over-modulation pulse width modulation rural development viability non-return rate number of services per concept motility rural peri-urban conception rate dry matter yield rain fed varieties napier grass agronomic performance technology acceptance model communications technology information ict for agriculture electronic extension agricultural extension quality assessment polymer formulation buccal cavity drug delivery oral fast dissolving film (ofd bias in ai algorithms privacy accountability transparency ai ethics socio-emotional skills knowledge construction meaningful learning sustainable patent law development manufacturing organization supply chain performance artificial intelligence biotechnology energy conservation energy saving r-squared regression electrical energy fortification vitamin a and d buttermilk map cap oxygen scavengers intelligent packaging active packaging soybean yield nodulation inoculation rhizobium grid integration arduino nano controllers charging infrastructure solar energy integration electric mobility controller harmonic inverter voltage source inverter total harmonic distortion neutral-point clamped multilev value chain heckman selection model margin cost cow milk corporate image ridership brand loyalty sustainable behavior esg sar form – self assessment rep cqi - continuous quality impro peo - program educational obje po - program outcomes obe – outcome based education vegetable dyes banned amines natural dye modulation-index artificial intelligence in can tumor microenvironment (tme) precision medicine immunotherapy oncogenesis ocular penetration ophthalmic ointments emulsifiers duration of drug contact drug-base compatibility contamination-entrapment of co treatment options diagnosis helicobacter pylori ​gastrointestinal condition peptic ulcers surgical therapy dopaminergic therapy non- motor symptoms motor symptoms parkinson’s disease tissue homeostasis molecular events cellular self-destruction programmed cell death apoptosis medication adherence issues drug classification dopaminergic hypothesis efficacy enhancement efforts antipsychotic medication (apm) laparoscopy in oncology epithelial ovarian cancer disparities in treatment bevacizumab debulking surgeries cytoreduction eoc demineralization softening purification correction of mineral composit natural waters intensification magnetic modification ion exchange kaura namoda heavy metal physicochemical harmattan dust lushan city dynamic degree transition matrix spatial changes temporal land use technological innovations air quality assessment environmental health quality testing methods aerosols agricultural technology impact assessment savelugu municipality off-season vegetable farming tea plantation land grants forest department colonial policies cachar stakeholders external internal bui division techniques pharmaceuticals polymers microcapsule microencapsulation technology biologics asthma treatment asthma pathophysiology asthma dignosis asthma innovative drug delivery syste multi-drug therapy (combinatio single-drug therapy (monothera non-insulin modalities for typ insulins for type 1 diabetes m pathophysiology of dm amiloride furosemide thiazide diuretics diuretics healthy lifestyle pattern (hlp lifestyle factors impact epidemiological surveys physical activity intervention obesity prevalence overweight
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