travel Industry Professionals worldwide and like-minded travellers.

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Discover Arabia - UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait & the Arabian Gulf

  1. 1. UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar & Kuwait What We Offer Our Products Our Pledge A Total Destination Management Solution Hotels & Resorts, Receptive Services, MICE, Group Travel & More… Peace of mind for Travel Partners
  2. 2. Ahlan Wah Sahlan! EET Destination Management is a leading travel company with vast experience in receptive tourism, tour operations and MICE industry in the UAE, Oman and the Arabian Gulf states. Wholly-owned by ART Tour, an award-winning Russian tour operator and pioneers in luxury travel, EET is a team of dedicated professionals experienced in handling visitors to this region for more than 20 years. Our guiding philosophy remains true to the core values and the vision of our parent company, thus our partners receive a fruitful collaboration with a professionally-run company that delivers what it promises. Priyantha Amarasinghe General Manager EET Destination Management EET team is a creative and professional unit with a desire for long term relationships with their partners. We have the know-how and a network of suppliers throughout the region to support our partners under one roof. Our services include: • Over 500 hotels in the region with especially contracted net rates for wholesale tour operators. • Uniformed Welcome service at all airports/ports/border points, hotel representations, sightseeing tours and excursions • Experienced team of multi-lingual Reservations Executives and Tour consultants to prepare offers and provide instant confirmation of bookings via “ Columbus” our own automated reservations system • Brand new and State-of-the-Art fleet of luxury vehicles with a team of trained and uniformed drivers • In-house online immigration system directly connected with govt departments to issue tourist visas at short notice • Welcome information kits for all visitors in multiple languages • High quality multi-lingual sightseeing/excursions programs highlighting a combination of modern developments in the region, tourist attractions, history, the traditional Arabian culture and heritage • MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Event) planning for Arabia. EET Executives offer free, with no-obligation program proposals and ideas for incentive itineraries and team building activities • Design Special Interest Tours covering a wide array of themes including educational, cultural, historical, ethnological and geographical tourism interests of our clients. Dmitry & Anait Arutyunov Directors of EET Destination Management & ART Tour This publication outlines only a sample selection of tour and hotel products we offer. Should you not find the right product you are looking for, do not give up. Feel free to drop us an email on and let us know. Our resources and contacts are so diverse, and there is nothing we cannot source for your exacting needs. EET Hotel Partners 2
  3. 3. index Introduction........................................................................................................................2 Map of Arabia & The Middle East............................................................................4 United Arab Emirates.....................................................................................................5 UAE – Things to do & see........................................................................................6-7 Top 10 Reasons to book with EET......................................................................8-9 Dubai Introduction.......................................................................................................10 MICE – Incentives & Team Building.............................................................11-13 Golfing – UAE..........................................................................................................14-15 Arabian Heritage Experience..........................................................................16-17 UAE & Oman – Cruise Ship Hub in the Arabian Gulf..................................18 Luxury Safaris with a difference...........................................................................19 Dubai Hotels – Palm Jumeirah.......................................................................20-28 Dubai Hotels – Jumeirah...................................................................................29-39 Dubai Hotels – Jebel Ali.....................................................................................40-41 Dubai Hotels – Jumeirah Beach Residence.............................................42-44 Dubai Hotels – New Downtown.....................................................................45-49 Dubai Hotels – Dubai Marina.................................................................................50 Dubai Hotels – City.............................................................................................51 -60 Dubai Hotels – Desert Resorts......................................................................61 -62 Abu Dhabi Introduction.............................................................................................63 Abu Dhabi – Attractions............................................................................................64 Abu Dhabi Hotels – Beach Resorts...............................................................65-68 Abu Dhabi – Sir Bani Yas Island.............................................................................69 Abu Dhabi Hotels – City............................................................................................70 Abu Dhabi Hotels – Desert Resorts............................................................71-72 Sharjah Introduction............................................................................................73-74 Sharjah Hotels – Beach Resorts.....................................................................75-76 Ajman Hotels – Beach Resorts........................................................................77-78 Ras Al Khaimah Introduction..................................................................................79 Ras Al Khaimah Hotels – Beach & Desert Resorts................................80-84 Fujairah Hotels – Beach Resorts....................................................................85-86 Sultanate of Oman – Introduction........................................................................87 Sultanate of Oman – Excursions & Tours..................................................88-90 Muscat Hotels – Beach Resorts......................................................................91-93 Musandam Hotels – Beach Resorts.....................................................................94 Salalah Hotels – Beach Resorts.............................................................................95 Muscat Hotels – City...................................................................................................96 Destinations – Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia...............................97 Discover Arabia Tours.........................................................................................98-99 Hotel Type Key Hotel Ratings Family Friendly Kids Club City Hotel Group Friendly MICE Venue Desert Resort Romantic Getaway EET Best Seller Deluxe World Class Luxury Hotels or 5-star rated Hotels and resorts offering an excellent accommodation, extensive range of F&B options and amenities supported by excellent service. First Class Well appointed accommodation, a good range of facilities/amenities and a high standard of service level. Superior Tourist Beach Resort Good tourist class standard accommodation with a reasonable range of facilities and services. Ratings are purely for reference purpose only and are combined with EET’s own interpretation and official ratings. 3
  4. 4. Map of Arabia & Middle East ,Konya TURKEY Icel (Mersin) *Adana • Gaziantep ▪ ( Aleppo Latakia Rash Zanjan Qazvin. Mosul 'Arbil Mashdad LEBANON * *Damaskus ISRAEL Tel AvivBa... Yafo * Amma Jerusal ,Qom Kermanshah • Arak. Baghdad Esfahan . IRAQ Kerman. An Nasiriyah. Abadan Al Basrah. Al 'Aqaba * Kuwait •Tabuk . Hafar al Batin „Hall Gulf of Aqaba Medina Yanbu al Bahr Halalb Zahedan• ,Shiraz Bandar-e Bushehr Bandar 'Abbas Persian AI Jubayl. Guif Ad Damman • _,BAHRAIN Dharman • T QAT AR •Buraydah * Doha *Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA Abu ,Dubai Dhabid gB UNITED ENIRATES Gulf of Oman Muscat MIL OMAN Red Port Sudan IRAN Ahvaz • (JORDAN . *Tehran • Kirkuk • SYRIA Hims Beirut ,Tabriz •Diyarbakir Van Goiania® Sea ,Abha SUDAN Al Ghaydahr Kassala, ERITREA ,Massawa Asmara* imo Sanaa * YEMEN Al Hudaydah Al Mukalla , Ta'izz Aden, DJIBOUTI Djibouti Dese • Berbera Addis Ababa * Dire° Dawa ETHIOPIA 4 • Hargeysa SOMALIA Arabian Sea
  5. 5. United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a constitutional federation of seven emirates. Formally established in December 1971, following an agreement between rulers of the seven emirates or sheikdoms to form a union, these emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah (which joined the union in early 1972), and Fujairah. The UAE occupies an area of 83,600 sq. km. along the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar lies to the west, Saudi Arabia to the south and west, and Oman to the north and east. Four-fifths of the UAE is desert, yet it is a country of contrasting landscapes, from awe-inspiring dunes to rich oases, precipitous rocky mountains to fertile plains. The United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing tourist destinations, has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday, sun, sand, sea, sports, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture, and a safe and welcoming environment. The capital and the largest city of the federation, Abu Dhabi, is located in the emirate of the same name and is the seat of federal government. Neighbouring Dubai is considered the country’s commercial capital. Sharjah is acknowledged as the country’s cultural capital with its numerous museums and heritage sites. Ajman, which lies next to Sharjah, is the smallest emirate in terms of geographical territory, while Umm Al Quwain is situated between Sharjah to the southeast and Ras Al Khaimah to the northeast, along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. Unlike the other emirates, Fujairah is nestled by rough mountains (Hajar) and a 90 kilometre coastline (Gulf of Oman). Ras Al Khaimah, on the other hand, is endowed with scenic coasts, mountains, archaeological sites and agricultural lands. Endowed with rich natural resources, UAE’s economy is dominated by oil exports although a growing diversification in the country’s economy has been evident in recent years. It has about 8% of the world’s proven oil reserves and hosts the fifth largest natural gas reserves in the world. The country’s impressive economic prosperity, coupled with a liberal business and social environment, ensures that people from nearly every country in the world will continue to come here to live, work and play. As per UAE’s official website, the population was 7.2 million at the end of 2011 and is estimated to reach 7.6 million in 2012. Of this, roughly 20 percent are estimated to be Emirati nationals with the rest accounted for mostly by Asian, African and European nationals. The emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai comprise over two-thirds (67%) of the country’s total population. The population ratio is also significantly skewed towards the urban zones, which host 82% of the country’s residents. 5
  6. 6. UAE - Things to Do & See “A hundred and one things to do’ could indeed be an apt expression when you are in the UAE! This incredible destination offers myriad things to do for all types of travellers. You could be discovering ship wrecks in the ocean, riding up the world’s tallest tower, attending a pop diva’s concert, trying your skills at belly and salsa dancing, or going to the theater, feasting on an mouth-watering Arabic buffet in the desert, ride camels or go swimming with the dolphins, a dinner cruise on an Arabian dhow, go quad biking or dune bashing in the desert, exploring the nature and heritage sites, shopping, setting up a business, or even skiing – yes, in the desert! – are just some of the things you can do. The list is endless. We have used this section to highlight some of the unique activities our specialists can help you plan and incorporate into your UAE itinerary. Whether you are stopping over on a transit, planning an escape from the everyday grind, or wondering how to make the most of a relaxing holiday, we can help you plan and make it memorable. You will cherish and remember your visit, long after it is over. Our tours and services include bespoke options to suit your requirements based on the type of activity, time or date, choice of transportation and all other arrangements, which means you will never have to look at the clock or the calendar with anxiety. All we want is for you to enjoy every moment - from the minute you land in the UAE, until it is time to bid goodbye. A Choice of UAE Sightseeing, safaris & Experiences • Half and Full day Tours of Modern & Old Dubai • Yacht & Catamaran charters • At the Top Burj Khalifa • Ferrari World & Waterworld theme parks • Desert safaris – Sundowners, Nature Discovery, Overnight camping & Adventure • Desert Resorts Experience • Dhow Cruising • Camel & Horse Racing Tours • Aquatic theme parks • Empty Quarter Safaris – Liwa Desert • Dolphin Encounters & Scuba Diving • Dining Experiences • Sea Plane sightseeing flights over UAE • Pearl Diving & Museum Tours • Hot Air Balloon Flights • Northern Emirates of Ajman, Umm Al Quwain & Ras Al Khaimah • Ski Dubai • Sharjah Heritage, Arts & Culture Tours • Mountains & Wadi Explorations • East Coast of UAE • Capital Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi • Garden City of Al Ain • Helicopter Flights Contact 6 • Bedouin Heritage Tours to request detailed tour descriptions or order bookings.
