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Contact us and see the opportunitty of your life! Triple your money with secure gold investment or have the chance of buying gold with 75% discount!
Unique, stable and new opprtunnity. Open market now!

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Privilege goldbex presentation english

  1. 1. Come and see how to triple yourinvestments in few days… Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  2. 2. WELCOME TO THE BEST OPPORTUNITY Ourcompanyoffers a great BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to everyone who wants to enter in the market of gold purchase and sale, getting high profits, with a simple and easy way and without the need of experience in the field. GOLD is a product that never stops to attract people and nowadays is one of the more required and with the most revaluation in the financial markets. So, if we add to these features, an extraordinary marketing plan and a system that permits you to develop the activity at home using Internet, you can develop a successful business and, at the same time, have more time to spend with your family. LET’S SEETHE FOLLOWING INFORMATION…. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  3. 3. “ Let’sTalkabout Gold ...” Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  4. 4. GOLD INVESTMENT During all the history, man always looked for a way to gain money and to be rich. In our current society is really difficult to get a financial stability if you are a person with limited money availability, or if you have a conventional job. The only thing you can easily get is a bad lifestyle or every time more debts. At the half of XIX century the called “Gold Fever ” attracted in California the “Forty-Niners”, the first gold searcher, who travel for thousands kilometres searching an opportunity to change their lives. Now, in the XXI century, gold come back to be the protagonist. While the world is passing through a really bad financial crisis, this precious metal is increasing its value everyday more and it offers you a magnificent opportunity to enrich yourself, thanks to GOLDBEX. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  5. 5. GOLD INVESTMENT GOLD has always been considered a synonym of richness in the entire world. GOLD is known universally and you can change it for money every moment you need and in each country of the world. To invest in gold is a guarantee of security and financial stability, shown in the last ten years, with a high profitability that can protect you from any crisis. There is no way to speculation, the facts and the numbers can prove that this is one of the product more required by the human being. If you want to have a financial success, you have to locate in this field of high demand. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  6. 6. GOLD INVESTMENT In the last 10 years the people who decided to invest on GOLD, SAW ITS VALUE INCREASED OF 500%. During this year is value is 21% more than at the beginning of 2010. Its profitability in one year is + 29,72%., and the last 5 years is +176,71%. Nowadays, in front of this crisis and the instability of the financial field, GOLD has become a safe haven for the investors. The medias reports the constant increase of the precious metal, everyday and the entire world now wants to pile up its gold. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  7. 7. GOLD - SOME STATISTICAL INFORMATION Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  8. 8. GOLD BULLION & BARS The company trades different “London Good Delivery” gold bars. These gold bars have the homologation of London Bullion Market Association and they are accepted in the International Stock Exchange, without any limitation. The definition "London Good Delivery” proves that the refinery guarantees the severe quality requirements to trade gold bars of 24 carats, standardized all around the world. “London Good Delivery” god bars have a purity that oscillates between 995 and 999,9 parts of 1.000 of fine gold and they have a code on the bar with: Series number, stamp of the refinery, grade of purity and year of production. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  9. 9. “RegardingtheCompany ...” Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  10. 10. ABOUT THE COMPANY Goldbexis a high standard Company,legally constituted and incorporated, hishead office is located at Barcelona, Spain, its main market is the Gold & bullion trading. The company was funded by Antonio Lara, who counts with more than 13 years of experience in the gold field and 21 years leading and preparing people in different MLM. Besides Antonio the company can counts with a big group of leaders, located in different countries of the world where the company is working. Nowadays, Goldbex have investors and customers in Spain, Portugal, Suisse, other European Union countries, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentine, Colombia and Uruguay. And everyday there are new countries joining to ourgreat investors family. Antonio Lara Founder & CEO Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  11. 11. ABOUT THE COMPANY The Companyworks with a system of support online that allows to create an international business, thanks to the new technologies. In this way everybody will be able to manage a business of purchase and sale of gold from his/her home or from a small office, saving money of restaurants, luxury offices, employees, transport, etc. … Using Videoconference, Skype, and other Internet tools, the company maintain a great support system with its customers all around the world. Conferences and training about the business through Internet are part of the develop policy of the company, which has the goal to open its market in more than 20 countries in its first activity year. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  12. 12. “Recommend and Win” Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  13. 13. COMMERCIAL STRATEGY The companyuses a commercial strategy called “customer calls customer”, that, nowadays other big and important companies are using. With the entrance of a lot of different kinds of TV channels, the audience or the number of viewers has diversified. Many companies try to advertise their services or their products using other marketing strategies, which can substitute the classical TV, Radio, press, etc. So that, Street Marketing companies, or the word of mouth are acquiring everyday more importance. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  14. 14. COMMERCIAL STRATEGY Like Goldbex, these companies reward the recommendation of theirs services to other customers, offering incredible discounts and presents. Goldbex uses the same commercial strategy but using its product, the gold bars for investment. Through theaccumulation plans, you can obtain 24-karat ingots for a third of their real market value, just by RECOMMENDING a few people our plans. You choose a plan that fits your needs, make a small account payment and the rest is paid by RECOMMENDING the company to other people. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  15. 15. “GoldAccumulationPlans” Regardingour Goldbusiness… Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  16. 