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Vortex 2.4 The Industrial Internet of Things Platform


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The large majority of commercial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms target consumer applications and fall short in addressing the requirements of Industrial IoT systems (IIoT). PrismTech’s Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform has always focused on addressing these challenges and with its new 2.4 release sets the new standard! This presntation will (1) detail the new features introduced in Vortex 2.4, (2) explain how Vortex 2.4 addresses the connectivity requirements of IIoT applications better than any other existing platform, and (3) showcase how innovative companies are using Vortex for building leading edge Industrial IoT applications.

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Vortex 2.4 The Industrial Internet of Things Platform

  1. 1. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Angelo Corsaro, PhD CTO, ADLINK Tech. Inc. Co-Chair, OMG DDS-SIG Vortex IIThe Industrial IoT Connectivity Standard
  2. 2. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Architectural Trends in IIoT
  3. 3. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 IIoT architectures are converging toward Fog Computing to address their Connectivity, Latency, Throughput, Determinism, Security and Cost challenges From Cloud to fog computing
  4. 4. Horizontal, system-level architecture that distributes computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the users along a cloud-to-thing continuum Fog Computing | fɒg kəmˈpjuːtɪŋ|
  5. 5. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Standards in Iiot
  6. 6. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The recently released IIC Connectivity Framework reveals how the OMG DDS is the fittest standard for connectivity in IIoT IIC Connectivity
  7. 7. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The OpenFog Consortium Reference Architecture identifies the OMG DDS as one for the key Connectivity and Data Management standards Open Fog Reference Architecture
  8. 8. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 DDS is widely used for horizontal (east-to-west) communication on the Control and Information Layers But it is applicable for horizontal across any view DDS in IIRA Real-Time Soft Real-Time Interactive DDS DDS
  9. 9. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The IIC and Industrie4.0 have mapped the scope of the two reference architectures, thus allowing for mapping IIC to I40 IIC and Industrie4.0
  10. 10. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 DDS has applicability across the 6 IT levels For the SCADA and the life- cycle, DDS’ applicability depends on the constraints of the device DDS-XRCE will bring connectivity to extremely small devices, i.e. at most 100KB of RAM DDS in I4.0 DDS DDS DDS
  11. 11. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 DDS has emerged as the connectivity standard that best addresses the Connectivity, Latency, Throughput, Determinism, Security and Cost of IIoT Systems DDS: The IIoT Connectivity Standard TCP UDP IP 802.3 802.11 DDSI-RTPS L3: Network App App App L2: Data Link L1: Physical L4: Transport L5: Session L6: Presentation User L7: Application Security X-Types DCPS RPC ... 802.1 ... C/C++, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, etc.
  12. 12. CopyrightPrismTech,2017
  13. 13. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex builds-upon and extends DDS capabilities to provide the most efficient, ubiquitous, interoperable, secure and multi-platform connectivity and data virtualisation infrastructure for IoT / IIoT ortex
  14. 14. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 DDS implementations
  15. 15. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex provides different DDS implementations optimised for OT, IT and consumer platforms Each of the DDS implementation optimises usability for its target environments Vortex DDS flavours VORTEX Café VORTEX Web VORTEX OpenSplice VORTEX Lite
  16. 16. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The most scalable, deterministic and complete DDS implementation on the market Federated deployment and advanced traffic scheduling for total control over nodal communication resources Vortex OpenSplice VORTEX Café VORTEX Web VORTEX OpenSplice VORTEX Lite
  17. 17. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The top performing DDS implementation on the market Small footprint and support for a wide set of embedded and real- time targets Vortex Lite VORTEX Café VORTEX Web VORTEX OpenSplice VORTEX Lite
  18. 18. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 The only 100% pure Java DDS implementation on the market High performance and optimised for Android Vortex Cafe VORTEX Café VORTEX Web VORTEX OpenSplice VORTEX Lite
  19. 19. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Pure JavaScript, plug-in-free, DDS implementation Brings Real-Time connectivity to HTML5 applications Vortex Web VORTEX Café VORTEX Web VORTEX OpenSplice VORTEX Lite
  20. 20. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Infrastructure