  7. 7. Explore UAE’s Cultural Heritage Are you a history or culture buff? Why not book an experienced tour guide for a Heritage walk and travel back in time to enjoy the atmosphere of one of the oldest traditional Emirati neighbourhoods in Dubai. Your walk includes exploring the area on foot through the unique narrow sikkas and beautiful wind towers that adorn the original residences along the Dubai’s historic district along the Creek. A Meal with an Emirati Heritage Walk Tours (60 or 90 minutes) A walk through the historic district and a visit to the Diwan Mosque. Guests then return to a local house for a cultural discovery Q&A session and will be treated to Arabic tea, coffee and dates. Tours are held every Saturday. 60 minutes tours do not include a visit to the mosque and are held every Sunday through Thursday. Join us for a traditional Emirati breakfast or lunch at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in the ambience of our Bastakiya house, a typical wind tower house in one of the oldest Emirati neighbourhoods in Bur Dubai. Enjoy a meal with local flair while chatting with an Emirati host about UAE culture, customs and religion. Jumeirah Mosque Tour (75 minutes) Creekside Tour (120 minutes) A walk through the historic district and a visit to the Diwan Mosque and Textile Souq. Guests then board an abra boat, and journey across Dubai Creek to Deira to visit the Gold Souk and Spice Souk. Guests then return to the local house for a cultural discovery Q&A session and will be treated to Arabic tea, coffee and dates. This tour requires minimum 5 persons and booked on special request only. The beautiful Jumeirah Mosque has become renowned as the focal point of visitors as it is the only mosque in Dubai which is open to the public and dedicated to receiving non-Muslim guests. Come and join a unique opportunity to learn about Emirati culture and religion in a relaxed, casual and open atmosphere at this landmark mosque. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding hosts visits of the Grand Jumeirah Mosque 6 days a week Saturday through Thursday at 10:00am. Modest dress is preferred, however traditional attire can be borrowed from the Mosque. Acknowledgement: These tours are hosted by The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). SMCCU was established under the patronage of His Highness the Vice President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1998. Located in a traditional Wind Tower House in the heart of the historic Al Fahidi District in Bur Dubai, the centre offers a range of enrichment activities through its award winning programmes. Operating under the centre’s philosophy and motto “ Open Doors. Open Minds.” the SMCCU strives to raise awareness and demystify the local culture, customs and religion of the United Arab Emirates. With an overall objective to improve cross-cultural understanding and communication between locals and guests, visiting and residing across the UAE, we invite you to learn more about the local culture in Dubai. Our special thanks to SMCCU for this wonderful initiative. Best Idea for Your Dubai Stay! Join these tours with a combined stay at one of the Arabian style traditional guest houses. See Pages 16-17 7
  8. 8. Top 10 Reasons to book with EET GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP 1 Wherever you are and whatever your travel needs, we’re there for you giving you peace of mind and guaranteed service. FLEXIBILITY & EXCLUSIVE PRICING 3 Our network of partnerships with hundreds of suppliers give you flexible options, access to the most competitive and up to date information and pricing for any product. DEDICIATED AND KNOWLEGABLE TEAM 5 Our people are the biggest asset. They’re hands-on professionals, carefully nurtured and trained to appreciate our core values and good work ethics. They place an emphasis on customer service a priority above everything else. CREATIVE IDEAS AND CONSTANT INNOVATION 7 We are a creative and professional unit always yearning to offer memorable value for money vacations and unique experiences. ATTENTION TO DETAIL 9 When our clients arrive for vacations, we ensure that even the smallest of details are looked into and taken care of. We pay attention to detail when planning and preparing itineraries. 8 REPUTATION BUILT ON QUALITY & TRUST 2 For more than 20 years we have built a reputation to safeguard the interests and trust with our industry partners and the clients alike, ensuring a high quality service. ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS 4 Make all your enquiries/bookings for the Arabian Gulf region through one source, one contact that saves you time and money. STATE OF THE ART FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT 6 We offer finest quality and latest model luxury vehicles to ensure maximum enjoyment, ultimate comfort and safety for our clients. KNOW-HOW OF THE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE 8 In the receptive business in the region for more than 20 years! Our team brings over 100 years of cumulative experience working with the local and international tourist markets. SERVICE WITH A SMILE 10 We enjoy what we do. And, we pass this happy culture to our clients when they visit us and help them take home happy memories and come back for more…
  9. 9. Taking Care of Your Business For our entire team at EET, taking care of your business is our business. That’s all we do. And, we try hard and do the extra mile to ensure that your clients get to explore the very essence of travel to Arabia, take home wonderful memories and come back for more. Look what some of our past travelers had to say about our work…. We were welcomed by a friendly representative who presented us with a lovely welcome kit and plenty of suggestions and clear information about do’s don’t’s. The drivers and guides on our holiday were exceptional and professional. Hotels we stayed in Dubai were excellent. A.R. from Moscow Russia My travel agent contacted EET for my travel itinerary in the Arabian Gulf. EET’s itinerary visiting UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, not only offered exactly what I had in mind but offered wonderful suggestions that I never thought possible. Once booked, everything including visa arrangements for all countries worked clockwise – all hotels were first class and drivers/guides in every country were extremely knowledgeable. My wife and I had a long list for shopping in Dubai. We asked an EET guide to help us find the shops. She had the most up to date list with all relevant information and tips. We did our shopping without wasting time and had plenty of time to see Dubai’s modern’s marvels. Thank you for the wonderful service S.W. from Toronto, Canada H. T. from New Delhi, India • Always standby our travel partners, giving you peace of mind • Providing you with what we promise and strive for more • Safety first, on time and in comfort • Always prepared and ready to serve • You can always reach us. Available 24/7 • Book and arrive with confidence 9
  10. 10. DUBAI - The Crown Jewel of the Arabian Gulf Dubai is a unique place that is both a dynamic business centre and a tourist paradise, offering more attractions, shopping, fine dining and quality hotels. From the timeless tranquility of the desert to the lively bustle of the souks, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors. In a single day, the visitor can experience everything from rugged mountains and awe-inspiring sand dunes to sandy beaches and lush green parks, from dusty villages to luxurious residential districts and from ancient houses with wind towers to ultra-modern shopping malls. Situated halfway between Europe and Asia, few destinations take more than 8 hours direct flying time to or from Dubai. Dubai offers a range of hotels to suit every taste, whim and budget! From the glitzy, opulent and of the most expensive and only seven star hotel in the world all the way through to the very affordable. Then there are the resorts in the desert where tourists can experience unmatched peace and tranquility. Dubai is ranked the world’s second most popular destination for shopping after the United States and ahead of popular destinations like Singapore, France, UK, and Hong Kong among others. With a long history as a trading hub, today Dubai is synonymous with shopping. From souk to shopping mall, Dubai has it all - duty free, gold, electronics, textiles, cars - and is a true shopper’s paradise. Perfect for the shop-o-holics and for retail therapy! Dubai has established itself as a major destination for an eclectic array of local and international events and earned its reputation as the sporting capital of the Middle East. Throughout the year, Dubai hosts a range of popular annual sporting activities, dazzling entertainment attractions, as well as conferences and exhibitions. Dubai has a lively nightlife. Hotel bars range from sophisticated cocktail lounges to typically informal British and Irish pubs and Western-style lounges. Most of them serve food and many feature pianists, 10 guitarists, duos and bands nightly. After-dinner revelers can enjoy the latest sounds in a number of hotel nightclubs, each with its own ambience. Although the early history of Dubai is not very well documented, archaeological discoveries suggest that, as long as 4000 years ago small fishing communities lived along the coast of the Arabian Gulf on the site of modern Dubai. In recent years, archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of artifacts that point to civilized settlements dating back to the third millennium B.C. These historic findings have been carefully preserved and the artifacts are now permanently housed in the archaeological section of Dubai Museum. Dotted around Dubai are a number of historic buildings and sites that offer a glimpse of a bygone era such as the Al Fahidi Fort, Sheikh Saeed’s House, and the Bastakiya.
