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PrivateGSM demo quickstart guide iphone_en


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PrivateGSM demo quickstart guide iphone_en

  1. 1. PrivateGSM DemoQuick Start Guide for iPhoneDemo version for evaluation onlyNOT FOR SALE: the PrivateGSM version you can purchaseis sold within the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite solution.© 2005-2011 PrivateWave Italia SpA - All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. PrivateGSM Demo 1Summary1. Some advice before you begin! 22. Activation... in 2 easy steps! 31 Install PrivateGSM Professional 32 Launch the Automatic Setup 33. How it works 41 Invite your contacts 42 Make a secure call using PrivateGSM 43 Receive a secure call using PrivateGSM 54 Call phases 55 Call quality level 66 Check your security 67 Receive Only mode 74. Contacts 8 Quick Start Guide
  3. 3. PrivateGSM Demo 21. Some advice before you begin!= Your phone calls’ security is granted by using the VoIP data line instead of the voice one. Under particular events, due to the VoIP network condition, it could be present a little latency. In the presence of a WiFi internet connection, consider to use it for a better communication quality.= As a VoIP phone call, with data-packet exchanging, both the caller and the called pay for the calling. To save your money consider to subscribe an unlimited mobile internet data plan with your mobile operator.= When making a secure call, before being connected to your contact, the system needs to exchange and verify the security keys. It takes a while, so you need to wait some seconds before starting the conversation. Quick Start Guide
  4. 4. PrivateGSM Demo 32. Activation... in 2 easy steps!1 Install PrivateGSM Professional You can download PrivateGSM Professional on your mobile from the Apple App Store. ! In order to use PrivateGSM Professional, you need to have an active internet con- nection.2 Launch the Automatic Setup After the installation, you have to choose the Auto- matic Setup in order to start making phone calls. Choose the “Automatic” mode and send the activa- tion SMS. Then, follow all the suggested steps till the “Activation successful” message. ! We strongly encourage automatic set- up. Manual setup is only recommended for expert users. Some automations, designed to simplify product use, will be lost with manual setup. Quick Start Guide
  5. 5. PrivateGSM Demo 43. How it works1 Invite your contacts Using your mobile address book, you can invite your contacts to join PrivateGSM. Launch PrivateGSM, tap the “Invite” icon and choose the contacts to whom you want to make secure calls. They will receive a text message including the instal- lation link. Your contacts can also download the software from the Apple App Store.2 Make a secure call using PrivateGSM Calling using PrivateGSM is very easy; you only need to run the application, insert the number and press the green “Call” button as you would do with the official “Phone” app. It is also possible to call a contact from the address book, just tapping the “Contacts” icon at the bottom of the screen and choosing a number from the list. ! To make a secure call, you and the called party must be running PrivateGSM soft- ware and be connected to the Internet. Quick Start Guide
  6. 6. PrivateGSM Demo 53 Receive a secure call using PrivateGSM Once PrivateGSM is installed, you are able to receive a secure call. When an incoming secure call is ringing on your phone, PrivateGSM displays a pop up. Once in PrivateGSM, you only need to press “Accept” to allow the connection. The system exchanges and verifies the security keys and then the conversation can start. ! To receive a secure call, you must be run- ning PrivateGSM software and be con- nected to the Internet.4 Call phases To establish a call, PrivateGSM completes three phases, shown by three icons: 1. Red light: the connection is starting. This step may take several seconds. 2. Yellow light: ZRTP keys are being exchanged to secure the call. 3. Green light: secure call is established. Now it is possible to speak in a secure way. Quick Start Guide
  7. 7. PrivateGSM Demo 65 Call quality level Some factors that affect the GSM network (i.e. GPRS use, poor signal, frequent radio cell changes, roaming), could decrease call quality, increasing voice delay. The “green light icon”, shown above, changes to display the current quality level: Poor connection quality. Average connection quality. Good connection quality.6 Check your security A PrivateGSM phone call is always encrypted. When you call a contact, to verify that there are no intrusions, PrivateGSM displays a security code, con- sisting of two random words, to both parties. Check the two words with your contact: if you see the same security code, then the call is secure. The security code is different each time you make or receive a new secure call. Quick Start Guide
  8. 8. PrivateGSM Demo 77 Receive Only mode As the trial period expires, PrivateGSM turns in Re- ceive Only mode. In this mode PrivateGSM still allows you to receive secure calls for as long as the software is installed on your phone, but it’s no more possible to call other PrivateGSM users. Quick Start Guide
  9. 9. PrivateGSM Demo 84. ContactsFor additional help and more information, please visit the support section at:http://www.privatewave.comTo contact our technical support:Tel: +39 02 911 930 891E-mail: support@privatewave.comOffice hours: Monday to Friday, 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM and 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM (GMT +1)We remind you that the PrivateGSM Demo version is for evaluation purpose only, to show how thesoftware works. The full version on sale is part of the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite solution for fixed-mobile encryption in a company network.For more information or technical details on the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite, get in contact withour sales team:E-mail: Quick Start Guide