16. ACCUMULATION SYSTEM Who would not like to own a room full of gold?   Today the money looses its value really fast if you don’t invest it in safe values.   To accumulate gold represents a guarantee that your savings revaluate and that you can give a financial security to your family.   An accumulation plan in gold consists in to accumulate the biggest quantity of gold that is possible for you, in order to revaluate your savings day by day, and transforming them in really rentable savings. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  17. 17. ACCUMULATION SYSTEM With our system of ONLINE SUPPORT, everyone, it doesn’t matter what work experience he/she has, can become an expert in the recommendation of our plans of gold accumulation.   With our commercial strategy “customer recommend customer” and thanks to our real gold mine, our marketing plan, everybody have the opportunity to increase his/her patrimony, to delete debts, and most important, to accumulate gold.   Remember, accumulate GOLD and you will be able to change it whenever you need or you can save it to get a high profitability and a financial stability. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  18. 18. ACCUMULATION PLANS The company offer different kind of accumulation plans, in order to offer to each the best plan that can fits to his/her possibilities.In each of them you TRIPLE your investment. BASIC PLANS It’s the basic range of our plans. With this kind of plan you can accumulate gold from a minimum investment of 100 € to a maximum of 500 €.   MEDIUM PLANS  Starting from 1000€ to get 3000 € as minimum.   PREMIUM PLANS Starting from 3000 €, for investors who want to get great quantity of gold. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  19. 19. HOW TO START ANY ACCUMULATION PLAN You do a purchase booking contract for the value you chose.   Deliver us the 25% of the booked value.   The other quantity will be reclaimed recommending the same plan of gold accumulation to other people. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  20. 20. “Marketing Plan” Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  21. 21. MARKETING PLAN When you subscribe a GOLDBEX accumulation plan, our company opens a virtual array, in which it will collocate the contracts of the customers that you recommend to the company.   If you want that your contract can be closed, you have to fill the available holes with a total of 6 recommended contracts, directly or indirectly.   The indirect customers are the ones introduced by your own customers and that they will also counts as yours in your array.   Once you close the contract, you will be able to open up a new one with a new array. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  22. 22. MARKETING PLAN - GBP100 Using our “2x2 Strategy” and working in team, you can accelerate the process of closing a array, something you can do all the times you want, as there are no limits to gain in this system.   Using this strategy you can recommend directly two new customers to the company and if these ones will do the same, you will already close the array.   How much time do you need to get it? One month, one week, one day, one hour…..   HOW MUCH WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACCUMULATE? 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 100 € 300 € in gold 100 € Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  23. 23. MARKETING PLAN - GBP500 Using our "2x2 Strategy" and working in groups, we reduce our time to fulfill the contract of 6 referred to the company. 2 DirectCoustumers 4 IndirectCoustumers HOW MUCH WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACCUMULATE? 500 € 500 € 500 € 500 € 500 € = 1.500 € in gold 500 € 500 € Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  24. 24. MARKETING PLAN - GMP1000 Using our "2x2 Strategy" and working in groups, we reduce our time to fulfill the contract of 6 referred to the company. 2 DirectCoustumers 4 IndirectCoustumers HOW MUCH WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACCUMULATE? 1000 € 1000 € 1000 € 1000 € 1000 € = 3.000 € in gold 1000 € 1000 € Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  25. 25. OTHER MARKETING PLANS SIX DIFFERENT ACCUMULATION PLANS AVAILABLE: GBP100 – Paymentonaccount100 € - youwin300 € in gold. GBP500 – Paymentonaccount500 € - youwin1.500 € in gold. GMP1000 – Paymentonaccount1.000 € - youwin3.000 € in gold. GMP2000 – Paymentonaccount2.000 € - youwin6.000 € in gold. GPP3000 – Paymentonaccount3.000 € - youwin 9.000 € in gold. GPP5000 – Paymentonaccount5.000 € - youwin15.000 € in gold. 5000 € 5000 € 5000 € 5000 € 5000 € = 15.000 € in gold 5000 € 5000 € Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  26. 26. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP The constraint with the customers recommended directly by you will be permanent. Every time one of your customers will subscribe a new contract, this one will join to your active contract. Goldbex rewards your recommendation in a permanent way. As much direct recommended people you will have as faster the system will operate. Every time it will be easier to close contracts. This is what we call the effect “Follow me”, all your direct recommendation will follow you in your new array. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  27. 27. VIRTUAL OFFICE Goldbex offers its virtual office to all its customers for free.   In the Virtual Office, our customers will be able to see the evolution of their arrayes (contracts), their settlement, gold demand, etc.   Your Virtual Office will be opened after few hours from your subscription as a customer.   This is an easy and simple way to have the control over your customer count, every moment you need. Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  28. 28. BUSINESS CENTER For all the people who want to develop their count of direct recommended customers, as much as their business, the company offer the possibility to negotiate the Goldbex Business Centre. This centre offers the following services:   Official and personalized website of the company. Promotion and management tools. Automatism of sent information. Utilization of virtual conference room. Settlement control and movement of your count. Control of array of Downline. Warning of close contracts and other SMS.   “Your business centre will work 24 hours per day for you.” Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  29. 29. GET STARTDED TODAY To start is really simple, you only have to choose the gold accumulation plan you need. Once you are customer, you will be able to recommend GOLDBEX and to accumulate gold. Think about two persons to find, with whom to share your “Gold mine”. Don’t deceive yourself, tomorrow is always late. Subscribe yourself today and subscribe 2 of your friends or family persons. These two will recommend GOLDBEX to two other friends and you will close the contract… "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul" William ErnestHenley * Put in contact with the person who passed you this Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -
  30. 30. GetStartedNow!! Choose the plan that is closer to your availability in: Madrid - New York - Singapore E-mail: Skype: Privilege.Investments Facebook: Copyright © 2010 -PrivilegeInvestments Leaders Team -