  11. 11. MICE - INCENTIVES & TEAM BUILDING EET is a leading MICE provider in the Arabian Gulf and we are specialized in the sourcing, planning and delivery of incentive travel programs, management of conferences, events, sports events and DMC services. Our customers are governmental entities, corporate companies, incentive houses, associations, PCOs and sports event agencies. We have international experience, are intimately familiar with the UAE and the region and possess the contacts, resources and local influence to accomplish your goals, while providing your guests with an exceptional experience. To service a client excellently, means to be aware of their surroundings, understand their business, and understand their culture. With our MICE team we have the knowledge and the expertise to accomplish all three. Whether you’re planning a day-long meeting, a week-long incentive itinerary for 100, or something in between, our experienced planners are eager to provide you with all of the guidance and support necessary to develop and execute a seamless event. Our one-stop conference and event planning service has a reputation for producing amazing events tailored to the unique needs of each client. Here is a sampling of a long list of ideas for Incentives and Team Building Activities. • Desert Adventures • Team Building in the Desert – Scavenger Hunts • Camel Polo • Amazing Race • Sporting Activities – Golf, Beach Volleyball, • Falconry Beach Olympics • Hot Air Balloon adventures • Beyond the Borders • Desert Dune Buggy Racing • Treasure Hunts • Sky diving • Shopping safari • Desert runs and Marathons • Dine-a-round programs • Desert Treks on camel • Rub & Wrap Culture • Sand Boarding • In search of Black Gold • Canoeing and Kayaking • Desert Conventions • Kite surfing • Bedouin Traditions • Rub Al Khali “ Empty Quarter” Desert Adventures • Nature Trail Discoveries • Musandam Peninsula fjords cruising • Pearl Diving • Corporate Golf tournaments • Dhow Cruising Looking for more details on these unique ideas and RFP for your upcoming incentive project? Drop us a line on for a prompt, free and no-obligation proposal from one of our dedicated Project Managers. 11
  12. 12. MICE - INCENTIVES & TEAM BUILDING 5-day Dubai Incentive Itinerary - For Senior Managers/Executives Day 1 • Arrival at the Dubai International Airport. VIP Meet and Greet Services by EET Welcome service. • Guests will be welcomed outside the aircraft and escorted through immigration, baggage claim and to limousine transfer. Guests arriving on business or first class from an Emirates flight will have a dedicated belt to collect their luggage. Special welcome and VIP Check in at hotel. Day 2 • Morning - Half Day City Tour. Take a scenic tour of the city in a luxury private vehicle. Ranging from the city’s rich historical sites to its new dynamic cosmopolitan architecture be prepared to be wowed by this vibrant evolving city. Dubai Museum at the Al Fahidi Fort, which was erected around 1787 to defend the city against invasion, offers a fascinating insight into the rich history and cultural heritage of the city. Renovated in 1971 for use as museum, its colorful life size dioramas vividly depict everyday life in the days before the discovery of oil. Galleries recreate scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, mosques, the souk, date farms and desert and marine life. • Afternoon - Private Shopper Wafi Shopping Mall and Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall A private shopping assistant will escort you through the various branded designer boutiques in Wafi Shopping Mall and Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue and will be able to set up a private viewing for new clothing collections and jewelry. • Evening Dine in a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant -Reflects by Pierre Gagnaire in Intercontinental Festival City. Day 3 • Visit the most iconic structures and landmarks of Dubai • Burj Khalifa - Witness one of the world’s tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m and get to the top for one of the most spectacular views of the Emirate. • Afternoon - Dubai World Island Private Lunch Embark on a yacht in Dubai Marina and reach an exclusive destination for a private lunch on the beach. • Burj Al Arab - Enjoy the late afternoon in style and sample the most refined afternoon tea in one of the Burj Al Arab salons. • Finish off your day with a relaxing treatment in the Spa overlooking the shores of the Arabian Gulf Sea. • Evening - Cocktails in Neos, The Address Downtown Day 4 • Morning -Aerial City Tour A seaplane tour offers you the opportunity to take an aerial sightseeing tour of Dubai in a Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian aircraft. The World Islands, Palm Islands, Jumeirah Beach, Dubailand, Sports City, Burj Al Arab, Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Maritime City, Port Rashid and Festival City are only some of the popular sights you may see on this scenic flight. • Afternoon - Swim with the Dolphins Have a one-on-one encounter with Dolphins in the Atlantis Aquaventure water park and discover the secrets of animal communication. Or Car Racing at the Dubai Autodrome Challenge yourself by driving the fastest cars from Lamborghini to Ferrari or maybe the latest Audi R8 model. • Evening - Dinner on The Dubai Creek. Cruise Dubai Creek the Parisian way, in Bateaux Dubai, a modern water vessel. Day 5 • Departure. Limousine transfer to Dubai International Airport. • Enjoy the plethora of shopping opportunities and amazing deals at award-winning Dubai Duty Free. 12
  13. 13. MICE - INCENTIVES & TEAM BUILDING 5-day Dubai Adventure Incentive - For the Young & Young at Heart Day 1 • Arrival at the Dubai International Airport. Upon arrival, friendly welcome team from EET Destination Management will meet you and guide you through passport control and baggage belts where you will assisted by porters to help load personal baggage. Finally you will be guided to the coaches to be taken to the hotel. Day 2 • Morning - Swimming with Sharks in the Dubai Mall Aquarium • Afternoon - Desert Safari Activities: 4 WD Dune Bashing, Sand Skiing/Boarding, Quad Biking • Evening - Desert Safari continues with a 1001 Arabian Nights Desert Camp Dinner Day 3 • Morning & Afternoon - Deep Sea Fishing Trip • Evening - Dinner in Al Hadeerah restaurant at the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Day 4 • Morning & Afternoon - Safari to Hatta. Discover the Wadis and mountain range of the UAE • Evening - Play Camel Polo - The gentleman’s game with an Arabic flavour Day 5 • Departure. Limousine transfer to Dubai International Airport. • Enjoy the plethora of shopping opportunities and amazing deals at award-winning Dubai Duty free. Conference & Event Planning If you are a congress planner, hold your conference in Dubai and you are guaranteed a smooth, a well planned and an affordable event. Dubai celebrates being the hub of the world, accessible to all 6 continents via direct flights, unparalleled infrastructure, a culture rich in history set against a modern cosmopolitan city. Host to major sporting championships, festivals, concerts, and several city-wide conference such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Dental Federation (FDI), Dubai has proven expertise in staging these major events which see our infrastructure and event venues at full capacity, which attests to the city’s collaboration and skill at holding major events. EET team works alongside the Dubai Convention Bureau (DCB) which has been successfully winning, developing and promoting national and international meetings, conventions, and special events for Dubai. 13
  14. 14. Golfing - UAE UAE is considered a major golfing destination by international golf tour operators. Dubai undoubtedly leads the way with an impressive choice for the visiting golfer. Emirates Golf Club, Dubai Creek, The Montgomerie Dubai, the Desert Course at the Arabian Ranches, the Jebel Ali Resort Course, Al Badia Golf Resort at Festival City and the Nad Al Sheba Club are all first-class courses that have firmly established the region as a world-class golfing destination Among other Emirates Abu Dhabi is offering fantastic opportunities for visitors. In 1989, . Dubai’s portfolio of golfing venues is absolutely stunning. The signature clubhouse at the Emirates Golf Club – modeled on Bedouin tents – remains the most eye-catching in the region and the Majlis and Wadi courses utilize the natural rolling desert terrain for a serious test. In 2002, Dubai was voted the “Best Emerging Golf Destination” by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. The quality of the golf courses is on a par with the best in the world and the speed at which new projects are evolving it is clear that the region is on a roll. Right now, the UAE is a fantastic destination for any golfer. Ask for especially contracted golf pricing for these courses. Abu Dhabi Golf Club - Abu Dhabi The 18th hole at Abu Dhabi is a testing par-5 that sits under the watchful eye of the iconic falcon shaped clubhouse. Water flanks the right hand side of the hole, with bunkers and deep rough awaiting an ultra safe approach. A good drive gives you the option to have a go in two, but a layup is by no means straightforward. Fairway bunkers lay in wait for anything other than a precise second shot. A huge green requires an immaculate touch if you are to walk off with your head held high. Dubai Creak Golf & Yacht Club, Dubai This is the first of two of the finest consecutive finishing holes you will find anywhere in the world. The 17th is not overly long, but the salty Creek is only a few feet off the fairway on the left side and there is no real space to play safe to with the driver up the right. A long iron towards the bunker on the right is a sensible play from the tee for longer hitters, where a mid to short iron will be required to find the slightly elevated green. The Els Club, Dubai Positioning your tee shot well is the key to having a chance to get your approach shot close on this tough par-4. Those who are greedy may find a watery grave as water comes into play all the way up the right hand side of this hole. Though don’t play too safe from the tee as two bunkers lie in wait for an aggressive tee shot, which may convince some to play a 3-wood or iron off the tee. The water is still in play for the second shot as the green slopes away from back to front, making this hole a formidable foe. 14
  15. 15. Golfing - UAE The Majlis Course at The Emirates Golf Club, Dubai One of the most attractive parfours on the course, the 8th hole retains much of the character of the desert. From the tee the backdrop of the magnificent Dubai Marina reveals the extent of Dubai’s development and growth over the past 10 years. The fairway curves to the right and rises sharply.. The guarded green is protected by well-positioned bunkers and an undulating putting surface, wreaking havoc on an approach shots which are heavily influenced by the direction of the wind. The Montgomerie Dubai, Dubai The most eye-catching feature of this delightful short hole is the hand shaped bunker guarding the front of the green, which makes for some tricky bunker shots if you don’t take enough club from the tee and get caught in its fingers. Measuring only 168 yards from the black pearl tees the green appears to be a generous target, so take a chance here and attack the flag at this unique par-3. Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Abu Dhabi A drivable par 4 that requires the utmost accuracy, this classic risk reward hole designed by Gary Player teases the brash into firing straight at the green. However even the slightest deviation from dead centre will find some of the deepest bunkers anywhere in golf. A series of pot bunkers also guard the rolling green and act as a significant deterrent to pulling the driver out from the tee. Yas Links, Abu Dhabi Designer Kyle Phillips would say every hole at Yas Links is a signature hole, but since opening, the 3rd has been the most talked about and photographed hole. The first of eight coastline holes the fairway bends left around the shoreline to a green tucked just behind a dune. Often playing into a head wind you have two choices; either take on the water and the bunkers on the inside of the dogleg or play safe to the right. An opening to the green framed by the right hand dune will accept a low running approach shot, but with bunkers guarding the right side of the green you need to be very accurate. For enquiries, golf packages and group proposals on UAE Golf courses, email 15
