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Greenko open 2011 prelims


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Greenko open 2011 prelims

  1. 1. Prelims
  2. 2. Rules:1. 35 questions2. 16-25 are starred(*) to be used for resolving ties3. In case there is a tie in starred marked questions as well, then ties will be resolved using sudden death from Q14. No negative marks5. Quizmaster’s decision is final
  3. 3. Tax authorities in Karachi have come up withan innovative way of extracting dues fromevaders. They have hired certain people whogo to the businesses and houses of debtors andtry to embarrass them into paying. They singand dance at the debtor’s doors, while theembarrassed debtor pays the dues to theaccompanying revenue officials. Who are thesepeople?2
  4. 4. and the answer is….
  5. 5. Eunuchs2
  6. 6. The Pan-European transport corridors wereidentified in 1994 as 10 vital routes in Centraland Eastern Europe that required majorinvestments. All, except one, are named afterthe cities they connect (e.g. Helsinki-Warsaw,Brussels-Kiev etc.) The exception goes throughor borders 10 European countries. Name?3
  7. 7. and the answer is….
  8. 8. 3
  9. 9. The name is a pun on the “pain” inflicted onthe contestants as well as a reference to thecurrent season of the TV reality show. Give thefull name of the show.4
  10. 10. and the answer is….
  11. 11. Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar4
  12. 12. The logo shown below, is associated with whichevent which is going to make its debut in India.5
  13. 13. and the answer is….
  14. 14. Formula 15
  15. 15. What does the map on the next page depict?6
  16. 16. 6
  17. 17. and the answer is….
  18. 18. Jyotirlingas of Shiva6
  19. 19. The Perpetual Maritime Truce of 1853 ended on1 December 1971, after the UK announced itsintention to end its protectorate over theTrucial Coast. The next day, Umm al-Quwainjoined 5 others to form what?7
  20. 20. and the answer is….
  21. 21. United Arab Emirates7
  22. 22. In order to improve connectivity and publictransport in London for the 2012 Olympics, ahigh speed train shuttle service will beintroduced. What name, which is also anOlympic sport, has been given to this trainservice?8
  23. 23. 8
  24. 24. and the answer is….
  25. 25. Javelin8
  26. 26. DLF dedicated its latest annual report (FY2010-11) to this person who was appropriatelyenough, employed with them as an Art Directortill 1993. Who?9
  27. 27. and the answer is….
  28. 28. 9
  29. 29. One of the experiments in the final shuttlemission involved the use of a software calledSpaceLab which measured altitude andradiation in space running on a terrestrialcommercial device. Although not mission-critical, the purpose was to check if terrestrialcommercial devices could be repurposed foruse in space. So what device was SpaceLabrunning on?10
  30. 30. and the answer is….
  31. 31. 10
  32. 32. This area was ceded to the British and wastherefore called Ceded Area, which was widelyseen as derogatory. In November 1928, after aserious discussion at the Andhra Maha Sabhameeting, its current name, based on thedynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire, wasadopted. What?11
  33. 33. and the answer is….
  34. 34. Rayalseema11
  35. 35. The shindo scale is used in Japan and Taiwan.It is measured in units of shindo unlike the“moment magnitude scale” that is commonlyused elsewhere. As a result, a given event maybe described as “shindo 4 in Tokyo, shindo 3 inYokohama” etc. The original 4 stage shindo hadthe levels “faint”, “weak”, “strong” and “violent”but was later overhauled to have moregradations. What does shindo measure?12
  36. 36. and the answer is….
  37. 37. Earthquake12
  38. 38. In Mathematics, what name is given to anglesbetween 180 and 360 degrees?13
  39. 39. and the answer is….
  40. 40. Reflex Angles13
  41. 41. Connect the audio with the visual.14
  42. 42. and the answer is….
  43. 43. Silk Smitha14
  44. 44. George Orwell describing an idyllic Sundayafternoon.“The wife is already asleep in the armchair andthe children have been sent out for a nice longwalk. You put your feet up on the sofa, settleyour spectacles on your nose and open the____ __ ___ ______. ”Fill in the blanks.15
  45. 45. and the answer is….
  46. 46. 15
  47. 47. The Aihole inscription at Meguti temple datingto 634 C.E. contains a fine example of aSanskrit pun. Praising the achievements of theking in battle, it says of his famous opponentthat the mighty ______ lost his _____. Fill bothblanks with one word.16*
  48. 48. and the answer is….
  49. 49. Harsha & Harsha16*
  50. 50. In 1892, a member of the United Services Clubworked out the ______ score for his course.Since the members were all military officers,and could not measure themselves against a“Mister ______”, they used a military rank asprefix. The name in the blank went on to meansomething else in the same context, and thecombination of rank and name becamemusically popular. Derive.17*
  51. 51. and the answer is….
