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If the world were a village


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Published in: Technology

If the world were a village

  1. 1. Ba on t book oft sa na byDa id Smit &Shel gh Amst ongpubl in 20 3 sed he he me me v h a r r ished 0
  2. 2. Imagine 100 people live in the global village………..
  3. 3. Nationalities 5 12 6161 people are from A s ia 13 8 113 people are from A frica12 people are from E urope8 people are from S outh & C entral A merica & the C aribbean5 people are from C anada & the US A• pers on is from Oceania (A us tralia, new Zealand & the Pacific is lands )
  4. 4. More than half the people c ome from the 10 mos t populated c ountries … • 21 people are from C hina • 17 people are from India • 5 people are from the US A • 4 people are from Indones ia • 3 people are from B razil • 3 people are from Pakis tan • 2 people are from Rus s ia • 2 people are from B anglades h • 2 people are from J apan • 2 people are from Nigeria
  5. 5. In the global village there are almos t6000 languages but more than half of the people s peak thes e eight…. • Hol a 22 people s peak a C hines e helo l dialect • 9 people s peak E nglis h Sel ma pa a t giNi ha ma o • 8 people s peak Hindi • 7 people s peak S panis h Zdr z v t a ooy eh • 4 people s peak A rabicNa st ma e • 4 people s peak Bengali • 3 people s peak Portugues e Aa hl n • 3 people s peak Rus s ian
  6. 6. A ges : here are the ages of the villagers• 10 are children under age 5• 10 are children between 5 and 9• 19 are between 10 and 19• 16 are between 20 and 29• 15 are between 30 and 39 On average 1 pers on• 11 are between 40 and 49 dies and 3 babies are born each year• 9 are between 50 and 59• 6 are between 60 and 69• 3 are between 70 and 79• 1 is over 79
  7. 7. Religions : in the village of 100 people ….. • 32 are C hris tians • 19 are Mus lims • 13 are Hindus • 12 practis e s hamanis m, animis m and other folk religions • 6 are B uddhis ts • 2 belong to other global religions s uch as B aha’i, S hintois m, S ikhis m • 1 is J ewis h • 15 are non religious
  8. 8. Food : the villagers rear animals whic h help to produc e food or are a s ource of foodThere are :• 31 s heep and goats• 23 cows , bulls and oxen• 15 pigs• 3 camels• 2 hors es• 189 c hickens (nearly twice as many chickens aspeople)
  9. 9. There is no s hortage of food inthe global village but the foodis not divided equally………50 people do not have a reliables ourc e of food and are hungry s omeor all of the time20 people are s everelyundernouris hedOnly 30 people always have enough toeat
  10. 10. A ir and water: fres h air and clean drinking water are neces s ities ….In the global village:75 people have acces s to s afe water in their homes orwithin a s hort dis tance25 people have to s pend a large part of each day gettingwater60 people have acces s to adequate s anitation40 people do not have acces s to public or hous eholds ewage dis pos al68 people breathe clean air32 people breathe air which is polluted
  11. 11. S chooling and LiteracyOf the 38 s c hool-aged villagers , only 31c hildren attend s c hoolOf the 88 people old enough to read, 71people c an read at leas t a little but17 people c annot read at allMore males are taught to read thanfemales
  12. 12. WealthIf all the money in the village were dividedequally, each pers on would have about US $ 9350per year.However the money is not divided equally….The riches t 10 have more than US $ 25 000 a yearThe poores t 10 have only US $1 per day.75 of the 100 people average US $4 per day.The average cos t of food, s helter andneces s ities in the village is US $5000 per year
  13. 13. A cces s to E lectricityIn our global village…76 people have electric ity24 people do notOf the 76 people who have electricity mos tus e it only for light at nightS ome villagers have luxuries that depend onelectricity. In the village there are: 42 radios 24 televis ions 30 telephones 10 computers
  14. 14. How has the village grown?A round 3000 years ago only 1 pers on lived in the village2500 years ago there were 2 people2000 years ago there were 3 people1000 years ago there were 5 people500 years ago there were 8 people350 years ago there were 10 people200 years ago there were 17 people100 years ago there were 32 peopleIn 2002 there were 100 people
  15. 15. The village in the future?T r t ofgr t oft gl lv l ge mea t tt e w lpr bl he ae owh he oba ila ns ha her il oba ybe 250peopl in t v l ge byt yea 210 . e he ila he r 0T is a impora numbera ma expers t t t250is t his n t nt s ny t hink ha hema ximum numberofpeopl t v l ge ca sust in. e he ila n a