  16. 16. Arabian Heritage Experience EET Destination Management has pioneered a partnership with Heritage Collection Dubai, a chain of fullyrestored and converted Arabian villas and homes. These unique venues come fully equipped with modern amenities of a hotel and are ideal for those travelers looking for cost-effective alternative to a conventional hotel stay. Orient Guest House is a traditional villa restored to its former glory, with eleven Arabian styled rooms, a majlis (lounge) offering travelers the true taste of times gone by. The roof terrace and courtyards provide tranquil spots in which to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Offers 24 hours Butler Service. It features a cozy Courtyard Cafe, serving International breakfast, light meals, snacks, tea/coffee and refreshing beverages throughout the day. Orient Guest House has been active in different public events like painting exhibitions organized by local artists. The famous celebrities in the likes of Tom Cruise and dignitaries Prince Charles and President George Bush had the privilege to visit the house. Barjeel Heritage Guest House, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city, invites you to discover true Arabian hospitality with a modern twist. Overlooking the magnificent view of the Dubai Creek, relive history with scenes and flavours of the old city. The Guest house has spacious bedrooms with complete facilities, having a colorful courtyard with traditional tent surrounded by seating and dining areas. The cozy accommodation offers guests the opportunity to recreate life in Dubai as it was done in days gone by. Barjeel Heritage Guest House offers 24 hours Butler Service. It also features a traditional Arabic Restaurant, named Barjeel Al Arab serving Emirati and cuisines. Located in the heart of Shindaga overlooking the Dubai Creek and near Bur Dubai Bus Stations, Barjeel Heritage Guest House is also a stone throw away from the Heritage & Diving Village, Sheikh Saeed House, Old Souk, Shopping Centers, Dubai Creek, Abra Station (water taxi). It is located close to the many souks where you can find exotic produce and handmade trinkets to treasure. 16
  17. 17. Arabian Heritage Experience Ahmedia Heritage Guest House is an impressive and inviting traditional Arabian Guest House with a grandeur entrance to the courtyard, surrounded by dining and seating areas, with 15 spacious bedrooms overlooking the courtyards spread over three Emirati Houses restored to its glorious past. The lodging place provides guests an opportunity to discover the richness of ancient Arab culture and traditional spice trading hub that is still thriving. After a hectic day, guests can relax at Sun Terrace or enjoy the traditional (Turkish Style) Hammam to rejuvenate. Ahmedia Heritage Guest House offers round the clock Butler Service. Light snacks and soft beverages are also available all day at the Courtyard Cafe. Located in the heart of Al-Ras Heritage area adjacent to Al-Ahmadiya School Islamic Museum and Heritage House, the House is a stone throw away from the famous Spice Market, Gold Souk, and the Traditional Creek side water taxi station. For enquiries and bookings, contact: 17
  18. 18. UAE & Oman - Cruising Hubs of the Arabian Gulf EET Cruise Ships department is a leading ground handler for cruise calls in the UAE and Oman, offering a complete range of handling, shore excursions and management services. We offer a high quality of service combined with the utmost efficiency and attention to every detail of the operation. Quality, Reliability & Value • Creative shore excursions depicting rich Arabian Heritage, culture and diversified interests of cruise travellers • Professional, knowledgeable, multilingual tour guides in uniform • A luxury vehicles fleet driven by welltrained, responsible drivers • 4WD vehicles for desert tours are driven by experienced, English speaking drivers in uniform. The vehicles are equipped with mineral water, tissues, first aid kit and mobile phones • Punctuality, safety and comfort for passengers • Individual or private tours, golf bookings, diving packages etc. • Liaison with local authorities for special opening of Museums etc. Pre & Post Tours Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman & Bahrain • EET holds contracts with more than 500 hotels in the region with hotel allocation • Welcome meet and assist service at the airports • Hotel Visitations for information briefings • Escorted airport and port transfers by multilingual guides • Optional Excursion packages • Handling of entry visas and exit formalities with local Immigration authorities and Airlines Working with Cruise liners, local authorities • • Connect with tourism and others authorities for special welcome arrangements at quay and for passenger exchanges at airports. • 18 EET Shore Excursions Manager coordinates with the shipping agent, port and the immigration authorities for a smooth and speedy handling of passengers Welcome services with music and folkloric dancers, children with flowers Arabic Coffee and date service, cold towels, welcome kits and city maps, sale of local souvenirs etc.
  19. 19. Dubai – Wildlife & Nature Conservation Safaris A desert safari is the number one activity all international guests must-do in a visit to Dubai. The romance of the desert conjures up images of the golden sands of Lawrence of Arabia, 1001 nights and the soft flames of an antique lamp and a gentle bonfire casting a warm glow around Bedouins. EET is offering a unique brand of luxury safaris for the lovers of Arabian heritage, nature and wildlife. These safaris offer a completely different feel with a special emphasis placed on Dubai’s drive for the nature and wildlife conservation and its work on preserving the Arabian heritage. The trips are operated in collaboration with The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) which is UAE’s first national park created for the protection of the endangered species and for the conservation of the natural desert habitat and heritage. Our guests get a rare opportunity to see Overnight Safari An authentic desert experience…. up close the flora and fauna of Arabia whilst learning about the local way of life. The adventures are conducted in the legendary Mercedes G-Wagons or 1950’s classic opentop Land Rovers to add the nostalgic touch to your desert adventure. Accompanied by expert driver/naturalist guides, trips come complete with a first class service at our exclusive desert retreat on the grounds of a Dubai royal family, traditional entertainment, falconry displays, and delectable Emirati cuisine and ample time for authentic and close interactions with the local Bedouins. Breakfast with a Bedouin Enjoy fascinating tales with a local Bedouin …. Night Safari & Stargazing Dinner Safari Take a step back in time 50 years…. Falconry & Wildlife Safari An interactive wildlife and falcon experience… Put on your night-vision binoculars to explore the desertscape… The #1 ranked safari in Dubai on Tripadvisor with 95.5% ranking as Excellent and 4.5% Very Good 19
  20. 20. Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Atlantis The Palm, Dubai Deluxe Atlantis, The Palm is the first entertainment resort destination in the region and located at the centre of the crescent of iconic landmark The Palm Dubai. Opened in September 2008, this unique ocean-themed resort features a variety of marine and entertainment attractions, as well as waterscape amusement at Aquaventure Waterpark, all within a 46 hectare site. It is home to one of the largest open-air marine habitats in the world, with over 65,000 marine animals in lagoons and displays including The Lost Chambers Aquarium, a maze of underwater corridors and passageways providing a journey through ancient Atlantis. Aquaventure features 18 million litres of fresh water used to power thrilling waterslides, a 2.3 kilometre river ride with tidal waves and pools, water rapids and white water chargers. Dolphin Bay, the unparalleled dolphin conservation and education habitat, was created to provide guests a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn more about one of nature’s most graceful mammals. Each of the 1,539 guestrooms and suites in the Royal Towers provide private balconies and views over The Palm or Arabian Gulf. Guests may choose from a variety of accommodation including the indulgent: Imperial Club - a ‘resort within a resort’ with over 150 rooms and suites, exclusive services and private club lounge; Royal Bridge Suite - spanning the Royal Towers, a private lift takes guests 22 storeys above Atlantis for heart-stopping views of The Palm, Dubai and the Arabian Gulf; Underwater Suites - Each three stories high with mesmerising views directly into The Ambassador Lagoon from the master bedroom, these two suites located within The Lost Chambers, Neptune and Poseidon create an illusion of being beneath the sea whilst looking directly into the heart of Atlantis. Atlantis, The Palm is also known as the culinary destination in the region with a collection of world-renowned restaurants including Nobu, Ronda Locatelli and Rostang. The resort boasts an impressive collection of luxury boutiques and shops as well as extensive meeting and convention facilities. ShuiQi Spa & Fitness at Atlantis captures the imagination and curiosity of guests and draws them into a haven of relaxation and well-being. Upon entering the twostorey 2,400 square metre Spa in the Royal Towers, guests are greeted by a serene water wall to begin the journey to relaxation. ShuiQi further offers full salon services for his and hers beautifying sessions, and the menu is as extensive as it is enduring with offerings ranging from Spa journeys to body therapies. Guests of Atlantis get unlimited FREE access to The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Aquaventure Waterpark 20
  21. 21. Serene and exclusive, One&Only The Palm is a beachfront oasis on the lushly landscaped private peninsula of the Palm Island crescent, embracing chic contemporary island-feel living amidst the cosmopolitan energy of Dubai. Rimmed with white sand beaches surrounded by immaculate gardens, intricate fountains and sparkling pools, this intimate boutique resort boasts privileged views of the soaring New Dubai skyline. Blending Moorish and Andalusian architecture with Arabian chic interiors, accommodation is secluded in a residential environment within the tri-level Manor House, six low rise Mansions and four private beachfront Villas. Chic and refined, One&Only The Palm brings a sophisticated air of contemporary elegance to the bustle of Dubai. Accommodation: The exquisitely styled low rise Mansions and beachfront Villas surrounding the main Manor House and pool. Vaulted spaces, rhythmic symmetry, expansive arched windows and decorative arabesque flourishes define the impeccably furnished rooms and suites, all with outdoor terrace or balcony and some with a private pool. Inspired by Arabia’s rich history of design, finely woven fabrics, intricately carved dark wood furnishings and ornamental glassworks create a chic and thoroughly modern enclave. Sumptuous bathrooms feature oversized freestanding bathtubs and drenching rain showers, with the finest inlaid marble from Italy and Spain. Restaurants & bars: Expansive floor-to-ceiling windows create a decidedly elegant and inviting ambience in ZEST. Silver leaf and cut-quartz crystal accent flourishes of Arabian design as two live cooking stations prepare Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Deep earth tones, rich marble floors and an intricately patterned crystal ceiling will provide an atmosphere of sophisticated romance for evening dining at STAY, the signature restaurant by three Michelin star chef Yannick Alléno. The chic, overwater 101 Dining Lounge and Bar brings a sophisticated vibe to the resort’s exclusive islandfeel atmosphere. Under sweeping white canopies, alfresco dining opens onto a fashionable chill-out lounge with seaside tables and bar. Deluxe Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah ONE&ONLY THE PALM Leisure facilities: With sublime perfection, One&Only Private Spa offers rejuvenating treatments in nine private suites surrounding a central courtyard and private lap pool. Wellness facilities include a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre with Kinesis training stations, tennis court, Bastien Gonzalez Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio and pampering hair salon by Alexandre Zouari. 21
  22. 22. Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Deluxe Inspired by the imperial palaces of the Ottoman era, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a five-star luxury hotel that does absolutely everything in superb style. From its exclusive location on the west crescent of the iconic Palm Jumeirah to the truly spectacular lobby entrance, every detail inspires awe and delight. The resort is made up of 379 elegant guest rooms, with 26 lavish suites and 38 Royal Residences offering stunning ocean views. Lose yourself in the outdoor infinity pool overlooking the Arabian Gulf. Discover a whole new way of dining at the hotel’s magnificent Mehteran Theatre. And explore a world of treatments at the palatial Talise Ottoman Spa, home to 42 treatment rooms, eight hydrotherapy rooms, steam rooms, saunas, snow rooms and three Turkish hammams. However you spend your time in this hotel, every moment is a pleasure. The restaurants at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray are known for their lavish, spectacular settings. But equally impressive is the value these restaurants offer. They include the laidback, beachside charm of Plaj, the ultra-chic Voda Bar, or the Mehteran Theatre, where you can watch a live performance while enjoying a fine meal – the first of its kind in Dubai. For Wedding and MICE planners, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is the venue to make an impact. With its fabulous Ottoman Palace-inspired design, it’s truly one of a kind venue for any event, a meeting for a dozen people or the magnificent Mehteran Theatre which can accommodate up to 600 guests. 22
