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eBay Advertising_ Audience Guide_2016


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eBay Advertising_ Audience Guide_2016

  1. 1. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 1| 2016 AUDIENCE BUYING GUIDE Reach the audiences you want, at the scale you need. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 1| 2016 THE EBAY DIFFERENCE Through eBay’s universal login, we can link users’ shopping behavior to real humans without relying solely on cookies. ACCURACY Our first-party data is based on over 230 million hours of actual shopping and purchase behavior; we know a lot about shopping.2 FIRST-PARTY COMMERCE DATA Our direct relationship with our users naturally crosses devices, making eBay one of the only ad-targeting platforms that can provide deterministic cross-device marketing solutions today. CROSS-DEVICE TARGETING We process our first-party data in real time, helping you reach the right audience at the right time. FRESHNESS With more than 162 million global, active users, eBay provides you unparalleled scale.1 SCALE Sources: 1 eBay Fast Facts, Q4 2015; 2 eBay First-Party Data, US, Monthly Average, H1 2015.Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 2| 2016 STAY WITH YOUR AUDIENCE THROUGHOUT THEIR JOURNEY OUR SOLUTIONS CAN HELP DELIVER ON ALL MARKETING OBJECTIVES • Build awareness • Drive engagement • Target prospects • Increase online & in-store sales • Drive loyalty & reactivation ADVERTISE ON EBAY Activate your brand on eBay’s premium, “well-lit,” multi-screen environment. ADVERTISE OFF EBAY VIA EBAY AUDIENCE PLATFORM Reach highly targeted audiences across our network of quality sites and apps. 1 2 TWOSOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 3| 2016 INSIDE THE GUIDE eBay Classics More than 60 curated personas eBay Originals Build a unique persona, 100% tailored to your brand Reactivation or Campaign Exclusion Using CRM data-matching technologies, we can identify past customers to re-engage or exclude AUDIENCE MATCHING & MODELING BUILDING BLOCKS PERSONAS Profile Demographic Household Geographic Technographic Buyers Sellers Behavioral Category Interest (Historical Purchasers) Category Intent (In-Market Shoppers) Advanced Modeling We help uncover “shop-alikes” not just look-alikes
  5. 5. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 4| 2016 4 EBAY BUILDING BLOCKS This is the DNA that makes up our audiences — and we’ve got first-hand access to user insights like no one else. eBay’s first-party data enables us to understand our users’ shopping intent on a deeper level. Our building blocks are made up of Demographic, Geographic, Household and Technographic data, plus specific buying and selling behaviors. Each unique strand of a user’s DNA contributes to building (and reaching) your ideal audience. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 5| 2016 DEMOGRAPHIC GENDER Male Female AGE 18–24 25–34 35–44 45–54 55–64 65+ NET WORTH Less Than $25,000 $25,000–$99,999 $100,000–$249,999 $250,000–$499,999 $500,000–$999,999 More Than $1,000,000 EMPLOYMENT Employed Unemployed Business Owner HOUSEHOLD INCOME Less Than $14,999 $15,000–$19,999 $20,000–$29,999 $30,000–$39,999 $40,000–$49,999 $50,000–$74,999 $75,000–$99,999 $100,000–$124,999 More Than $125,000 MARITAL STATUS Married Not Married HOME OWNERSHIP Homeowners New Movers Renters PET OWNERS PARENTAL STATUS Dads Moms AUDIENCE BUILDING BLOCKS PROFILE GEOGRAPHIC DESKTOP LOCATION ZIP Code/DMA Urban Suburban Rural TECHNOGRAPHIC LAPTOP OWNERS TABLET OWNERS TELECOM CARRIER SMARTPHONE OWNERS Android iPhone Other Phone CELL PHONE OWNERS
  8. 8. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 7| 2016 AUDIENCE BUILDING BLOCKS TARGET TWO TYPES OF CATEGORY SHOPPING BEHAVIOR CATEGORIES Antiques Art Automotive: Vehicles Automotive: Parts & Accessories Baby Books Business & Industrial Cameras & Photo Cell Phones & Accessories Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Coins & Paper Money Collectibles Computers/Tablets & Networking Consumer Electronics Crafts Dolls & Bears DVDs & Movies Entertainment Memorabilia Gift Cards & Coupons Health & Beauty Home & Garden Jewelry & Watches Music Musical Instruments & Gear Pet Supplies Pottery & Glass Real Estate Specialty Services Sporting Goods Sports Memorabilia Stamps Tickets & Experiences Toys & Hobbies Travel Video Games & Consoles • INTEREST: HISTORICAL CATEGORY PURCHASERS • INTENT: IN-MARKET SHOPPERS