  21. 21. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Fog and Vortex Cloud transparently, securely and efficiently extend DDS systems to Internet Scale Vortex Infrastructure
  22. 22. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Fog is an elastic and fault- tolerant software appliance that transparently draws a boundary around a subsystem to control and adapt QoS and transports, e.g. from UDP/IP m-casts to TCP/IP, and information flow Vortex Fog also minimises discovery traffic while maintaining interoperability and dynamic matching Vortex Fog
  23. 23. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Cloud is a elastic, fault-tolerant, multi-data-centre, and IaaS independent “Cloud Messaging” implementation of DDS Vortex Cloud be used to transparently integrate systems that can’t directly talk with each other because of NAT/FIREWALLS It can be used for as a very high performance Private Cloud Messaging as an alternative to Amazon SMS, SQS, or Azure Service Bus Vortex Cloud
  24. 24. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Fog and Vortex Cloud can be composed on a generic graph topology to achieve the required scale. Vortex Cloud and Vortex Fog are to DDS what IP- Routers and IP-Switches are to IP Composing Vortex Cloud & Fog
  25. 25. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Security
  26. 26. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Fine-grained access control over Partition/ Topic regular expressions Pluggable authentication, access control, crypto and logging Data-Centric Security Arthur Dent Arthur Dent Ford Prefect Zaphod Beeblebrox Marvin Trillian left/A(r,w), left/B(r) left/A(r,w), left/B(r,w), left/X(r) left/*(r,w) left/*(r), right/(w) left/A(r,w), left/B(r,w), right/C(r,w) Ford Prefect Zaphod Beeblebrox Trillian Marvin A B A,B X * * A,B,C Identity Access Rights Sessions are authenticated and communication is encrypted Only the Topic included as part of the access rights are visible and accessible
  27. 27. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Boundary security support enabled by Vortex-Fog Separates security concerns at different scales and controls what information is exposed Vortex Security
  28. 28. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Integrations
  29. 29. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex comes with native integration with some of the most popular open source and commercial Analytics Technology Analytics
  30. 30. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex has integration toward several tools and technologies. For instance, it integrates with Node- Red, Apache Camel, Freeboard, etc. And Many Other.
  31. 31. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 What’s new in Vortex 2.4
  32. 32. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Performance
  33. 33. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Ultra-Low Latency INTRA-LAN End-to-End Latency Xeon-10gbps micro-secs 15 21 28 34 40 data-size 4 1027 2050 3073 4096 OpenSplice 6.7.0 Lite 2.0.6
  34. 34. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 High-Throughput INTRA-LAN Throughput Xeon/10 gbps Mbps 0 2500 5000 7500 10000 data-size 0 4096 8192 12288 16384 OpenSplice 6.7.0 Lite 2.0.6
  35. 35. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 High-Throughput INTRA-LAN Throughput Xeon/10 gbps Mbps 0 2500 5000 7500 10000 data-size 0 16459 32917 49376 65834 OpenSplice 6.7.0 Lite 2.0.6
  36. 36. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Infrastructure
  37. 37. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Vortex Cloud and Fog configuration has reduced to almost nothing New Load Balancing and Fault-Tolerance strategies provided improved scalability and resilience Simpler, Faster, More Scalable
  38. 38. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Integration
  39. 39. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Matlab Simulink Integration Map MATLAB classes and Simulink Bus to DDS Topics. Full control over DDS entities configuration thought the MATLAB / Simulink modelling environment DDS-connectivity between MATLAB/Simulink applications and DDS applications
  40. 40. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Features & APIs
  41. 41. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Full support for coherent updates, allowing for atomically updating a set of topics Coherent updates // ... // Begin a coherent change // by creating a new syntactical // scope { CoherentSet cs(pub); dwA.write(a); dwB.write(b); dwC.write(c); } // The coherent change is // committed upon the destruction // of the CoherentSet object
  42. 42. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Uniform support for ProtoBuf-based Topic type declaration and encoding Uniform support for the new C99/C11 DDS API New API and Encoding 11
  43. 43. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Support for Open Source FACE™ 2.1 Transport Services Segment (TSS) implementation with APIs in both Java and C++ FACE™ 2.1 compliance
  44. 44. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 Summing Up
  45. 45. CopyrightPrismTech,2017 DDS is emerging as the standard for connectivity and data management in IIoT Vortex II provides the most advanced and feature rich DDS-based connectivity and data- management platform Vortex II
  46. 46. CopyrightPrismTech,2017