  23. 23. Fairmont The Palm, aptly named after the iconic Dubai Palm Jumeirah, is located on the world’s largest man made island shaped in the form of a palm tree. This beachside hotel showcases unrivalled views of the Arabian Gulf and provides easy access to Dubai’s attractions, the Dubai International Airport, some of the city’s best shopping with the Mall of the Emirates, Marina Mall and the Dubai Mall, in addition to numerous golf courses. The hotel features 381 guestrooms and suites, including two Presidential Suites and a Fairmont Gold Lounge and rooms, 3,000 square metres of conference and meeting space and a full service business centre. Other facilities include a 450 metre private beach, beach club and four glistening pools, complete with cabanas with butler service. Guests can indulge in pan Chinese cuisine at the signature restaurant Bā, or experience the vibrant ambience of the Brazilian restaurant Frevo. The elegant Flow Kitchen is the perfect place for culinary delights from Europe, Middle East and Asia. Savor afternoon tea in the comfort of Mashrabiya lounge or in the evening, head to Sea Grill on 25º Restaurant & Lounge, watch the sunset and enjoy the spectacular Dubai Marina’s skyline, while sipping on one of our signature beverages. Deluxe Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah FAIRMONT THE PALM Younger guests will be entertained in the Children’s activity centre while those young at heart can have an exhilarating workout at the Health Club or try some of the hotel’s water sports. For the ultimate in relaxation, unwind and find your energy at the Willow Stream Spa. Experience authentic treatments inspired by the cultural wonders of the region, in a peaceful haven where the design pays homage to the timeless dunes and rich marine environment of Arabia. At Fairmont The Palm, experience the true spirit of generosity at the vibrant heart of Palm Jumeirah. 23
  24. 24. Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah Situated on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah, the Kempinski Hotel & Residences boast striking views either over the Palm Jumeirah lagoon and the Dubai skyline in the distance, or undisturbed views of the Arabian Sea. This elegant beachside setting is complemented with five acres of landscaped gardens, 500 meters of white sandy private beach, a 1,200 sq. m free-form outdoor swimming pool including a shaded area for children, an extensive gym with state-of-the-art equipment, a magnificent pampering spa and a kids’ club and playground. 244 spacious suites, penthouses and villas provide the lavish comforts of well-appointed living rooms, dining areas, and fully equipped 24 Deluxe kitchens and are ideal for families. Each suite has plush furnishings, exquisite décor in soft blues or opulent gold. Dining at this hotel is arguably the king of all luxuries and offers a truly unique medley of dining options to tease your palates. Whether you choose to explore a contemporary Mediterranean feast at Brunello Restaurant, a seafood fare at the Beach BBQ or a scintillating cigar and cognac combo at the K West Bar, you can rest assured that your taste buds are in for quite a treat. If you crave something a little closer to home, our in-room Palace Ceremony offerings are of the ultimate private dining indulgence.
  25. 25. Rixos The Palm Dubai is a top five-star luxury resort hotel located in the Palm Jumeirah ideal for guests combining leisure, business and family holidays with entertainment and activities, offering meeting venues and business services. The Hotel features 231 spacious and comfortable rooms and suites with sweeping views of Dubai. Rixos Royal Spa is a luxury health and beauty centre, offering water rituals, massages, body therapies and skin care regimens derived from a global menu of traditional and contemporary practices. Spa facilities include: Turkish bath with traditional relaxation lounge; Sauna, Steam Room, Hydro Indoor Pool; and Luxurious massage rooms for couples. Rixos The Palm also offers a unique program for children. The Rixy Club is exclusively geared for all children with an experience that begins Deluxe Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Rixos The Palm Dubai from the time they arrive at a special check-in desk at the Rixy Club Reception with gifts and presents awaiting them. The club activities include: Rixy disco, musical games; Kids cinema; Pool games; Face painting; treasure hunts; native American plays; Talent games and Magic school. Nestled in its private bay, Rixos The Palm beach is amongst the best in Dubai. Beach is divided into 3 theme areas: Nar Beach (for active guests); Suite Beach with private Cabanas; and a family beach for families with children. The hotel also boasts several restaurants and bars including A La Turca – an all day dining restaurant; L’Olivo – Italian Restaurant; Salt – Seafood restaurant. Biber – sushi bar; Nargile – Shisha Lounge; Highlights – Pool Bar; La Patisserie Istanbul and a chic White X – Beach bar & Lounge. 25
  26. 26. Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Anantara Dubai Palm Jumeirah Resort & Spa Anantara Dubai Palm Jumeirah Resort & Spa is a luxurious five star resort located on the crescent of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. Complementing such a prestigious destination, resort facilities are designed with relaxation and luxurious indulgence in mind, and culinary journeys are crafted from a focus on mouthwatering diversity and impeccable tastes. A collection of 293 rooms and villas are clustered in units of four to eight to maximise privacy, with 126 of these featuring direct access to 10,000 square metres of lagoon pools. Guests desiring the ultimate private haven can choose a One Bedroom Beach Pool Villa with a personal infinity pool, a One Bedroom Over Water Villa poised over the ocean, or a generous Anantara Two Bedroom Beach Pool Villa that offers the pinnacle of luxury and is ideal for families and friends. For dining pleasure, there is an all day dining restaurant, where classic Middle Eastern dishes are matched by the finest international cuisine. Feast on flame grilled specialties or uniquely vibrant Asian tastes. Enjoy delicious poolside refreshments and Mediterranean flavours in a stunning beachfront setting. Experience the perfect meeting place at our lobby lounge, featuring a dedicated shisha deck. Step into the tranquil sanctuary of Anantara Spa, where innovative facilities and an extensive treatment menu provide inspirational journeys. Experience ancient wellness traditions from Arabia and across Asia, as well as advanced western techniques. Put your beauty and well being in professional, intuitive hands, as we guide you on a revitalizing pathway that responds precisely to your individual needs. A diverse collection of meeting rooms and event venues with flexible layout options cater for intimate boardroom gatherings, elegant private parties, as well as flawless weddings and grand celebrations. 26 Deluxe
  27. 27. Tiara Residence is one of the first luxury apartment complexes to open on the Palm Jumeirah. Tiara is a residential beach resort which features privatelyowned apartments and has a private beach, a large outdoor pool, a gym and a sea-view bar. EET owns a modern two bed room fully furnished self-catering apartment at Tiara Residence which is ideal for small families with children. Bookings can be made by our worldwide partners for short-term rentals. Pool and beach towels, once-a-week house-keeping, cleaning and change of linen are available. The apartment has a private balcony overlooking the main frond of the Palm Jumeirah, a large separate living room, office room and a fully equipped kitchen. The apartment is also equipped with flatscreen TV, OPUS Smart Home technology, a music system and three luxury bathrooms. Free high-speed internet and private parking for one car is available. EET Exclusive Private Residence Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Tiara Residence, Palm Jumeirah Guests can shop at the Mall of Emirates which is a 15-minute drive from Tiara Residence. Jumeirah Beach Residence, with its famous promenade, the Walk and restaurants is only 10 minutes by car. 27
  28. 28. Dubai Hotels - the palm Jumeirah Sofitel The Palm, Dubai Discover a captivating blend of splendor and tranquility on the east crescent of Dubai’s extra-ordinary Palm Jumeirah. Unfolding leisurely along the sandy shore, Sofitel the Palm offers stunning organic architecture and sophisticated design along with an irresistible, mellow tropical spirit. The perfect mix of elegance and ease to soothe both mind and body. Delight in the airy, subtly energizing atmosphere of 361 contemporary guest rooms and suites featuring balconies and gorgeous sea or Palm views. Ivory havens accented with oversized artwork and lively touches of fuchsia or turquoise. Cabin-like bathrooms in exotic wood with stone tubs celebrate natural beauty and Polynesian inspiration. Glide through the sliding panels in your suite and benefit from the attentions of a private butler. Indulge in pure luxury in the Palm suite, featuring 4 bedrooms and a game room perfect for select gettogethers. Reserve the Beach Villa to enjoy a private pool and a rooftop terrace overlooking the sea. For lengthy stays, settle into 182 residences, magnificently furbished and offering full hotel services. For dining options, indoors and out, exquisitely presented, thrilling cuisine from around the world are offered in 9 restaurants, bars and lounges. Unwind and daydream poolside surrounded by rustling palm trees and linen parasols. Lounge on the beach, swim in the crystalline waters, and stroll down the jetty to take a sunset cruise. Enjoy tennis, water skiing, scubadiving, and fishing. Work out in the state-ofthe-art So Fit gym, where a personal coach can offer tips to improve your routine, then relax in the sauna or steam room. Receive unforgettable pampering at the So Spa in 28 graceful rooms, including 4 outdoor cabanas. Rejuvenating massages, the finest in French beauty treatments, a marvelous seawater pool, and separates his and her hair salons. The Palm kid’s club is a paradise for children, offering fun and games and a specially conceived restaurant. For the MICE groups and meeting planners, hotel offers large or small-scale meetings and celebrations in luxurious conference facilities. 4 meeting rooms and a 700 person ballroom with a carved wood ceiling that recall traditional pirogues. 28 Deluxe
  29. 29. Deluxe Rising from the Arabian Gulf on an island 280 metres from the shores of the renowned Jumeirah beach and designed to resemble the graceful sails of an Arabian dhow, Burj Al Arab soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating Dubai’s coastline. Burj Al Arab has long been recognized as one of the finest hotels in the world and offers the ultimate in luxury accommodation. The respect for privacy and the warmth and cordiality of Burj Al Arab colleagues blends with legendary service, guaranteeing the guest an unforgettable stay. Burj Al Arab’s architecturally innovative exterior and truly exuberant interior come together to create the breathtaking entirety. Offering unparalleled standards of comfort and service, the exclusive all-suite hotel truly reflects the finest that the world has to offer. Towering 27 double-height storey’s high, Burj Al Arab comprises of a choice of One, Two and Three Bedroom Deluxe Suites; Panoramic and Club Suites; the Presidential Suites and the two Royal Suites that extend over the 25th floor incorporating unsurpassed attention to detail and unmatched opulence. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Hotel Name BURJ AL ARAB For simply exceptional dining, there are nine signature restaurants and bars, where dining is about far more than food. Hotel specializes in bringing together every element to ensure your experience is exceptional. Soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the elegant spaces, dotted through Burj Al Arab from the atrium all the way to the skyline. While each restaurant is unique, each shares the ability to create flavour combinations that linger in your mind long after the meal is over. From authentic Arabic cuisine to Far East Asian and Modern European dishes, the hotel has sourced ingredients from around the globe to create a dining experience fit for the world’s most luxurious hotel. The lavishly appointed banqueting venues and ballroom at Burj Al Arab have played host to many prestigious gala dinners, banquets and business seminars. Burj Al Arab Spa offers a unique nature-based luxury spa to help you unwind, encompassing a fitness centre and an aqua retreat. 29
