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Marketing myopia


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A work on the Marketing Myopia - Case Study.

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Marketing myopia

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
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  3. 3. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Key Factors Key Factors
  4. 4. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Essence of the Article • Industries defined themselves incorrectly as product-oriented than customer- oriented. • Every company who attains growth also reaches obsolescence, it is only the company strategy which saves it. • Believes that profits are assured by an expanding market. • Production & R&D - focused more, therefore marketing goes neglected. • Organisation – to think as the buying customer instead of just producing goods or services.
  5. 5. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Companies which succeeded without MARKETING MYOPIA
  6. 6. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 • German Automobile Manufacturer positioned with the premium brand Volkswagen. • Tagline – Progress through Technology. • It implemented a major turn around strategy in mid 1990’s designed to attract more automobile buyer.
  7. 7. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Apple Inc • It is a multinational corporation which creates consumer electronics, computer software & commercial servers. • Its core product lines are the ipad, iphone, ipod music player & macintosh line-up. • Makes huge efforts to differentiate its products from its competitors • It pursued a marketing strategy based on the needs of the customer to find out the objectives later.
  8. 8. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Nike • They are competing in various trades now, yet they are marketing atleast one in all markets. • It has chosen to redefine their company beyond their initial product. (Shoes) • It has been successful in the sports gear and the apparel industry.
  9. 9. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Free Powerpoint Templates Companies who fell to MARKETING MYOPIA
  10. 10. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 • Gypsy was one of India's first sports utility vehicles. • The brand was considered as an aspirational one by many young at hearts. • The brand had the tagline of " There is a Gypsy in Everyone". • But the brand failed to capitalise on the first mover advantage. • The brand is now confined to certain niche markets like Police and Army vehicle segments. Maruthi GYPSY
  11. 11. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 • The brand failed because of the apathy of the company in investing in the brand. • The company didn't care to look at the negatives of the brand. • Lacked many important attributes valued by a customer. • Only those who fall head over heals over the looks bought the brand .
  12. 12. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Kodak • The digital camera was invented at Kodak in 1975. • Instead of marketing the new technology, the company kept it under wraps for fear of hurting its lucrative film business. • Kodak had the myopic view that the company was in the film business rather than the story telling business.
  13. 13. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 Edsel • The Ford Edsel was a late 1950s model passenger car. • The Edsel was released with much fanfare and publicity from marketing agencies and media outlets, still it was an almost immediate failure in the consumer market. • Business experts have attributed the failure to :  Marketing Myopia  Failure to understand customer desires • The name Edsel is now a business term synonymous with business or marketing failure.
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