  9. 9. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 8| 2016 EBAY CLASSICS Using a combination of our building blocks, we have curated more than 60 eBay Classic Personas. These multifaceted audiences are designed to help advertisers connect with their ideal audience. If you don’t see your ideal audience, we will build you an eBay original. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 9| 2016 EBAY CLASSICS PERSONA DESCRIPTION ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Whether cycling, hunting, boating, or camping, these active individuals can’t contain their love for the great outdoors. Outdoor Adventurers The early bird gets the worm. These sportsmen find peace in the great outdoors and seek out the thrill of the catch. Hunters & Anglers Whether it’s soccer, softball, or volleyball, these sporty individuals are constantly on the lookout for adult sports leagues as a way to stay fit and meet new people. Team Players Say “namaste” to this group of yoga lovers—they inhale eBay’s flexible selection of athletic apparel and accessories. Yogis Burning calories and building muscle are a way of life for these exercise gurus. Fitness Fanatics
  11. 11. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 10| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION MOMS Moms with disposable income turn to eBay for designer brands and one- of-a-kind items. Moms with Means These parents-to-be look to eBay to prepare and nest for their new arrival, equipping nurseries with furnishings and baby accessories, and buying lots of apparel and supplies for the little one. New & Expecting Moms “Me time” means finding time to stay in shape, whether it’s through group fitness, running, cycling, or yoga. Healthy Moms Thinking green comes naturally to these discerning moms.Green Moms Shopping on the go helps these on-the-go moms save time and money. They research, browse, and buy directly from their phones. Mobile Moms EBAY CLASSICS
  12. 12. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 11| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION MOMS Water bottles, check. Soccer cleats, check. These moms spend their evenings and weekends shuffling the kids and their friends to and from practice and games. Soccer Moms When it comes to finding the best deal on goods and services for their family, these savvy savers turn to eBay. Centsible Moms Saving time and money is always on the mind of these working moms.Working Moms EBAY CLASSICS Spending quality family time is a top priority for these active moms.Country Club Moms These savvy young moms are always on the lookout for information that will simplify their lives and create a healthier, happier, more sustainable lifestyle for their kiddos. They read and share blogs, websites and product reviews with fellow moms on social media and exchange parenting tips over hot yoga. Millennial Moms
  13. 13. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 12| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION ENTERTAINERS Only the finest kitchen gadgets, servingware, and ingredients will do for these culinary adventurers. Epicureans EBAY CLASSICS These sports fanatics live for kickoff—and the man cave is always the official Game Day Headquarters. Man Cave Masters Lights out. Popcorn popped. Every night is a blockbuster night in their living room or in-home theater. Movie-Night Hosts
  14. 14. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 13| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION EBAY CLASSICS The louder the better. These die-hard music fans live for the energy of a live show, whether it’s a small, intimate performance or an iconic music festival. Music Mavens A passionate group of music and movie lovers that believe the right technology can make all the difference in creating a true entertainment experience. Audio Aficionados Spoiler alert: You’ll find these TV and movie buffs at the water cooler, analyzing the latest episode of the season’s hit shows. They have a nice library of DVDs and video games, and their entertainment center is the envy of all their friends. Pop Culture Connoisseurs This audience plays a variety of games depending on their mood. They turn to eBay first when they’re looking for new games, controllers, or consoles. Game Boys (& Girls) ENTERTAINMENT ENTHUSIASTS