  30. 30. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Madinat Jumeirah Madinat Jumeirah - The Arabian Resort of Dubai, is a magnificent tribute to Dubai’s heritage and is styled to resemble an ancient citadel. This combination of authentic themes has created a destination of unique qualities and outstanding beauty. Madinat Jumeirah is a city of contrasts - from the sublimely relaxing to the vibrant and exotic. The resort is a re-creation of old Arabia and a place where historic beauty meets new luxury. Two grand boutique hotels, 29 courtyard summer houses, a traditional souk, Talise Spa, 44 world-class restaurants, bars and lounges, the region’s leading conference and banqueting centre, 1.5km private beach and a host of water sports activities, unlimited recreational facilities and the superlative Talise Fitness - all this and more combine to make Madinat Jumeirah the most fascinating resort in the world. The Premium Leisure Club at Madinat Jumeirah resorts is a family oriented concept with an exclusive checkin and reception, a lounge area and spacious outdoor seating for the sole use of Premium Leisure Club guests. It offers a dedicated area for children with entertainment facilities within a purpose-built playroom. The club provides personalized service through its specially trained team. For the conference and banqueting organizer, Madinat Jumeirah comfortably fulfils the technological, capacity and quality criteria of almost all event requirements. More importantly, it achieves this within a format which is enticingly unique capturing the imagination of all who visit - inspiring the senses through a step back in time to a place of Arabian dreams. From large ballrooms to the Arena, a 1,000 seat amphitheatre and Fort Island - all the conference and banqueting options offer very high quality spaces with flexible planning variations, depending on your individual needs. Souk Madinat Jumeirah - Wander through the traditional Arabian souk, past wind towers, lantern lit hallways and narrow waterways to discover the treasures hidden within. With specially selected shops, restaurants and bars to entertain throughout the day and into the night, enjoy unlimited amusement at Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Guests of Madinat Jumeirah Receive Complimentary access to Sinbad’s Kids Club and unlimited access to Wild Wadi Waterpark. 30 Deluxe
  31. 31. Deluxe A grand boutique hotel built in exquisite style, Mina A’ Salam is nestled on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. This unique hideaway offers you a window into a world rich in culture and faithful to time honoured traditions. 292 luxurious guest rooms provide a world of comfort, with private balconies offering views of the resort or the Arabian Gulf. All rooms feature separate walk-in rain showers, dressing area for added privacy, a generous lounge area, floor to ceiling windows as well as complimentary internet access. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam Madinat Jumeirah 31
  32. 32. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah 32 Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah In Arabic for ‘The Palace’ – Al Qasr is the focal point of Madinat Jumeirah, built in the style of an exquisite royal summer residence. As befits the status of the hotel, it is elevated above the rest of the resort and painted in lighter colours than its neighbours. Rooms and suites feature private balconies with views of the resort, separate dressing area, complimentary internet access, luxurious bathrooms with a large bath, walk-in rain shower and a lounge seating area. Deluxe
  33. 33. The spacious courtyard summer houses of Dar Al Masyaf and Malakiya Villas exude the lavishness one would expect of the resplendent Madinat Jumeirah. The resort is centred around a cluster of exclusive private villas available to guests, discreetly scattered throughout the beachside enclave and each with its own swimming pool. Guests can access the villas via the waterways in a dedicated abra, adding to the auspicious and secluded feel of these exclusive hideaways. Open courtyards with intricate Arabian details characterize these delightful spaces, perpetuating a sense of feeling entirely at ease. Deluxe Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf & Malakiya Villas Madinat Jumeirah 33
  34. 34. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah JUMEIRAH BEACH HOTEL With its striking wave-like design, this five-star resort is one of Dubai’s most instantly recognizable structures. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is equally famed for its amazing value and sheer wealth of options to enjoying a stay. All the hotel’s 617 rooms, suites and villas are luxuriously furnished and provide spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. And once you’ve finished taking in the view, you can choose from the widest array of leisure facilities around, including a scuba diving centre, five swimming pools, Sinbad’s Kids Club, The Hub for teens and complimentary, unlimited access to the Wild Wadi Water Park. Hotel offers a wide variety of sport and entertainment: a private sandy beach of 900m, water sports, fitness center with rooms for fitness, yoga, karate, squash courts, 7 outdoor lighted tennis courts and a full-service Talise spa. Jumeirah Beach offers 16 dining options serving international cuisine including Lebanese, Argentinean and Italian. Many restaurants have a children’s’ menu. Drinks options include the rooftop lounge 360 and the hotel’s swim-up bar Ocean Blue. For the MICE organizer, Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers meeting rooms and event facilities every bit as impressive as its leisure amenities. Whether you’re looking for the perfect venue for your corporate event, an inspirational venue for staff training or team building, or a magical wedding venue, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is the perfect choice. All Guests receive FREE access to Wild Wadi Water Park during stay and FREE access to The HUB for teenagers 34 Deluxe
  35. 35. One&Only Royal Mirage pays tribute to Arabian architecture and hospitality on a truly regal scale. Considered Dubai’s most stylish beach resort, it rests on a kilometre of private coastline nestled in 65 acres of landscaped gardens. Overlooking Palm Island Bay, the resort is composed of three distinct environments – each flowing into the next to ignite the senses: The Palace, Arabian Court and Residence & Spa. The Palace is a domain where guests may wander amidst the abundant gardens or stroll amongst the meandering water features. All 231 superior rooms and suites reflect contemporary elegance with an Arabesque sense of place, offering the latest in modern technology and comfort. In all 172 deluxe rooms and suites at the Arabian Court the dramatic architecture creates symmetry, amidst a landscape of fountains, walkways and lush gardens. The Residence & Spa has 49 Prestige rooms and suites and is an intimate sanctuary with private dining room and library for guests. It boasts a private pool with great beach access. At One&Only Royal Mirage, world-class chefs prepare classic cuisines of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East, with grills and succu- Deluxe Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah One&Only Royal Mirage, Dubai lent delicacies of the sea served alfresco beachside. The Health & Beauty Institute located in the Residence & Spa is the Spa, a traditional Oriental Hammam, Hair Salon by Alexandre Zouari and Fitness Centre. Water Sports offered include Sailing, kayaks, Hobie Cats, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, diving, snorkelling, temperature-controlled swimming pools and an extensive private beach. Land Sports include Land sports include floodlit tennis courts, putting green, petanque, volleyball and basketball. KidsOnly The club offers imaginative fun for kids (4 to 11). Fully supervised activities and meals are all arranged. At The Palace, the Ballroom caters for up to 250 guests, divisible into three sound-proof rooms, boardroom and conference rooms, all with audio-visual installations and a dedicated Business Corner. At the Arabian Court, a spectacular outdoor Amphitheatre caters for up to 350 guests for gala dinners, shows and product launches. Ballroom for up to 200 dining guests, two meeting rooms and a traditional ‘Majlis’ style meeting lounge. 35
  36. 36. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah The Ritz Carlton, Dubai The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai is a Mediterranean-style beach resort providing renowned Arabian hospitality in an exclusive setting on a vast 350-acre estate, comprising of manicured gardens and own private white sandy beach along Dubai’s famed Jumeirah beach. With its 148 rooms and suites having a view of the Arabian Gulf, the Ritz Carlton services and facilities include sophisticated dining venues offering world-class cuisine inspired from the exotic flavors of Asia, Arabia, Mediterranean and La Baie Lounge for stylish gatherings from noon to sunset; an extensive recreational facility includes a spa and fitness center, beautifully landscaped gardens with 5 swimming pools including a children’s pool with slide and a private beach. The guests of this unique luxury resort also enjoy all rooms and suites open onto private patios or balconies with direct views of the pool, the garden and Arabian Gulf, Ritz-Carlton signature linens and featherbeds, 47” LCD TVs showing a mix of local and international channels, an extensive DVD library for the in-room player, 24-hour in-room dining In-room iron and ironing board, Laundry and valet services and more. Full service Balinese-themed Spa with nine treatment rooms, plus Jacuzzi, steam and sauna and an extensive fitness centre offering personal training and group classes, a Ritz Kids Club offering daily children’s activities in a secure playroom, four floodlit tennis courts and two glass-backed squash courts and a beauty salon catering to both male and female guests. The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai offers stylish locations to give your festivities just the right ambience. From beachfront wedding receptions and ceremonies to elegant soirees resort’s sea-view terrace or luxury ballroom, the stylish event and wedding venues offer rich décor, stunning views and menus individually prepared for every event to deliver a one-of-a-kind celebration. 36 Deluxe
  37. 37. Deluxe Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa is a haven of calm amongst the diverse metropolis of Dubai. Whether visiting for business or leisure, or to explore the city’s ample shopping opportunities, the elegant surroundings and amenities provide the perfect base. Choose from the timeless elegance of the standard rooms and suites, the sophisticated superior deluxe, or the breathtaking settings of the Club Tower, where the latest in personalized technology awaits. The hotel’s 500 rooms and suites cater for every type of traveler and with 13 international restaurants and bars, the hotel offers guests the world on a plate. Whatever, or wherever you choose to eat, the food, service and ambience is always the product of passion, care and imagination. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa Caracalla, the hotel’s Roman themed Spa & Health Club, is the ideal retreat for mind and body. The Spa also boasts five Hammam pools, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, state-ofthe art gym. The pool and beach facilities are quite spectacular: 3 temperature controlled swimming pools, 200 m private beach, tennis, squash, water sports, supervised kid’s Club with play area and daily activities. The Penguin Kids Club has long been a popular feature of the resort for children - as long as they are between the ages of four and twelve years. For your special events, our conference and banqueting services provide international expertise to guarantee a truly unforgettable occasion. 37
  38. 38. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah 38 The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina The Westin Dubai is a luxurious five-star resort, located on the pristine Jumeirah Beach shoreline with 500m of private Beach and warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Embracing Westin’s characteristics of personal, instinctive and renewal, the resort’s 294 spacious rooms and suites include Heavenly Beds®, luxurious bathrooms and hi-tech 42” LCD TV screens, while the soothing Heavenly Spa® and Westin Workout® fitness centre provide total relaxation and rejuvenation. The resort’s four themed restaurants offer a wide choice of dining options and extensive conference and banqueting facilities make it the ideal destination for weddings, gala dinners, meetings or incentives. Deluxe