  52. 52. 17
  53. 53. Sarpa (snakes), rudraksha, Ganga, mruga(animals), pushpa (flowers), damaruka, andnishkara collectively give rise to what namewhich is also famous in the world of music?18*
  54. 54. and the answer is….
  55. 55. Ornaments of Shiva - Shankarabharanam18*
  56. 56. This color shade was first synthesized by paintmaker Diesbach in 1706 and was given a patrioticname. It proved an instant hit with Europeanpainters who used it as a cheaper alternative toshades obtained from Lapis Lazuli. Its popularityincreased when a chemist showed that the colorcould be reduced to a salt of iron and a new acidwhich could be used to reconstitute the dye, thusmaking the color easily transportable. In fact, theacid thus synthesized was named after this color.Which color and which acid?20*.
  57. 57. and the answer is….
  58. 58. Prussian Blue & Prussic Acid20*
  59. 59. This term used by the Assyrian Army in the early 7th Century BC was for one who excavated trenches under defensive fire to advance a besieging armys position in relation to the works of an attacked fortification. In today’s lingo, this person is a combatant soldier who performs a wide variety of combat engineering duties, like bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields and is also trained to serve as an infantryman when needed in both defensive and offensive operations and is fully involved in modern counter-insurgency operations. What term are we talking about?21*
  60. 60. and the answer is….
  61. 61. Sapper21*
  62. 62. Which phrase, made famous by a fable, reflectsthe distinguishing feature of a particular seedspod, which bursts open when it reachesmaturity? Incidentally the seeds name is alsopart of the phrase.22*
  63. 63. and the answer is….
  64. 64. Open Sesame22*
  65. 65. Identify the animal which is seen on the tailwing of Qatar Airways?23*
  66. 66. and the answer is….
  67. 67. Oryx23*
  68. 68. This was the first radio receiver/transmittermanufactured by Galvin Manufacturing Conamed Motorola SCR-300. What was its morepopular nickname?24*
  69. 69. 24*
  70. 70. and the answer is….
  71. 71. Walkie Talkie24*
  72. 72. Martin Marietta Corp. , in 1982 was subject to ahostile takeover bid by Bendix Corporation. Bendixbought a majority of shares and in effect ownedthe company. However, Martin Marietta used theshort time separating ownership and control to sellnon-core businesses and launch its own hostiletakeover of Bendix. Martin Marietta eventuallysurvived. This unique strategy was given a nameby media in reference to a phenomenon of thattime. What ?26
  73. 73. and the answer is….
  74. 74. Pac Man Defense In reference to Pacman eating a pill in the game and getting the ability to eat the ghosts26
  75. 75. The key ingredient of this is speciallycompounded wax. When heated it expandsuntil it becomes less dense than the liquidabove causing it to rise. When it reaches thetop, the wax cools and starts to sink again. Thebasic principle behind the operation of which“groovy” device?27
  76. 76. and the answer is….
  77. 77. Lava Lamps27
  78. 78. In 1981, Hermes CEO Jean Louis Dumas noticed anactress’ struggles with her straw bag when seatedon a flight next to her. This prompted him to createsomething just for her. This object, bearing nologos, is one of the most recognized entities in thefashion world. These are distributed to Hermesboutiques on unpredictable schedules and inlimited quantities, creating scarcity and, intendedor unintended, exclusivity. Which personality in thenews has brought this object into the limelightagain?28
  79. 79. and the answer is….
  80. 80. 28
  81. 81. Which is the only paramilitary force in Indiawhich has its own Air, Water and Artilleryregiments?29
  82. 82. and the answer is….
  83. 83. 29
  84. 84. The structure at the front of the INS Viraatfrom where you see the Harriers take off getsits informal name from a structure built for asimilar purpose from the world of sport. Whatis it called?30
  85. 85. and the answer is….
  86. 86. and the answer is….
  87. 87. Ski Jump30
  88. 88. It expands to Random Access: Version One butalso pays tribute to a mythological villain.What?32
  89. 89. and the answer is….
  90. 90. 32
  91. 91. Complete the following lines from the MundakaUpanishad:_____ _______नानतम ् सत्येन पन्था विततो दे ियानः । ृयेनाक्रमन्त्यषयो ह्यात्मकामो यत्र तत ् सत्यस्य परमं ननधानं ॥ ृ_____ _____ nānṛtaṃ satyena panthā vitatodevayānaḥ |yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmāyatra tat satyasya paramaṃ nidhānam ||33
  92. 92. and the answer is….
  93. 93. 33
  94. 94. Which happening place in Hyderabad is namedafter its two founders Sanjay Batla & SanjayChimnani?35
  95. 95. and the answer is….
  96. 96. 35