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  1. 1. IT Thrust Priyank Jain
  2. 2. Need Arise  The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) needs to undertake stringent measures to achieve a turnaround from a loss-making utility to a sustainable one.  The accumulated loss of erstwhile TEB Rs. 167.7 B (Mar 2009).  Apart from augmentation & strengthening of generation and distribution infrastructure ,an enterprise wide application of IT is required to enhance the operational efficiency of the organization.
  3. 3. IT initiatives  The utility’s T&D losses 17.6 %(2011-2012).  TANGEDEO is making continuous effort and has planned a host of IT initiatives to reduce:  The technical losses  Improve the efficiency.
  4. 4. Introduction of R-APDRP  Implementing IT applications to facilitate the operation and maintenance of Thermal power plants and substations.  Providing better services to consumer.  Under Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) extensive IT projects are being implemented for:  1.Reading  2.Billing and collection  3.Energy accounting and auditing
  5. 5. Existing IT application  Presently TANGEDCO has mostly stand alone s/w & operate on FoxPro.  Low Tension Billing s/w dev and maintain by in-house IT team for 2,600 section offices .  Spot billing through hand held mc in remote areas.  Computerized billing for high tension HT consumer is available since 2001.based on clientserver technology.
  6. 6. IT application under implementation  Part A of R-APDRP covers 110 towns in Tamil Nadu .  ITI ltd and Navayug Infotech Ltd have been designated as system integrators for R-ARDRP projects.  First step-Establishment of data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre.
  7. 7. Modules purposed to be covered under R- APDRP  Meter data acquisition system  Energy accounting and auditing  New connections ,disconnections and dismantling  GIS based consumer information indexing and asset mapping  GIS based intregrated analysis  Centralised customer care services  MIS  Web self sevice  Metering Billing collection  Maintenance Management
  8. 8. Nodal Agency & ERP System  Power Finance Corporation(PFC) ,the ‘Nodal Agency’ ,has sanctioned Rs 4.17 B for implementation of R-APDRP for has been disbursed. Part A.1.25 B  Inorder to stream line plant opration TANGEDCO implementing ERP system at North Chennai Thermal Power Station Stage II(2X600MW). The ERP system will contain :  Financial accounting & control  Asset Management  Materials management  HR management  Projects management  Plant management
  9. 9. IT road Map  Formulated an IT road with two objectives : 1.Better Customer services  Smart Metering  Mobile bill payment  Integral back office system for consumer services 2.Internal Efficiency of the organization  Consumer indexing  GIS  Energy accounting  Thermal generation business process automation system  Power purchase management system  Employee related system
  10. 10. The way Forward  TANGEDCO is carefully planning its IT strategy as in past the Software development has been unsatisfactory.  A detailed study of SRS.  Implementation of Integrated IT package throughout the org in phased manner.  Advance it in gen for integrating renewable energy project with state grids.  Substation automation
  11. 11. At the End….  The utilities growing thrust on IT is excepted to translate into lower network losses better customer service and efficient operations.
  12. 12. References & Links  Order(22.12.08)%20-%20Guidelines%20for%20R- APDRP.pdf  d%20_ITC.pdf 