  15. 15. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 14| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION LIFESTYLE A sophisticated audience that finds enrichment in the arts, whether it’s listening to classical music, collecting art, reading, and/or attending the theatre. Sophisticated Society These empathetic individuals find joy (and convenience) in one-click giving. Philanthropists From their vehicles to their hobbies, these buyers expect nothing but the best. Their closets and home furnishings are a mix of designer brands and antique gems. Glitterati “Tech” is a second language for these gadget gurus. They practically live online, whether it’s playing the latest role-playing game, comparing tablet models, or browsing eBay for the best deals from the world’s leading brands. Tech Knowledgists Put your best face forward with these ladies. They’re always up on the latest trends and are willing to spend what it takes to look their best. Their makeup bag is worthy of only the world’s top cosmetic brands. Cover Girls EBAY CLASSICS
  16. 16. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 15| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION LIFESTYLE These distinguished baby boomers are enjoying the fruits of their labor as they start the better half of their lives. Affluent Baby Boomers These consistent, one-stop shoppers find comfort in trusted big-box retailers. Big-Box Buyers Jet-Setters Always ready for the next adventure, these eclectic globetrotters look to eBay for the latest in travel goods and services. EBAY CLASSICS Every single purchase decision these conscientious statement makers make is meaningful—a true extension of their personality and principles. Discerning Designers
  17. 17. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 16| 2016 HOME IMPROVEMENT PERSONA DESCRIPTION There’s no honey-do list too long for these handy fellas. Bring on the gardening, home renovating, and car repairs. Handy Husbands Bring on the next home-improvement project. This hands-on audience is always in the midst of planning or executing small and large weekend projects. DIYers From décor and furnishings to entertaining and pet accessories, these inspired dwellers live to love their space. Domestic Designers These homeowners take pride in keeping their lawns and gardens healthy and meticulous. Green Thumbs EBAY CLASSICS These homeowners are always hooked into the latest in home automation, security, and entertainment. High-Tech Homeowners
  18. 18. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 17| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION INVESTORS This 55-plus group has their eye on retirement and fixing up their home for those rewarding golden years. Retirement Planners This affluent group spends across several high-end categories and is more willing to take risks with their disposable income. Aggressive Investors These financially stable couples invest in key pieces and are open to new opportunities to make a profit. Aspirational Investors EBAY CLASSICS HEALTH & WELLNESS These health-conscious women are selective when it comes to the products they surround themselves with and put into their bodies. Organic Advocates Those skinny jeans hanging in the closet? This group of women is determined to conquer them once and for all. Dieting Divas These mindful consumers seek out energy-efficient, all-natural products, from hybrid cars and cleaning products to homeopathic remedies. Conscious Consumers
  19. 19. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 18| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION EBAY CLASSICS Technology and convenience are a way of life for these young adults. From mobile shopping and payments to new-age services like Uber and GrubHub, life is at their fingertips. Connected Millennials MILLENNIALS Instant access and constant connectivity is paramount to these resourceful city dwellers. They’re first to be on the pulse of new technology, social networks, and services. Metropolitan Millennials “Having it all” isn’t an aspiration for these on-the-go, career-minded millennial women ... it’s a way of life. Their smartphone calendars are booked for weeks on end, whether they’re planning a trip to wine country or taking a weekly cooking class. Leading Ladies These ambitious young professionals are equal parts die-hard sports fans and tech enthusiasts. As in-the-know bros, these male millennials are first in line to sport the latest technology, and you can be sure they’ll be flaunting their newest gadget at the next tailgate. Brogrammers While every penny counts for these on-a-budget young professionals, they’re likely to spend their hard-earned dollars on brands they feel particularly connected to. They value good deals and product education. Mindful Millennials If it’s making a comeback, you can bet it’s on their wish list. These quirky millennial collectors enjoy surrounding themselves with trendy vintage accessories that evoke nostalgia and simpler times, whether it’s record players and old-school rotary phones or first-generation gaming consoles. Retroholics These creative millennial minds find inspiration in tackling home improvement projects, new decorating trends and throwing the best parties ever. DIY Divas
