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Nirma final ppt


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Nirma final ppt

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: Nirma is a group of companies based inthe city of Ahmedabad in western Indiathat manufactures products ranging fromcosmetics, soaps, detergents, salt, sodaash, LAB and Injectibles. Karsanbhai Patel,a well known entrepreneur andphilanthropist of Gujarat, started Nirma asa one-man operation. Today Nirma hasover 15000 employees and a turnover ofover Rs. 3550 crores. In 2004, Nirmasdetergent approached 800,000 tonnes –one of the largest volumes sold in theworld – under a single brand NIRMA.
  3. 3. Company Profile Starting as a one-product, one-man outfit from a 100 sq ft(9.3 m2) room in 1969, Nirma became a very successfulcompany within three decades.The company had multi-locational manufacturing facilities, and a broad productportfolio under an umbrella brand – Nirma.The companysmission to provide, "Better Products, BetterValue, BetterLiving" contributed a great deal to its success. Nirma successfully countered competition from HLL andcarved a niche for itself in the lower-end of the detergentsand toilet soap market.The brand name became almostsynonymous with low-priced detergents and toilet soaps.
  4. 4.  However, Nirma realized that it would have to launchproducts for the upper end of the market to retain itsmiddle class consumers who would graduate to theupper end. The company launched toilet soaps for the premiumsegment. However, analysts felt that Nirma would not beable to repeat its success story in the premium segment. In 2000, Nirma had a 15% share in the toilet soapsegment and more than 30% share in the detergentmarket. Aided by growth in volumes and commissioningof backward integration projects, Nirmas turnover forthe year ended March 2000 increased by 17% over theprevious fiscal, to Rs. 12.17 bn.
  5. 5.  Nirma Limited CEO, CFO, Executives & Contacts Shrenikbhai LalbhaiNon-Executive Independent Director Shri. Shrenikbhai K.Lalbhai is Non-Executive Independent Director of NirmaLtd. Shri. Shrenikbhai K. Lalbhai is an industrialist. Rakesh PatelNon-ExecutiveVice Chairman of the Board Shri. Rakesh K.Patel is Non-ExecutiveVice Chairman of the Board ofNirma...
  6. 6. THEORY OF MARKETING MIX (4P’S)"Marketing mix" is a general phrase used to describe thedifferent kinds of choices organizations have to make in thewhole process of bringing a product or service to market.The 4 Ps is one way – probably the best-known way – ofdefining the marketing mix, and was first expressed in 1960 .The marketing mix and the 4 Ps of marketing are oftenused as synonyms for each other. In fact, they are notnecessarily the same thing.
  7. 7. The 4Ps are:Product (or Service)PlacePricePromotion
  8. 8. •Advertising•Public relations•Sales Promotion•Direct marketing•Sales force•Distribution Channel•Coverage•Assortments•Place Available•Inventory•Transport•List price•Discounts•Allowances•Payment period•Credit terms•Product Variants•Quality•Design•Features•Brand name•Packaging•Sizes•Services•Warranties•ReturnsProduct PricePromotionPlace
  9. 9. Using the 4Ps Marketing MixModel The marketing mix model can be used to help you decidehow to take a new offer to market. It can also be used totest your existing marketing strategy. Whether you areconsidering a new or existing offer, follow the stepsbelow help you define and improve your marketing mix.1. Start by identifying the product or service that you wantto analyze.2. Now go through and answer the 4Ps questions – asdefined in detail above.3. Try asking "why" and "what if" questions too, tochallenge your offer. For example, ask why your targetaudience needs a particular feature. What if you dropyour price by 5%? What if you offer more colors? Whysell through wholesalers rather than direct channels?What if you improve PR rather than rely on TVadvertising?
  10. 10.  Try asking "why" and "what if" questions too, tochallenge your offer. For example, ask why your targetaudience needs a particular feature. What if you dropyour price by 5%? What if you offer more colors? Why sellthrough wholesalers rather than direct channels? What ifyou improve PR rather than rely onTV advertising? Tip:Check through your answers to make sure they are basedon sound knowledge and facts. If there are doubts aboutyour assumptions, identify any market research, or factsand figures that you may need to gather.
