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  1. 1. SlideShare SearchUploadLogin or SignupGo PRO Email Favorite Download Embed inShare×RelatedMore Wireless LAN Cable Modem CableModemZoom SURFboard Cable Modem SB4220 Series User…
  2. 2. SB5100 Series Cable Modem User GuideDSL and Cable Modem NetworksUser Guide SBV5220 VoIP Cable Modem1/31/10 1 Networking1/31/10 1 Networking1/31/10 1 NetworkingTouchstone
  3. 3. © 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights r… SBG1000 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway Use… Quick Installation Guide SURFboard Cable Data Networks Ca Ex S4 C6Teleworker Services A Guide toHardware, 4e Networks + FollowInternet Access Via Cable Networkby SonalVPatil on Dec 29, 2009 9,043views More…
  4. 4. 2 comments1–2 of 2 comments iftikharhrpvery usefull informations in this docments3 days ago shabanabegumThank you1 year ago Subscribe to commentsPost Comment4 Favorites kljhgf1 month ago shrivastavasunidhi10 months ago meenakshirawat1 year ago munnamighty2 years agoInternet Access Via Cable Network — Presentation Transcript1.2. Contents : Introduction How Access Internet using TV Cable Network Cable ModemConnection Work Of Cable Modem Isolation of TV & PC Ethernet over CoaxialAdapter Hybrid Access System Advantages & Disadvantages Applications Conclusion3. INTRODUCTION Internet data can be transferred through Cable networks wired tothe user computer. Accessing the Internet at 10 megabits per second. A cable modemconnects to a PC using the same coaxial cable that brings all channels to your
  5. 5. television. India has a cable penetration of 80 million homes, offering a vast networkfor leveraging the internet access.4. How access the Internet using the Cable Network Use the dial-up telephone servicesprovided by your Cable Company in conjunction with a modem or ISDN adapter. Touse a Cable modem .5. Cable Modem A "Cable Modem" is a device that allows high-speedaccess to the Internet via a cable TV (CATV) network. The cable modem attaches tocomputer through an Ethernet Network Interface Card. It takes a signal from thecomputer and converts it for transmission over the cable network.6. How does it connect Ethernet 10BaseT is emerging as the most predominant method.7. How Cable Modem work Your Cable Company supplies you with a connection toyour home which in turn is connected to a splitter box. One spur from the splitter box isconnected to your TV through a TV Adapter, the other being connected to your CableModem, which in turn is connected to your computer through an Ethernet connection.Cable modems can be part modem, part tuner, part encryption / decryption device, partbridge, part router, part NIC card and part Ethernet hub.8.9. Isolation of TV & PC At the connecting point the feeding of the data into the TVcable network. The modem with an Ethernet interface. They will be connected bymeans of a splitter at the system outlet of the subscriber. The system uses the frequencyrange from 5 MHz until 30 MHz, which is not used from TV programs.10. Ethernet over Coax Adapter Ethernet Coaxial Adapter :-11. The Ethernet over Coax adapter provides a simple and inexpensive way to create areliable home network, without running CAT5 cables through your walls. It delivershigh speed internet, voice and video over coaxial cable. Ideal for homes, apartmentbuildings or hotels seeking to add high-speed internet capabilities over existing coaxialTV cables.12. Hybrid Access System Coming Soon to a PC near You13. Advantages Advanced High Speed Internet Access Service. No new software isrequired. No reconstruction of the cable system necessary. Use Of free frequency rangefrom 3 to 5 MHz without TV program reorganization. Integration of the modem in theBilling System via router, accounting per space of time or volume possible.Components and amplifiers must have only return path ability.
  6. 6. 14. Disadvantages Cable connections are not available in every neighbourhood,Becausecable connections are ‘Always on, ’ one needs a firewall and activation of othersecurity features so as to protect the computer.15. Applications Connect set-top boxes, personal computers, game consoles, broadbandmodems etc. to your home network instantly. Add high-speed internet, digital voice andvideo access to any room with a coaxial TV cable. Ideal for homes, apartment buildingsor hotels seeking to add high-speed. Plug-n-Play specifications. Hospital & At ourresidence.16. Conclusion Cable TV has a strong reach to the homes and therefore offering theInternet through cable be a scope for furthering the growth of internet usage in thehomes. The cable is an alternative medium for delivering the Internet Services in theUS, there are a million homes with cable modems, enabling the high-speed internetaccess over cable. SearchSlideShareon mobileFollow us on TwitterFind us on FacebookConnect on LinkedInLEARN ABOUT USAboutCareersOur BlogPressContact usHelp & SupportUSING SLIDESHARESlideShare 101Terms of UsePrivacy PolicyCopyright & DMCACommunity GuidelinesPRO & MOREGo PRO newBusiness SolutionsAdvertise on SlideShareDEVELOPERS & APIDevelopers Section
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