  39. 39. Deluxe Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina is a 5 star resort set on 500 metres of the Jumeirah coastline, curving alongside Dubai’s largest private white sand beach, and a magnificent 238-berth marina. With the focus on fun for the entire family, if you love a beachside vacation, this luxury beach resort in Dubai is for you. The boutique-styled luxury resort features 220 guest rooms, with a choice of deluxe rooms and suites featuring modern décor. The resort’s Restaurants include some of the most popular dining outlets in Dubai. A beach club, five tropical outdoor pools, and the Penguin Club - a dedicated children’s play area, are added attractions for guests. The prime location is just a 10 minute drive away from Championship golf courses, including the Emirates Golf Club. A wide range of superb water sports, including a choice of exciting sailing experiences are available at the resort itself. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina 39
  40. 40. Dubai Hotels - jebel ali JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort The award-winning Dubai beach resort destination, Jebel Ali Golf Resort, features two striking beach hotels: the beautiful Palm Tree Court and the original Jebel Ali Beach Hotel, which was refurbished in 2009 along with a brand new Conference Centre. Located just 15 minutes from Dubai Marina, this fabulous Dubai resort features an 800-metre palm-lined private beach, lush gardens and 4 Swimming pools, water sports plus 15 restaurants and bars. Jebel Ali is a place where an incredible range of facilities and services are offered in synergy. A championship-standard 9-hole golf course and academy, luxury 10-treatment room spa with associated wet spa facilities, horse riding stables, marina, seaplane flights and diving centre are just a few of the special facilities on offer. With a well established catering and banqueting JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel Situated within the award-winning Jebel Ali Golf Resort, JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel is Dubai’s only four-star all-inclusive beach resort and offers friendly service with value for money beachfront accommodation. The 260 hotel rooms and suites are spread across five levels, with standing balco- 40 division, Jebel Ali Golf Resort can arrange catering in the desert or at any of the private garden and beach venues in the resort. For Golf lovers, the 9-hole, par 36, championship standard resort course is situated within the idyllic grounds of the resort. Designed by Peter Harradine and opened in 1998, the golf course has hosted the world’s best players as part of the official curtain raiser to the European PGA Tour event, the Dubai Desert Classic. Each hole is uniquely landscaped with exotic trees, shrubs and original desert flora and the golf course also features a saltwater lake which comes into play on five holes. The wooden gazebos, views of the Arabian Gulf and peacocks which freely roam the fairways have added a special charm to this course that is a fair and exciting challenge for golfers of all abilities. First Class nies and terraces overlooking the golf course, gardens, marina, beach and Arabian Gulf. A private beach, 2 temperature-controlled swimming pools and kid’s pool, 10 restaurants and bars plus a vast selection of leisure and sport facilities make this hotel a great Dubai beach holiday destination.
  41. 41. Deluxe A superb family beach holiday destination, JA Palm Tree Court is a five-star beach resort within Dubai’s award-winning Jebel Ali Golf Resort. Dedicated to the pursuit of casual luxury, the resort is set amidst lush, tropical gardens with winding walkways, waterfalls and fish-filled streams just steps from the private beach on the Arabian Gulf. 3 Temperature-controlled swimming pools, 15 restaurants and bars plus a vast selection of leisure and sport facilities, including horse riding, mini golf and water sports, are also available for guest enjoyment. Guests can choose to stay on an all-inclusive basis, while families will appreciate the ‘kids go free’ offer 2 dedicated children’s clubs and a creche. Dubai Hotels - jebel ali JA Palm Tree Court 41
  42. 42. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah beach residence 42 The Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort The Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort is located directly on the white sands of the Arabian Golf, surrounded by landscaped gardens that boast more than 200 palm trees. Right next to the new shopping and dining district “The Walk”, just minutes away from the world famous Emirates Golf Club and 15 minutes away from the popular “Mall of the Emirates”, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort is only 40km from Dubai International Airport. The Resort offers 256 beautifully appointed guest rooms decorated in a fresh Mediterranean style. All rooms are equipped with the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed, individually controlled air condition, interactive TV, complimentary tea and coffee making facilities, hairdryer, in room safe and ironing facilities. Guests can use the complimentary shuttle service to selected shopping malls throughout their stay or enjoy a relaxing time at the temperature-controlled freshwater pool. For families and kids, Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort offers a separate children’s pool and the Pirates Kid’s Club with program during the day in either the spacious indoor playing area or at the outdoor playground. The Resort’s dining facilities offer a wide range of international cuisine. Enjoy all day dining at the Palm Garden Restaurant with themed nights for dinner. The Peacock Restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine while the Ciao Ristorante will inspire you with a traditional Italian menu. Enjoy the best Lebanese grills and Shishas in the Al Hadiqa Restaurant or have a snack at the Azure Pool Bar. For chill out afternoons and upbeat nights, visit Bliss Lounge or go to your evening rendezvous in the stylish Moods Bar. The Link@Sheraton Café is a comfortable place to work, talk or relax with complimentary wireless Internet access as well as varied food and beverage options. Deluxe
  43. 43. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort & Residence is the perfect destination for both business and leisure travellers. This property is ideally located on Jumeirah beach’s golden mile alongside the Jumeirah Beach Residence and “The Walk” offering a unique shopping and dining experience with its 1.75 km beachfront boulevard housing 350 retail outlets and 45 restaurants. The hotel is also minutes away from two of the city’s largest malls, the indoor ski-slope, Emirates golf club, Wild Wadi Water Park, Internet City, Media City as well as the commercial area of Jebel Ali. With 389 rooms and suites the majority of which overlook the crystal clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort Residence has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With a choice of 10 restaurants and bars there are plenty of dining options to suit all tastes. Among these are two signature restaurants popular with Dubai residents and inhouse guests alike: BiCE, the award-winning Italian restaurant and South American inspired Pachanga restaurant featuring cuisine from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. “The Spa” - a haven of relaxation and tranquility offers a variety of luxurious signature treatments, massages and facials. With six treatment rooms as well as sauna and steam areas it is a definite ‘must-do’. The Hilton by Precor gymnasium is fully equipped with the latest cardiovascular and weight machines as well as the Power plate dubbed by many to be the miracle machine. The hotel is also a perfect destination for families with its Kidz Paradise open daily from 9am to 7pm organizing daily activities for children aged 4-12 years. The nearby Hilton Residence is a 4* property offering 364 Studios , 2,3 and 4 Bedroom Apartments, Loft Apartments and Penthouses with fully equipped kitchen and washing machine, 2 private dining outlets, gym and swimming pool. Resort and Residence are connected by a bridge and guests of the residence have complimentary access to the private beach at the Resort . Deluxe Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah beach residence Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort & Residence 43
  44. 44. Dubai Hotels - Jumeirah beach residence 44 JA Ocean View Hotel First Class As the only four-star beach hotel on ‘The Walk’ at Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai Marina, JA Ocean View Hotel has a relaxed holiday atmosphere ideal for young families and couples. All the 338 rooms and suites have sea views and balconies overlooking the Arabian Gulf and The Palm Jumeirah. Guests may choose a stay on breakfast or half board basis, while enjoying facilities like a sea view infinity swimming pool, 6 restaurants and bars, a spa, salon, health club, gymnasium, 158 interconnecting rooms and family rooms, a kids club and children’s pool. The Jumeirah open beach, close to additional shopping and entertainment options, can be accessed directly from the hotel’s pool deck.
  45. 45. Dubai Hotels - new downtown Armani Hotel Dubai Deluxe Soaring high above Downtown Dubai, the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, is home to the exclusive Armani Hotel Dubai. A global design first, the hotel has been designed and developed by Giorgio Armani, and reflects the pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort that define his signature style. Armani Hotel Dubai is the realization of the designer’s long-held dream to bring his personal style to life in the most inclusive way, by offering his customers a unique Stay with Armani experience. Every detail in the hotel bears the Armani signature, beginning with warm Italian-style hospitality and moving through to each individual design element from the Eramosa stone floors to zebrawood panels, bespoke furnishings and personally designed hotel amenities. Sophisticated colors, clean lines and unique textures blend together seamlessly with the tower’s stunning architecture and use of natural light to create an atmosphere of calm serenity where guests can retreat into a world of minimalist elegance. Nestled in the world’s tallest tower, occupying concourse level through to level 8 and levels 38 and 39, hotel offers 160 Armani style deluxe rooms and a wide range of suites with sweeping views across the city and Arabian Gulf. With its own dedicated entrance, it is situated within walking distance of The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest retail destination, set within the vibrant Downtown Dubai business and leisure district. Seven restaurants offer an exciting collection of world cuisine, from Japanese and Indian to flavours of the Mediterranean and authentic Italian. The impressive culinary options reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the city. For unique events with signature style and impeccable service, Armani Hotel has a venue to complement every occasion. From high profile business conferences and closed door boardroom negotiations, to unforgettable wedding celebrations with unique flair, a collection of contemporary spaces are designed to offer flexible yet sophisticated location solutions. 45
  46. 46. Dubai Hotels - new downtown 46 The Palace Downtown Dubai Deluxe Classical themes and Arabian tradition meet at The Palace Downtown. This hotel is the centerpiece of The Old Town Island in Downtown Burj Dubai situated by the Burj Khalifa Lake, near Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. This luxurious 5 star hotel offers prime views of the Dubai Fountain on the lake. The hotel is directly connected with the Souk Al Bahar, a modern shopping destination with Arabesque architectural features and is in close proximity to The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the Middle East. The Palace Downtown offers 242 spacious and luxurious guest rooms and 81 suites boasting a captivating Middle Eastern theme. All guestrooms and suites are decorated with authentic Arabian interiors, including dark wood paneling and furnishings. All rooms have balconies with views over the Burj Khalifa Lake or The Old Town Island. Complimentary Wireless Internet, flat screen TVs, coffee machines, 24-hour check in facility and safety boxes are standard in all rooms and suites. The Palace Downtown Dubai hosts three international restaurants and stunning meetings and events facilities and a comprehensive business centre. Offering Oriental treatments in a unique Arabic décor, The Spa at the hotel offers relaxing experiences with its 2 Oriental bath houses, 4 Monsoon showers, 2 Hydro spa bath tubs with therapy jets, 2 steam rooms, 6 treatment suites and a relaxation lounge. The hotel’s fully equipped Health Club offers personal training sessions and also features an outdoor temperature controlled pool.
