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Simplifying Data Distribution Service Application Development with Vortex Tools


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Developing complex distributed systems is much easier if you can leverage best in class Data Distribution Service (DDS) tooling to help test, debug, tune and monitor your applications. PrismTech's Vortex DDS tools can help to significantly reduce time-to-market for your project deliverables.

This presentation will highlight the project life-cycle improvements that can be achieved using Vortex tools by providing metrics from real-world use cases and demonstrating the individual tools that make this possible.

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Simplifying Data Distribution Service Application Development with Vortex Tools

  1. 1. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Simplifying DDS Application Development with Vortex Tools Michael Roberts, Solutions Architect January 14, 2016
  2. 2. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Vortex – The Intelligent Sharing Data Platform Vortex uses an Open Standard: Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS)
  3. 3. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Tooling Overview
  4. 4. Copyright©PrismTech2016 4 Vortex OpenSplice Tooling Tuner White-Box debugger – able to get inside running apps and examine and change settings Tester Black-Box debugger – automated debugger with built-in scripting language Insight Comprehensive health monitoring tool - domain wide detection of Quality of Service (QoS) mismatches, full statistics on readers and writers Configurator Configurator – context sensitive hints for all system settings, can repair configuration files
  5. 5. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Vortex Tools Manage / Configure / Tune / Test / Record & Replay / Capture
  6. 6. Copyright©PrismTech2016 6 Vortex (OpenSplice) Launcher Launch tools Manage configurations View documentation Explore / Build / Run all Examples View running-status of OSPL Connect to our social media Functionality:
  7. 7. Copyright©PrismTech2016 7 Vortex OpenSplice Tuner “White-Box” debug/tuning Tool Looking ‘inside’ a federation and/or standalone application Different perspectives (participant, topic, partition) Monitoring & Tuning Inspect and Tune all DDS entities Make snapshots of history-caches Detect and resolve QoS Mismatch Inspect Statistics Change QoS settings to test effect Reading & Writing Read/Write data for arbitrary topics Import & Export Inject Topic Definitions Export and import XML-based reader/writer snapshots
  8. 8. Copyright©PrismTech2016 8 Vortex Tester “Black-Box” DDS system (regression-) testing Automated testing of DDS systems Dynamic Discovery of DDS Entities Domain-specific scripting languages Batch execution of regression tests Debugging of distributed DDS systems System browser of DDS participants Connectivity & QoS conflict monitoring One-click definition of monitoring timeline Analysis/comparison of topic data Virtual topic-attributes to ease analysis Statistics monitoring 1-click spawning of Tuner to ‘attach’ to a remote process / federation Integrated IDE Syntax highlighting editor One-click relations between script/logs/timeline
  9. 9. Copyright©PrismTech2016 9 Vortex Insight HTML5/JavaScript Client with public REST server API Provide technical support and development teams with the ability to monitor and control a deployed system from anywhere on any type of device Eliminate the need to send support engineers onsite Reduce the time to identify the cause of issues in a deployed system Increase the real-time operational intelligence and visibility in a deployed system
  10. 10. Copyright©PrismTech2016 10 Vortex Insight Monitoring status & resource statistics of applications, services and systems Configuration of middleware services and their use by applications Control of applications, services and systems Well-defined API for custom supervisory applications and tools Supported by a graphical browser- based tool
  11. 11. Copyright©PrismTech2016 11 Vortex OpenSplice / Lite Configurator The reference tool for configuring OpenSplice DDS Rich online guide to configuration options Context help and parameter validation 100% Java
