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All about Mexico - interesting facts about society and culture


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All about Mexico - interesting facts about society and culture

  1. 1. All about MexicoPriscilla ToledanoFulbright scholar Foreing Language Teaching Assistant Program FLTA 2011-2012
  2. 2. Overview • Federal constitutional republic in North America • Boundaries • Extension: over 760, 000 sq mi • 5th largest country in America • Population: over 112 million • The most populous Spanish-speaking country. • 31 states and a Federal District
  3. 3. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica• Olmec• Toltec• Teotihuacan• Zapotec• Maya• Aztec
  4. 4. Miguel Hidalgo y CostillaThe Father of theIndependence(September 15, 1810)
  5. 5. Climate• The Tropic of Cancer• Many large cities in Mexico are located in the Valley of Mexico (temperature averages from 60.8 to 64.4 °F) and cool nighttime temperatures throughout the year.• Cities in the north experience temperatures of 104 °F or more in summer. In the Sonoran Desert temperatures reach 122 °F or more.
  6. 6. Biodiversity• Mexico is one of the 18 megadiverse countries of the world.• 1st place in biodiversity in reptiles with 707 known species• 2nd place in mammals with 438 species• 4th place in flora with 26, 000 species
  7. 7. Mexico’s native culinary ingredients
  8. 8. TequilaTequila is a spirit made from the blue agaveplant, primarily in the area surrounding the cityof Tequila, 40 miles northwest ofGuadalajara, and in the highlands (Los Altos) ofthe western Mexican state of Jalisco.
  9. 9. EconomyDaily minimum wages areset annually by law anddetermined by zone; $5.75USD in Zone A (BajaCalifornia, FederalDistrict, State of Mexico, andlarge cities), $5.59 USD inZone B (Sonora, NuevoLeón, Tamaulipas, Veracruz,and Jalisco), and $5.45 USDin Zone C all other states.
  10. 10. Transportation
  11. 11. Culture• Traditions• Food• Family• Dating• Music and dance• Tourism
  12. 12. Traditions• Independence Day (September 16 th)
  13. 13. Traditions Day of the Dead November 1st and 2nd
  14. 14. Traditions Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe December 12th
  15. 15. LoteríaLotería is a Mexican game of chance, similar toBingo, but using images on a deck of cards insteadof plain numbers on ping pong balls.
  16. 16. FoodGorditas, tacos, tortas, tamales, mole, chiles en nogada, tequila.
  17. 17. Mexican Family Values• The family is at the center of the social structure.• Outside of the major cosmopolitan cities, families are still generally large.• The extended family is as important as the nuclear family since it provides a sense of stability.
  18. 18. • Mexicans consider it their duty and responsibility to help family members.• Most Mexican families are extremely traditional, with the father as the head, the authority figure and the decision-maker.• Mothers are greatly revered, but their role may be seen as secondary to that of their husband.
  19. 19. Hierarchical Society• Mexican society and business are highly stratified and vertically structured.• Rank is important, and those above you in rank must always be treated with respect.• This makes it important to know which person is in charge, and leads to an authoritarian approach to decision-making and problem- solving.• It would be disrespectful to break the chain of hierarchy.
  20. 20. Machismo• Machismo literally means masculinity.
  21. 21. Meeting and Greeting People in Mexico• Whereas in the US and some places in Europe, people will happily meet and just say "hello, nice to meet you", in Mexico, the correct physical contact is essential to build trust and respect with others.• Personal Space: Mexicans tend to stand closer to each other than in the USA and Europe. Stepping back too far may be taken as a sign of mistrust.
  22. 22. • Men Meeting Men: Men always shake hands when they meet and before they depart each others company. An hug is shared between friends.• Men Meeting Women: In social situations, women may lean toward you to kiss; you should follow through with a light kiss on the cheek (only one, unlike Italy, for example). Most women will simply offer a handshake.• Women Meeting Women: In social situations where women know each other, women will always hug and kiss each other on the cheek.
  23. 23. Time• For social events, you could show up 30 minutes later than the time on the invitation.• If you are sending out invitations to a social gathering, keep in mind that guests wont show up at the time you state
  24. 24. Dining Etiquette • Invitations: If you invite someone to eat out, it is assumed (and expected) that you will settle the bill. Splitting the bill is not done in Mexico and, indeed, suggesting it should be done is considered rude and uncouth.
  25. 25. Relationships & Communication• The right connections facilitate business success.
  26. 26. When dating Mexican girls…• you’ll usually be expected to foot the bill• walk on the street side of the sidewalk when you stroll together• do all the romantic stuff like in the movies• find somewhere starlit, buy flowers and then say all the things you’d never say back home for fear of breaking down laughing.
  27. 27. Music and danceMariachi - El Son de la Negra
  28. 28. Tourism• Tamaulipas
  29. 29. Welcome to Mexico!!!!Priscilla
  30. 30. References• Wikipedia retrieved on September 25,2011• You tube Ballet “Folklórico de UAG” retrieved onSeptember 25, 2011• You tube “Estrellas del Bicentenario de México”