  11. 11. 4. Once you have a well-defined marketing mix, try "testing" theoverall offer from the customers perspective, by askingcustomer focused questions: Does it meet their needs? (product) Will they find it where they shop? (place) Will they consider its priced favorably? (price) And will the marketing communications reach them?(promotion)5. Keep on asking questions and making changes to your mixuntil you are satisfied that you have optimized yourmarketing mix, given the information and facts and figuresyou have available.6. Review you marketing mix regularly, as some elements willneed to change as the product or service, and its market,grow, mature and adapt in an ever-changing competitiveenvironment.
  12. 12. PRODUCT
  13. 13. PRODUCT QUALITY Various dimensions of multi personality brand Nirma areas follows: a) Sincerity b) Robust c) Competence d) Performer e) Ruggedness f) Powerful (ab jyada shakti Nirma)
  14. 14. PRODUCT DESIGN It has a simple product design, it is designed asper fine motor skills. The detergent cake aredesigned in such a way that the entire cake isunder proper handling. It is not very large on thinthat it cannot be handled. Innovations are notdone in design of the product.
  15. 15. FEATURES Available in abundance Is able to delivery value what is asked from iti.e., proper cleanliness An unique feature of nirma detergent cakeare that they don’t dissolve easily with waterlike other. Durability is high in terms ofsoaking.
  16. 16. BRAND NAME The brand got its name from “NIRUPAMA” i.eThedaughter of Mr.Karsanbhai Patel(MD of Nirma) Thus Brand name came into existence NIRMA
  17. 17. PACKAGING For individual packaging is simple it isavailable in pouchs. For bulk purchases units are packed in boxesfor wholesalers.
  18. 18. SIZESPRODUCT 25 gm 125g 250g 500g 1000g 2000gNirma powder  Nirma d.cake  Super Nirma powder   Super d.cake  Nirma popular  Nirma d.cake  
  19. 19. RETURN AND WARRANTY There is no return policy as per theinformation given by customer careAhmedabad and other retailer stores This a consumable durable so there is nowarranty
  20. 20. PRICE
  21. 21. Highlights.. Initially, Nirma targeted rural area in 1970-1990’s. Later on they they shifted their focus to lower andmiddle urban areas. From both sides that is company as well as thecustomer there should be value proposition formoney. They don’t provide allowances. Credit terms was acceptable in cash as well ascheque form dated maximum for a week andminimum 3 days. They have adopted Perceived value pricing methodand value pricing method.
  22. 22. Price to customersQuantity Amount (Rs.)250 gms 10500gms 201kg 372kg 80(rs.10 super nirma soapfree)
  23. 23. Price to Retailers andDistributorsRetailer WholesalerList price(for 1kg-37Rs.)34Rs. 32.745Rs.Discount 10% 11.5%Allowances - -Payment period 1 week Have to pay onnext dayCredit terms Have to paycheque or cashCash or cheque
  24. 24. PLACE
  25. 25. Principal Channel [NirmaProducts]: Lowest Cost system in India Speed in distribution FlexibilityThe NIMA range of products is marketed through a parallelmarketing network that comprises of more than 2000distributors.