  12. 12. Copyright©PrismTech2016 12 Vortex RnR Dynamic recording of any topic- data in a DDS system Selective replay with variable speed Distributed control by topic-based API (‘command’ & ‘status’ topics) Seamless integration with OpenSplice Tester (topic-based API) Dedicated RnR-Manager graphical GUI for scenario-definition and data import/analysis
  13. 13. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Project Lifecycle
  14. 14. Copyright©PrismTech2016 14 Project Lifecycle and Vortex OpenSplice Requirements and Design Design phase should focus on data modeling Coding / Development Tuner / Tester – the tools of choice during the initial development process Implementation / Testing Tester / Insight – Automated testing debugging improves reliability and robustness Integration / Verification / Validation Tuner / Tester / Insight / RnR Manager – the Tester and Record and Replay manager simplify management of Complex test scenarios
  15. 15. Copyright©PrismTech2016 15 Coding / Development An example scenario (Incomplete code) Developer has implemented part of the required code How do you unit test publishers / subscribers? Use Tuner to create a complementary Reader / Writer
  16. 16. Copyright©PrismTech2016 16 Coding / Development Ishapes app Problem: Publisher is complete Subscriber is not HOW DO WE TEST? Solution: Create a reader / writer in Tuner Take / Read some samples Verification of Publisher complete!
  17. 17. Copyright©PrismTech2016 17 Coding / Development Ishapes App Live Demo – Reading data with Tuner Using Ishapes and Tuner
  18. 18. Copyright©PrismTech2016 18 Implementation / Testing Scenario: QoS Mismatch (subscriber not seeing data) A publishers is sending data A subscriber is not seeing the sample How do we detect the problem? Use Tester to explore possible issues
  19. 19. Copyright©PrismTech2016 19 Implementation / Testing Ishapes #1 publishes circle Ishapes #2 subscribes but sees no data Using Tester’s Browser we can easily see the problem is a QoS Mismatch
  20. 20. Copyright©PrismTech2016 20 Implementation / Testing Live Demo Tester detects QoS Mismatch Using Tester and Ishapes One publisher “Best Effort” One subscriber “Reliable”
  21. 21. Copyright©PrismTech2016 21 Integration / Verification / Validation Scenario: QoS Mismatch found We’ve found issue is a QoS mismatch How can we quickly test without recompiling? Use Tuners to modify QoS settings on a running application Tuner is a “White-box” tool This means it can look inside running applications
  22. 22. Copyright©PrismTech2016 22 Integration: QoS Mismatch Three applications using Ownership Strength Ishapes1 is subscribing with Ownership exclusive iShapes2 is publishing with strength of 10 Ishapes3 is publishing with strength of 20 How can we change the strength without recompiling? We use the tuner to get / set QoS on the running applications
  23. 23. Copyright©PrismTech2016 23 Integration: QoS Mismatch Publish with Exclusive strength of 10 Publish with Exclusive strength of 20 Subscribe with Exclusive
  24. 24. Copyright©PrismTech2016 24 Integration: QoS Mismatch Live Demo QoS Mismatch One subscriber Ownership Exclusive One publisher Exclusive strength 10 One publisher Exclusive strength 20 Changing strength on running application
  25. 25. Copyright©PrismTech2016 25 Integration / Verification / Validation Insight – System wide health monitoring Check for QoS mismatches Check reader / writer statistics
  26. 26. Copyright©PrismTech2016 26 Insight Demo Live demo – QoS mismatch detection System wide reader / writer statistics Ishapes subscriber “Best Effort” (UR) Ishapes subscriber “Reliable” (LR) Ishapes publisher “Blue” (UL) *BE Ishapes publisher “Red” (LL) *BE
  27. 27. Copyright©PrismTech2016 27 Insight Demo Live Demo – Insight Four Ishapes as noted
  28. 28. Copyright©PrismTech2016 28 Insight Demo Insight QoS compatibility view Red connector indicates Incompatibility
  29. 29. Copyright©PrismTech2016 29 Insight Demo QoS Compatibility detail view The red line is the QoS policy mismatch
  30. 30. Copyright©PrismTech2016 30 Configurator Live Demo – Configurator
  31. 31. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Questions and Answers
  32. 32. Copyright©PrismTech2016 32 For further information then please visit our web site at: Or alternatively you can contact: Thank You
  33. 33. Copyright©PrismTech2016 Extra Slides