  47. 47. Deluxe Dubai Hotels - new downtown The Address Dubai Mall The Address Dubai Mall is a premium hotel that offers a unique blend of traditional Arabian and cosmopolitan hospitality. Set amidst the chic and energetic Downtown Dubai and linked to Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in the world, The Address Dubai Mall is a haven for business travellers and leisure guests. The Address Dubai Mall redefines hospitality standards with a complete 24-hour stay benefit for guests reserving suites, innovative shopping services and convenient business amenities. An exclusive personal fashion advisor ensures a personalized stay. For little guests, the Qix Kids Club provides an entertaining ambiance and fun activities. Each of the 245 rooms and suites are appointed with contemporary and rich interiors. Every guest room is accessorized with flat screen TVs, complimentary wireless internet access, iPod docking stations, gourmet coffee and tea machines, mini-bars and safety boxes. Located on the 15th floor, the Club Lounge presents a luxury hotel experience with culinary offerings throughout the day. A fine selection of international cuisine is available at the five contemporary restaurants and lounges of the hotel, each offering a unique ambience. With direct access from the Dubai Mall, the chic signature restaurant Ember offers contemporary Australian cuisine with á la carte menus for lunch and dinner. Set to become one of the best Arabic specialty restaurants in the city, NA3NA3 offers an authentic experience of unsurpassed Middle Eastern hospitality. The poolside restaurant Cabana features international comfort food and refreshing beverages. The fashionable setting will attract Dubai’s young and trendy, with an alluring menu of exotic cocktails and upbeat music. The premier lounge, Amatista, with its dramatic foyer entrance, offers a range of trademark beverages and a wide variety of Cuban and South American cigars. Karat is a sophisticated Lobby Lounge, ideal for relaxing and socializing. Its refined décor lulls guests to pause in its elegantly designed surroundings. The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall is a sanctuary of contemplation and tranquillity offering world-class experiences. Hotel offers extensive space for meetings and events. The large ballroom accommodates up to 650 guests, and can be divided into three sections. 47
  48. 48. Dubai Hotels - new downtown Jumeirah Emirates Towers Deluxe Jumeirah Emirates Towers is one of the most stunning architectural highlights on the Dubai skyline. The spectacular views from the hotel itself are complemented by the stellar accommodation and business services you’ll find within. Jumeirah Emirates Towers redefines the business hotel experience; seamlessly combining high technology, efficiency and unparalleled luxury. And with its unique and prestigious shopping destination, The Boulevard, you’ll find shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities to rival any luxury destination in the world. The 400 spacious, beautifully appointed rooms and suites, paired with state-of-the-art meeting and business facilities, make Jumeirah Emirates Towers one of the most popular choices for the corporate traveller. On the culinary front, hotel boasts 15 world class restaurants and bars serving international cuisine from Sushi to British Cuisine, from Steakhouse to Fine Dining. Jumeirah Emirates Towers presents a unique lifestyle experience for the most discerning guests. Relax at Talise Spa, which offers modern spa treatments, or indulge in exclusive retail offerings at the elite Boulevard. Sunlovers can unwind on the beautiful private beach close by and for those who wish to explore the many attractions of Downtown Dubai. For congress events, there’s no better place than the congress rooms at Jumeirah Emirates Towers. Smaller scale business events such as meetings, conferences, press launches and seminars can be staged in style at 12 boardroom-style meeting rooms, situated within the Hotel Tower. Free access to private beach in Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Hotel (daily) including free shuttle service Free access to Wild Wadi Waterpark (once per stay) including free shuttle service 48
  49. 49. Deluxe Radisson Royal Hotel, Dubai stands across the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). At close proximity from the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, hotel features elegant and sleek design alongside an array of facilities and services across 51 floors. The 471 well appointed guest rooms, suites and luxury apartments, combine elegance with refined style and technology, creating the ultimate in comfort. All have breathtaking panoramic views of either the vibrant Sheikh Zayed Road or the famous Jumeirah Beach, free high-speed internet access, generous amenities and spacious, modern bathrooms. The hotel offers a deliciously diverse array of specialties. Guests can enjoy a variety of traditional and authentic cuisines at Icho - a 3 storey trendy Japanese restaurant, lounge & bar, IndoThai restaurant & bar featuring South-East Asian cuisine, Al Mersat – traditional Arabic dining & entertainment venue and Celcius, the hotel’s International all-day dining restaurant. The health club, features a state of the art gymnasium and an outdoor swimming pool with a dedicated children’s section. Or unwind in the serene Zen Spa which offers a wide selection of treatments, each individually tailored, providing the ultimate in tranquility, rejuvenation and healing. Our junior guests can also enjoy the hotel’s Kid’s Club featuring indoor activities and entertainment. For a winning combination of form and functions, the hotel features the most unique meeting space in the city. Dubai Hotels - new downtown Radisson Royal Hotel Dubai 49
  50. 50. Dubai Hotels - dubai marina The Address Dubai Marina Deluxe The Address Dubai Marina overlooks the world’s largest manmade Marina and has a prime location in one of Dubai’s most popular lifestyle districts. The hotel is a modern business destination with access to the entertainment and exciting components of the Marina. The hotel is within close distance of Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Knowledge Village and Jebel Ali Free Zone, some of the largest business hubs of the region and have direct access to the Dubai Metro. Dubai Marina Mall, linked to the hotel, offers 160 outlets, ranging from fashion and general retail to international food and beverage options. The hotel offers 200 rooms including 57 suites and a Presidential Suite, all presenting sweeping views of the Marina. All rooms and suites feature a private balcony and are equipped with flat screen TV’s, complimentary wireless Internet access, Ipod docking stations, gourmet coffee and tea machines and many contemporary lifestyle amenities. Hotel features five restaurants and lounges. The all-day dining restaurant Mazina, offers a friendly and comfortable environment in which guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner and also features an outdoor terrace for al fresco dining. The hotel’s signature restaurant, Rive Gauche is located on the ground floor. With classy chandeliers and mirrors, the a la carte restaurant is a modern interpretation of the dining classic French brasserie and also has an outdoor terrace for al fresco dining. Kambaa, with direct access to Dubai Marina Mall, is the chic lobby lounge offering light refreshments. Daily afternoon tea will be served comprising of traditionally inspired sweets and savouries, complemented with exquisite tea and coffee flavours from around the world. The Address Dubai Marina offers the spacious Constellation Ballroom and can accommodate up to 1000 guests in reception style. The conference area offers 15 additional rooms for meetings and is equipped with advanced IT systems, complemented by highly skilled and dedicated staff. 50
  51. 51. Luster and magic welcome you into the wonderful world of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. A favourite destination for families and business travellers, Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates offers its guests limitless possibilities for world-class shopping, dining and entertainment, including over 520 stores selling prestigious labels, a 14-screen multiplex cinema and numerous food and beverage outlets. All the 393 rooms, including 85 suites, of the hotel are exquisitely appointed with a contemporary décor exuding a warm and residential feel. The guestrooms are the largest in the city and showcase unprecedented views of Ski Dubai, one of the world’s largest indoor ski slopes and the biggest covered snow park. Deluxe Dubai Hotels - city Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates transports you through an enticing journey of epicurean paradise, indulge in the culinary selections of KGrill. Enjoy tasty salads with freshly baked bread, and Afternoon High Tea at Aspen by Kempinski. Unwind with a poolside drink, enveloped in the exotic perfume of shisha at Mosaic Chill. Stop by 1897 Bar for unique cocktails and superb cigar selections. Guests can indulge at the renowned Softouch Spa, go skiing, shopping or simply sit back and relax by the outdoor infinity edge pool. 51
  52. 52. Dubai Hotels - city 52 Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Designed to reflect the extraordinary journey of the explorer Ibn Battuta, the Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate is truly an imaginative and engaging hospitality experience where culturally-inspired interiors and five-star luxury join. The immense scale of the hotel is apparent upon approaching the imposing Ibn Battuta Gate, which at 60 metres high is larger than the Arc de Triomphe. 396 spacious rooms, are inspired by Ibn Battuta’s birthplace, Morocco. The 29 Battuta Suites are individually themed and celebrate the many places Ibn Battuta visited. Al Bahou, the impressive grand hall with its 88 giant Middle Eastern lanterns, connects many of the eight atmospheric restaurants and bars that serve cuisine from around the world. Sublime Indian flavours es- Deluxe cape from tandoori ovens at Chor Bazaar and exquisite Chinese creations can be enjoyed at Shanghai Chic. Sicilian-style home cooking is at the heart of Sicilia and at Mistral, engaging international food stations welcome guests. Olive Tree offers light snacks at the pool, Majlis takes in the grandeur of Al Bahou and Maroc serves cocktails, tapas and shisha. Cash nightclub is popular for late night dancing and drinks. The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool, Safar Spa as well as a beauty salon and a gymnasium. Children can embark on an array of adventures at the Camel Kids Club. All guests receive complimentary access to Oceana Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah. The private beach club features a lazy river, infinity pool, Marina Bar and West 14th steakhouse restaurant.