  20. 20. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 19| 2016 SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS These business owners are curious and opportunistic, and their businesses often start out as a hobby. They come to eBay to access buyers, value, information, and advice. Ramping Businesses These small business owners are on the cusp of expanding their business and turn to eBay for products and services that can help their business grow. Entrepreneurs These multichannel operations tend to have warehouses or physical stores and come to eBay for customer acquisition. Merchants PERSONA DESCRIPTION EBAY CLASSICS
  21. 21. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 20| 2016 PERSONA DESCRIPTION These cost-conscious savers crave technology and constant connectivity on a budget. Frugal Phone Buyers EXTRAS From the ring and dresses to centerpieces and thank-you cards, brides and their happy helpers say “yes” to eBay’s bridal selection. Bridal Party Click with these hobby photographers as they browse affordable, entry- level cameras and accessories. Shutterbugs EBAY CLASSICS Connect with this group of mechanically inclined 18- to 34-year-old guys, perfectly capable of diagnosing their car’s engine or building their own custom computer. Gearheads Every moment is one worth capturing for these snap-happy photographers, many of which make a living at their craft. Pro Photogs
  22. 22. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 21| 2016 EBAY ORIGINALS We understand that our collection of eBay Classic Personas may not fit every advertiser’s unique needs. That’s why we will customize and tailor a segment based on your needs and our first-party building blocks. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 22 |2016Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. AUDIENCE MATCHING & MODELING By matching your CRM data with our first-party user profiles, we can reactivate latent customers, up sell or exclude existing customers and engage offline customers online. We can even apply advanced audience modeling to help uncover new customers who “shop-alike” – not just “look-alike”- your best customers.
  24. 24. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 23| 2016 Our on-site solutions allow you to activate your brand on one of the world’s largest, most vibrant marketplaces. Reach your audience in the shopping mind set by leveraging our custom integrations, uniquely eBay experiences, native, in-app placements and programmatic buying programs. Through the use of eBay’s single, universal login and first-party data, the eBay Audience Platform allows you to stay with your audience even when they’re not on eBay. With us, you’ll have access to our network of premium sites and apps. We’ll help you deliver your message across various environments and formats, including display, video, and mobile. EBAY ADVERTISING OFFERS A FULL SUITE OF SOLUTIONS THAT ARE DESIGNED TO WORK TOGETHER. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 727.231.5096 eBay Advertising Solutions: eBay Audience Platform: Contact us today. Triad Retail Media Represents eBay Advertising.
  25. 25. Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. 24 |2016 eBay Advertising is dedicated to helping our advertising partners reach their ideal audience at scale and across devices. As a division of eBay Inc., we have exclusive access to eBay’s unique search, browse, and purchase data for more than 162 million global users. Our integrated advertising solutions leverage this invaluable consumer data and proprietary targeting technology on behalf of our advertising partners. Access to eBay’s first-party data is only available through a media buy. We do not sell our data to third parties for their marketing purposes. At eBay, we value user trust first and foremost as it relates to our collection, use, and disclosure through the commitments we make in our Global Privacy Standards and Privacy Policies. We know this trust is perishable and must be continuously protected and maintained. All targeting capabilities outlined in this document and executed by our team are compliant with the scope of consent outlined in our privacy policy. Additionally, our users have control through our AdChoice program. A WORD ON PRIVACY: FOR EBAY, USER TRUST COMES FIRST Confidential & Proprietary. eBay, Inc. © All Rights Reserved. Source: eBay Fast Facts, Q4 2015.