  26. 26. Parallel Channel [NimaProducts]: Wider Reach Speedy MarketIntelligence Competitive edge &Better focus ComplementingPrincipal Channel
  27. 27. Distribution Channel Availability of differentretail outlets across thenation To enhance traderelations To build up the retailerbase by providingincentives To develop programmes,schemes etc
  28. 28. Channel Coverage 400 distributors covering more than 2 millionretailers About 80% of Nirma’s distributors areexclusive Maintaining depots at Andhra Pradesh,TamilNadu and Karnataka
  29. 29. Assortments No. of products:1. NirmaWashing Powder2. Nirma Detergent cake3. Nirma soaps4. Nima soaps5. Salt6. Nirma Clean Dish Bar7. Nirma Bartan Bar
  30. 30. Location In Gujarat, the registered offices of Nirmaproducts are located at the following places:i. Ahmedabadii. Rajkotiii. Mehsanaiv. Barodav. Bhavnagar
  31. 31. Inventory SodaAsh LinearAlkyl Benzene Packaging Soaps Detergents Edible & Industrial Salt AlphaOlefin Sulfonate SulfuricAcid Glycerin Single Super Phosphate Infusions Injectables CriticalCare Products Medical Disposables
  32. 32. Transport Margin for channel partners ThroughAutorickshaws Nirma uses the low-costoperations priority (alongwith other competitivepriorities) to strategicadvantageNCCLNirmaNima
  33. 33. PROMOTION
  34. 34. Nirma : A JourneyBackyard of a SmallHouseBecoming One ofWorld’s Largest andMost IntegratedDetergent Comp.15-20 Packets – A dayOver 80000 TonsAnnually with 38%Market ShareA DREAM A REALITYFrom To
  35. 35. The Nirma Family
  36. 36. Marketing Communications andBrand Equity
  37. 37. Sender DecodingMediaResponseFeedbackRECEIVEREncodingNoiseMessagePromoter PerceptionMediumsBuyingFeedbackConsumerPositioningCompetitionPromotionThe Communication Channel : ABasic Approach
  39. 39. NIRMA Advertising Through the ErasThe 1970-80’s• NIRMA did not have a cost inits initial budget foradvertising.• Initial Advertising was wordof mouth marketing andeducating rural people aboutthe use of detergents.• By the late 70’s as televisionsslowly started to spread intorural India, so did the Nirma adcampaign, with its simplemessage and catchy jingle.
  40. 40. NIRMA’s Ad Campaign AnalysisAnalysisParameters1970-80’s 1990’s LatestCommunication ObjectivesCategory Need Brand Awareness Consolidate MarketMilk the BrandTargetSegmentRural SegmentHousewives (25– 40 y)Rural + UrbanYoung GirlsHousewives (18 – 40 y)Urban Housewives+Working Women(18 – 50 y)SymbolismUsedLittle Girl,Housewife , WhitenessModern GirlsModern BuildingsUnderwaterSwimmers, OperaMusicCreativeStrategyKeep It SimpleProduct-in-use Exp.TransformationalAppealTransformationalAppealCore Benefits Create Need,Value for MoneyMarket Penetration RepositioningConsumerResponseAwareness,Knowledge, PurchaseKnowledge, Liking,Preference, PurchaseLiking, Conviction,Purchase
  41. 41. Some facts about NIRMA’s AdCampaign “Dudh si safedi NIRMA se aaye, Rangin kapdabhi khil khil jaaye. Sabki pasand NIRMA”..thesame jingle has been used since the last 35years. Same radio spot has been used consistentlysince the last 28 years. Strategy used to create an emotionalattachment with the consumers.
  43. 43. Super Nirma –Advertisement AnalysisTarget Audience Consumers shifting towards moresophisticated form of washing.Communication Objective To meet the consumers growing aspirationsand to allow consumers to upgrade to a betterquality product.Communication Designa) MessageStrategy“get clothes cleaner” - Rational results of useexperienceb) CreativeStrategy“Super Mummy” can clean any kind of dirt fromclothes.c) MessageSourceBoy is building conviction that the clothes canbe cleaned.
  45. 45. Nirma Media MixIntroduction Stage•OBJECTIVE•Reach Geographical dispersed buyers•METHOD USED•Advertisement•Radio•Wall painting•Vans/Trains•Direct and Interactive marketing•Personal Selling•Expert Channel –Changing Washing Habits.•Product Demonstration•Sales promotion•Prize Draw• Introduce bucket scheme to promote product hamper•Money back guarantee promotion scheme
  46. 46. Nirma Media Mix• OBJECTIVE•Increase penetration• METHOD USED•Advertisement•Radio andTV advertisement•Bill boards•Word Of Mouth•Personal•Distributor InfluenceGrowth Stage
  47. 47. Nirma Media Mix• OBJECTIVE• Maintain Market Share• METHOD USED•Advertisement• Advertisement utilizing popularity of theT.V. Soaps• Advertisement emphasizing experience of using Nirma.• Packaging- New and Improve look• Logo, New Seal package• Enhance Distribution network to increase influence.• New Product- Super NirmaMaturity Stage
  48. 48. Today NIRMA as a Brand … One of theWorld’s largest and mostintegrated manufacturer of detergent andtoiletries One of the largest Player of Indian detergentmarket with a share of 38%. Second largest toilet soap marketer of thecountry with a share of 20%.