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Michael Jackson


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Michael Jackson

  1. 1. Michael Jackson Beat it
  2. 2. Info on the Song & VideoBeat it is the third single from Michael Jacksons sixth soloalbum, ThrillerThe song was promoted with a short film that featuredJackson bringing two gangs together through thepower of danceBeat It was awarded two Grammy Awards and twoAmerican Music AwardsThe video cost $150,000 to makePeople from the actual LA gangs Bloods and Crips were inthe video
  3. 3. Music Video StyleCostume: The costumes are very street retro 80s blackyouth clothing. The high trousers were in fashion, andhad a 20s gangster style look. The other gangmembers wearing the bowler hats and the braces ontheir trousers also have an old school 20s gangsterlook to it. The bandannas that some are wearing havea more modern gang look as well as the sunglassesand jewellery. Michaels orangey red leather jacketconnotates danger and as there is two gangsfighting, there is danger.
  4. 4. Location: Beat it was mainly filmed in Los Angeles SkidRow on location at East 5th street. This is quite asocially deprived area with a lot of gang violenceand Michael wanted to give his video a moreauthentic feel. Another location which the videowas filmed in was an old American diner/bar whichagain gives it a more authentic look.
  5. 5. Camera Angles/Movement: Throughout most of the video, medium shots and panning are used so that the audience can see a lot of what is going on. This also is showing that all the gang members are almost “equal” because none are shown to be in extreme close ups over other gang members, they are always shown together and at the same level. There are a few establishing shots which show the two gangs coming out of two different parts of the street. Towards the end of the music video, Michael is shown from a low angle shot, making him look more superior to the gang members but when he steps off the boxes, he is shown in the same shot and from the same angle as the gang members, this shows that they are all equal.
  6. 6. The music video is partly performance based and party narrative based. It is partly performance based because when Michael is singing towards the end, him and a lot of the gang members are dancing in synch and this makes it look performance based. The video is narrative based because it shows the story of two gangs fighting each other but Michael making them come together at the end and dance.
  7. 7. Our opinion of the Song/VideoPriya: “ I like the song because it has a good beat to it. I like the video because it was interesting to see what happens between the two gangs and see if they were going to fight. To have them then start dancing was out of the blue but still enjoyable to watch. The dancing was also very good an was all in time with the music and each other.”Jade: “I like this song because I like the guitar solo and the beat is good. I like the video because I wasn’t expecting the gang members to dance and all be together without actually fighting. I also like some of the dance moves and I thought that they worked well with the music”
  8. 8. One of the purposes of the video was to show that these gang members have overcome the fight and are now dancing. During the time that this was produced, there was a lot of gang violence and competition between gangs and Michael wanted to show that there shouldn’t be any, they shouldjust get along. This video also received a lot of positive reviews.