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Voice mail ppt


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Importance of voice mails in a recruitment business.
C's of voicemails

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Voice mail ppt

  1. 1. Importance of Voice mails in Our Business • More Than 80% of our calls reach Voice Mails • We spend half of our lives researching for a apt candidate and then end up sending a voice mail
  2. 2. 8 C’s of a good voice mails
  3. 3. Be Clear • Pronounce each word carefully and fluently • Practice before you start recording
  4. 4. Be Concise • KISS
  5. 5. Be Credible • Talk with an Authority • Make it a Practice
  6. 6. Have Cadence • Do not be afraid of strategic pauses • Vary the speed of your delivery
  7. 7. Be Consistent • Is your voicemail reinforced by your emails • Does your voice mail signature reinforce your overall message • Follow up, until you get there
  8. 8. customize • Modify • Personalize • Do whatever it takes
  9. 9. Be compelling • Speak with authority • Mention that we are best in class • Evoke there interest, attention
  10. 10. Get Coached • How would you score your voice mail?? • Take feedback from your peers/Mentors • Improve
  11. 11. FEW EXAMPLES: "Please call me as soon as you can. My Client is interested in your skills and experience and we need to move quick in order to get you in front of them!" They already have a sense of urgency which is always nice.
  12. 12. When you already have a resume: • "I have an opening that I think you are a perfect fit for. Give me a call." For someone you are looking to network with: • "I need your professional expertise on a project I am working on. Give me a call."