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Privia Graphics Collection


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Graphics are critical to any proposal process. They can convey a wealth of ideas—from the simplest to the most complex— at speeds up to 60,000 times faster than the written word. Good graphics can increase the chances of a win, while poor graphics can have a detrimental effect on the chance of success.

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Privia Graphics Collection

  1. 1. Data SheetPrivia Graphics CollectionGraphics are critical to any proposal process. They can convey a wealth ofideas—from the simplest to the most complex— at speeds up to 60,000 timesfaster than the written word. Good graphics can increase the chances of a win,while poor graphics can have a detrimental effect on the chance of success.Visualize & CommunicateAfter the win themes, graphics are chance of communicating message royalty-free graphics at a remarkablytypically the most important across the first time a prospective affordable rate.component in scoring a proposal. customer views your proposal.Commercial organizations and public Whatever the business need—fromsector agencies often perform an initial Privia understands the importance of proposals and whitepapers to trainingreview of the proposal for compliance great graphics as well, which is why we materials, e-newsletters, or sales andbefore they read the individual sections have teamed with Get My Graphic to marketing documents—users are surein detail. And the first thing they usually create the Privia Graphics Collection. to find the right image in this vastnotice are the graphics and the The collaboration gives Privia the ability library of high resolution graphics. Andcaptions that go along with them. to offer access to thousands of every graphic is editable in MicrosoftGraphics will greatly increase the professional, easily editable, PowerPoint 2007 or higher. Make your own pipe graphics. Get more Pipe Graphic pieces. Input A Bandwidth Usage Active Users 70 Element Element 60 Element Element 50 Bandwidth % Inbound Element Element 40 30 Outbound 20 10 Webpage 0 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 Input B Memory Usage Title Drive A Drive B Funnel Info Here Title Place information here. More data can be placed here. Title Place information Place your information here. here. More data can Used Free Space Used Free Space Title be placed here. Place your information here. Active Users Title United Sates England Australia Input C Title Average Average Average 0 3 2 0 2 6 0 8 3 Title Here Group and ungroup as needed to move elements. When scaling, group all elements to be scaled. Scale as needed. Use the “Increase Font Size,” “Decrease Font Size” buttons or manually change the font size for the editable text.
  2. 2. Benefits for Production Leads: Benefits for Proposal Managers: Research shows• Proposal graphic templates that • Minimal to no design skills needed can be edited and reused for a to quickly make eye-catching, that visuals: variety of implementations informative graphics • increase the likelihood• Intuitive, easy-to-use search • A huge repository of images that of success by 43% engine can be downloaded once and —3M and University• No need to purchase or learn reused over and over of Minnesota new software; edit in Microsoft • An increased win rate of 43% PowerPoint and use in any (proven by independent research) • take 40% less time software • Time and money saved by using to explain complex• Save at either on-screen / web or graphics that can be edited in ideas (60,000x faster print-quality resolution minutes, not hours than text alone) —Wharton SchoolThe Privia Graphics Collection includes a number of subscription package optionsthat are tailored to meet the needs of organizations both large and small. • improve retention 38% —Harvard University BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM • improve learning 200% Number of credits 700 2,600 7,000 unlimited —University of Wisconsin Approximate # of graphics 45 graphics 170 graphics 470 graphics unlimited graphics Number of users 1* 1* 1* up to 10** FREE unlimited rights of use *One user name and password assigned. A user can share their user name and password withanyone on their team and credits deplete with each download.**Additional users can be addedAbout PriviaReputation For ExcellenceLarge companies and small businesses alike have come to rely on Privia to lower their costs, maximize their efficiency, andreduce stress among their new business teams. Our partnerships with leading organizations like the BD-Institute and ShipleyAssociates mean that we keep on top of the latest best practices and integrate those into our products. And our relationshipswith companies of all sizes are long-term and mutually successful—just ask them !Privia LLC | 555 Herndon Parkway | Suite 250 | Herndon, VA 20170 | 866.531.9370